If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 22.1: His Heart

In the end, the photography club decided to go to the seafood buffet. A week later, a large group of people went to the restaurant recommended by Xia Yi.

The restaurant was an online celebrity establishment with high ratings on the Internet. The waiter was a handsome and tall man, and the girls from the photography club were especially lively when eating.

After dinner, it was about half-past seven.

It was too early to go back to school, so someone suggested going somewhere else to hang out.

“How about singing? We can go to a KTV.”


“No, we always go to sing. How boring.”

“Then where do you say we go?”

“How about we go out for a drink? Get drunk and play games or something.”

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A member on the side asked: “Vice-President, are we drinking this much wine?”

“Coming to a wine bar and not drinking, is that proper!? At the worst, I’ll book a few rooms later and let everyone stay in it.”

“Yes, yes, we always have to bet when we play games. It’s boring if we don’t drink.”

It’s no surprise that the experienced students that have been in college for two or three years could drink wine skillfully. However, for tender meat like Cen Ning, who was only in her first year of college, it was relatively unfamiliar to drink wine. Except for Cen Ning, the other freshmens’ eyes showed anticipation and eagerness for the adult wine culture.

“I’ll help you drink if you lose the game later.” Xia Yi patted Cen Ning’s shoulder. “You should avoid it.”

Cen Ning had been out of the situation. Hearing the words, she seemed to jerk back to her senses. She raised her eyebrows and said, “There are games?”

Xia Yi smiled: “What were you listening to just now?”

“The music is too loud…”

“This group of people is so rambunctious. How would they not play games? Anyway, don’t worry, you won’t be forced to drink too much.”

The games that were played were those of the ordinary that is played while drinking, like rolling dice, turning the wine bottle… There were a few tricks, but the wine bottles were downed quickly.

Cen Ning did not drink at first. Everyone could see that Xia Yi liked her, so after Cen Ning lost a game, everyone was thrilled to give Xia Yi a chance to save the beauty.


But soon, Cen Ning’s luck was terrible, and the amount of drinking wine from losing games to Xia Yi’s moderate-to-average drinking ability was too much.

Cen Ning felt sorry to see him drinking goblet by goblet, so after losing another game, she stopped Xia Yi. “I’ll do it myself.”

“No!” Xia Yi was already drunk, “I can do it! I’ll do it!”

“Don’t, don’t drink anymore.” Cen Ning immediately drank the wine from the goblet. “Look, I’m fine with a little of the drink.”

Xia Yi supported his head and reached out to grab Cen Ning’s goblet. “I told you not to drink it, hiccup… I won’t let you drink it.”

He grabbed the goblet as if he wanted to wrap her in his arms. The unfamiliar smell of men and the erratic smell of alcohol made Cen Ning inexplicably linger.

She moved even faster than her mind, and she pressed against his shoulders so that he couldn’t get closer. “Senior brother, drink less, otherwise everyone will have to carry you back later.” Cen Ning said nervously, “Uhm, next time I lose, I will drink it myself.”


It was seldom for Xia Yi to mess around, but after being drunk, he started fooling around. Cen Ning was helpless but found it funny too. This side of Xia Yi was unexpected.

At the same time, not far away, a man dressed in fashion was leaning on the stage, very surprised. “Isn’t that Cen Ning?”

The girlfriend on the side snorted softly: “I’m by your side, and you look at other little girls.”

“Baby, you misunderstood me. That little girl is not something I would look at.”


The female companion turned to the seat curiously after hearing his words. “What character? Which one?”

“The one with the denim jacket.” The man said and took out his phone. “Tsk, the little girl is out drinking. I have to call Brother Yan.”


On the other side, Tang Zheng and Yan Xingzhi came out of the camp and were driving to go see Xin Zechuan together. Xin Zechuan was in the company, and knowing that the two of them were going home, he insisted on having them pick him up.

When the car was about to arrive at the company, Yan Xingzhi received a call. After listening for a while in silence, he hung up.

Tang Zheng looked sideways and asked, “Who was it?”

“Lin Hao.” This person grew up with them from the same school, and they used to play basketball together.

“Him? What did he want? Did he ask us to go out drinking again?”

“No.” Yan Xingzhi picked up the phone again and dialed Xin Zechuan’s number.

Xin Zechuan picked up quickly. “What’s the matter? Are you guys downstairs?”

“Do you have spare clothes in the office?”

Xin Zechuan: “Huh?”


“Do you?”

“Yes, what are you doing—”

“I’ll go up and change.”



Lin Hao and his charming girlfriend were still standing on the stage, but they should have left already though. After making that call, Lin Hao felt that he had to be here to watch for somebody no matter what.

About thirty minutes passed, and the person Lin Hao was waiting for finally arrived.

“Brother Yan! This way.”

The girlfriend next to him also followed his gaze, wanting to see what the character in his mouth looked like. She didn’t expect to be stunned when she looked, though.

The man who came downstairs was wearing a formal suit. He was tall and handsome, and his figure was tall and upright with a remarkable temperament.

As he walked, people’s stares followed him.

“Where is she?”

After approaching, she heard him ask in a low voice.

Because of the distance, the facial features and facial contours of the person coming became clear. Looking at this face so close, it looked great, but… those eyes were a little too cold. They seemed as if they were embedded in ice cubes, freezing to death.

“Brother Yan, why are you wearing this outfit today?” Lin Hao asked.

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