If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 42.1: Moonlight

It was now autumn, so the weather was getting colder.

Cen Ning sat in the car, watching the bustling street fly past her outside the window. Her thoughts were in chaos.

The one driving in front was Tang Zheng, and Yan Xingzhi was sitting next to her in the back seat. Tang Zheng was rambling about something, one sentence after another, as always active and noisy. However, Cen Ning didn’t hear a word he said.

In the past, she never dared to daydream about Yan Xingzhi. But now, every word and sentence he said would remind her of the most ambiguous places…

She felt as if something was different.


The car quickly drove into a community. Tang Zheng got out of the car and helped Yan Xingzhi down.

 “Go back, I’m fine.” Yan Xingzhi walked to the elevator and said.

Tang Zheng blinked his eyes, which were full of gossip, and let go of his hand neatly. “Okay, my parents are waiting for me at home too. Hey Cen Ning, please take care of him.”

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Tang Zheng, who was still standing outside, shrugged. “Tsk, you don’t want your brother after you have your wife. Yes, yes, Cen Ning is there. What would you need? The most would be that there would be nothing. Hmph!”


3, 4, 5… The elevator rose quickly.

Cen Ning looked at the reflection of the two of them on the elevator door. He put one hand on her shoulder, leaning against her. Looking at the scene, why did it seem like she was sandwiched by him…?

“Are there any classes tomorrow?” Yan Xingzhi suddenly asked.

Cen Ning nodded. “Yes in the morning.”


Cen Ning raised her eyes to look at him. “Are you able to do things by yourself if I leave? You… Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to hire a nurse?”

“No.” Yan Xingzhi replied lightly, “Stranger, not familiar.”


“Why, you don’t want to come?”

Cen Ning took a breath and shook her head.

Just at this moment, the elevator stopped.

After stepping out of the elevator, was the door of an apartment. Cen Ning looked at the door and continued, “When I was leaving the dormitory today, I passed our dorm auntie…”


Yan Xingzhi stretched out his hand to type out the password lock. “Mhm.”

Cen Ning pursed her lips and summoned her courage to continue. “She asked me why you didn’t come… By the way, when you helped me with the luggage that day, did you say something wrong?”


After the lock was unlocked, the door automatically popped open, but Yan Xingzhi did not push the door in. He paused for a moment and looked down at Cen Ning. “What did I say wrong?”

Cen Ning’s ears quickly turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye. Yan Xingzhi could see it, and he frowned. “What did you hear?”

Cen Ning stuttered. “She, she said you were talking about helping your girlfriend with luggage… But, but why did you say that?”

“Oh, I was wrong.”

Cen Ning paused for a moment as if her heart was dropped from a height. With a thud, it hurt.

“It’s not girlfriend, it’s fiancee.”

Cen Ning suddenly raised her eyes. “Huh?”

Looking at his eyes, Yan Xingzhi’s eyes were still cold and he was born with a fearful sense of authority. But at this moment, scrutinizing, there were wisps in his pupils that were light and gentle, as if they could wrap around her whole body.

Cen Ning was stunned for a while, unable to digest any word he said.


“I didn’t say that wrong?” Yan Xingzhi slightly turned his body and looked at her. He was originally leaning on her, but now doing this, he seemed to wrap her whole body into his arms.

He gazed at her fixedly, and enunciated word by word, “This was our relationship originally.”

This was our relationship originally.

Unmarried couple relationship?

That was right, but who said so? At first, it was merely just a promise from the older generation, and he wasn’t happy with it.

Cen Ning thought it was too strange. She hesitated for a moment and asked, “Isn’t this a forced thing?”

Yan Xingzhi’s gaze froze, and the hand on her shoulder tightened unconsciously. “Do you think this is forced?”

“I don’t think so, but—”

“Then who is not forced on you?” Yan Xingzhi questioned in a deep voice, “Is it that Xia Yi?”

Cen Ning paused. Why did he involve Senior Brother Xia Yi?

After Tibet, Yan Xingzhi felt that Cen Ning had feelings for him. No one would risk their lives to save someone who they didn’t care about.

But his deepest line of defence in his heart was that Xia Yi. Now when he mentioned Xia Yi, she became silent. The depression in his heart was almost surging.


Cen Ning opened her mouth, and just as she was about to say something, she saw him let go of her and pushed open the door.

He took a few steps inward, but his wound probably reopened. He staggered on the spot and stretched out his hand to press the position of his waist and abdomen.

“Xingzhi Gege, are you alright?!” Cen Ning became nervous in an instant, and she hurriedly followed inside. But the moment she entered the door, she suddenly saw the man in front of her turn around. His eyes were really deep, and he pressed her against the door that was just closed.

Cen Ning was caught off guard. She didn’t have time to think about anything. He had already leaned against her and kissed her on the lips.

But it was more of a bite than a kiss.

The lights in the house hadn’t been turned on yet, and only some faint light seeped in through the gaps of the floor-to-ceiling window curtains in the living room. They were so close, Cen Ning couldn’t see his expression. However, she could see amid his eyes, a burning fiery passion.


His lips were hot and unfamiliar, and between nips, was his uncontrollable anger.

Cen Ning froze, but her heartbeat was ten times more excited than usual, thumping, thumping, almost jumping out.

After a long time, he still didn’t let go of her, but his lips were a little further away from hers. He put his hand behind her waist and lifted her easily.

He lowered his eyes and looked at her bewildered look, panting anxiously, and gritted his back molars: “Cen Ning, you owed me.”

Cen Ning looked up at him blankly, as if looking at a stranger: “I… owe what.”

“You kissed me secretly before. Did you forget?”

Cen Ning: “…”

“So give it back to me now.”

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