If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 43.1: Moonlight

Do you still like him?

This question was actually very easy to answer, every cell in her body was telling her that she liked Yan Xingzhi. No matter how much shied away or pretended, this fact could not be denied.

But when he said that he liked her, she was full of fear in addition to her joy.

She was born timid and with an inferiority complex. Growing up in the compound, she was too aware of the gap between herself and others. At the age of sixteen, she heard and felt clearly Yan Xingzhi’s dissatisfaction and contempt at their relationship.

He said that he never said anything like that before, was it really her memory disorder?


“Ziyi, tell me, should I like him?” Cen Ning whispered after a long time.

Zhang Ziyi: “What should or should not? There is no should or should not in the world, only if you want to or not. Ningning, you are too afraid of getting hurt.”

Cen Ning paused.

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“What I said is the truth! Hey, why won’t you believe it?” Zhang Ziyi rubbed her forehead and said, “Wasn’t he injured recently? You just be by his side, but don’t express your feelings, hang around him.”


Cen Ning: “Would that work?”

Zhang Ziyi: “Yes, let him know that it has to be him that you choose. It was not because you were obsessed with him that you saved and helped him, understand?”


After discussing with Zhang Ziyi, Cen Ning took a taxi back to the apartment.

Pushing the door in, the room was dark, the curtains were not drawn, and the lights were not turned on.

Cen Ning changed into her slippers and walked into the living room only to find that a person was lying flat on the sofa.

Yan Xingzhi was tall and had long legs and took up all of the sofa.

It was quiet, Cen Ning’s heart felt tense, and she hurriedly squatted beside him.

“Gege? Xingzhi Gege?”

It couldn’t be that something happened.

Cen Ning hurriedly reached out to reach his forehead, but he held her hand down as soon as she put it on.

Cen Ning was startled, only to see the man lying down slowly opening his eyes. He didn’t say a word, his eyes were like a dark pool, bottomless.


Cen Ning: “Are you alright, I thought you…”

“Why did you come back?” Yan Xingzhi opened his mouth, and his voice was a little hoarse.

Cen Ning was confused: “If I don’t come back, who would attend to your injury?”

Yan Xingzhi paused for a moment, then frowned, “I said yesterday that if you don’t want to stay, then you don’t have to stay today.”

Cen Ning pulled out her hand and stood up: “I didn’t answer you yesterday, and I didn’t say I didn’t want to stay.”

Yan Xingzhi was silent and stared at her fixedly.

As soon as his eyes became serious, Cen Ning had the illusion of doing something wrong. She panicked, took a step back, and changed the subject: “Um, have you eaten yet?”

Yan Xingzhi sat up: “No.”

Cen Ning was surprised: “It’s two o’clock and you haven’t eaten yet? Then I’ll go to the kitchen to see if there’s anything to eat.”

As she spoke, she hurried to the kitchen without waiting for Yan Xingzhi’s answer.

Yan Xingzhi did indeed not eat since he woke up. He came out of his room and saw the empty room, guessing that she would probably not come back. What happened yesterday, he was impulsive and it scared her too.

He had always given her freedom, and he had always thought that even if she had someone she liked, he would not forcibly destroy the relationship. He would slowly lure her, be nice to her, and lead her into his trap.


But he did not expect that she, who has always been obedient and timid, would be so difficult to induce. For the first time, he felt that he was a bit of a failure, so when he mentioned Xia Yi yesterday, he obviously couldn’t control his emotions.

The moment he came out of the room in the morning, he was really panicked that she would not come back…

There was still a good amount of food in the refrigerator. Yan Xingzhi couldn’t eat too many greasy things now, so Cen Ning simply cooked two side dishes and boiled a pot of plain porridge.

At the meal table, she sat on the side, watching him eat a lunch that was long overdue.



“Why didn’t you order a delivery takeout?” Cen Ning said, “I have classes in the morning, so I won’t be able to make it back at noon.”

What’s more, she also had a cup of coffee with Zhang Ziyi.

Naturally, Yan Xingzhi wouldn’t say that it was because she was not there, so he had no appetite. Instead he said, “Have you seen the news?”

Cen Ning: “What?”

“Eating takeout hurts health.”

Cen Ning: “…Oh right.”


“Tomorrow, the housekeeper will come to cook, so you don’t have to do it.” Yan Xingzhi glanced at her, “Don’t run around if the injury on your back is not healed.”

“It’s almost fully healed…” Cen Ning thought and said again, “Didn’t you say you didn’t like strangers to take care of you before? Since you called the housekeeping auntie, why did you ask me to come?”

Yan Xingzhi paused the chopsticks in his hand and looked up at her.



Cen Ning swallowed… okay, pretend she didn’t ask.

After the meal, Cen Ning went back to her room.

She brought some daily necessities and clothes from school, and at this time she was hanging clothes in the closet one by one.

This wardrobe was very clean and new. She heard Yan Xingzhi say at the dinner table, no one has ever lived in this house. It was only because he was going to live in it recently that it had to be cleaned in advance.

Cen Ning shook her head, it really was capitalism… a house was empty if said so.

In the next few hours, everything was fine. After hearing the sound of Yan Xingzhi going back to his room, Cen Ning took her computer, moved it to the living room and sat there to process and edit photos.

Yan Xingzhi never came out, and Cen Ning felt that the house was so quiet as if she was alone.

When it was time for dinner, she put down her computer and finally summoned up the courage to knock on the door of Yan Xingzhi’s room.

After knocking a few times, his voice came from the room.

“Come in.”

Cen Ning pressed the doorknob, pushed the door open, and stuck a head in: “Xing—”

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