If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 39.1: Favour

When tourists came to Tibet for vacation, they would rarely choose to go to such a remote place such as the Baga Township. However, there were some people who have heard of the sacred mountains and holy lakes located there.

There was a religious activity in Tibet called “Zuanshan.” Every year, there would be religious believers who travel to Mount Kailash to participate in the activities. For thousands of years, Baga Township has been imprinted with the footsteps of countless believers, and has left behind all kinds of holy and pure chants.

After the car entered the town, Cen Ning saw a Kangrinboqe yak transporting packages. A Tibetan man was standing beside them, and the hat resting on the man’s head looked similar to a cowboy hat, very distinctive.

Cen Ning’s hands were itchy to photograph the moment, so she sat in the car and took a few pictures.

After shooting, she realized that Yan Xingzhi had been gazing at her. Cen Ning: “I didn’t take photos of you.”


Yan Xingzhi: “…I know.”

Cen Ning smiled awkwardly. On the other side, Xiao Sheng got off the car.

“Cen Ning, this is the address of our inn, you go check-in first. I’ll go find someone to help Da Bei.”

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“It’s been a few days.” Cen Ning said with a surprised expression, “Were you in Lhasa three days ago?”


Yan Xingzhi frowned slightly: “Why?”

“I met two people there, and I overheard them say ‘Brother Yan’. I thought that it couldn’t be so coincidental at the time, but seeing you now, I seriously suspect that you were there at the time.”

Yan Xingzhi also felt a bit unexpected. Three days ago, he was indeed in Lhasa. He didn’t know she was so close to him at that time already.

“By the way, where are you staying?” Cen Ning asked another question.

Yan Xingzhi: “Same as you guys.”


A few minutes later, Cen Ning followed Yan Xingzhi and the others to the front of the inn.

When they came in, a few people had just walked downstairs: “Brother Yan, you are here.”

As he said that, he just turned his head and glanced at Cen Ning: “You…”

“Last time we met in Lhasa.” Cen Ning took the lead.

This person was the one who bumped into her on Barkhor Street in Lhasa. Sure enough, he was together with Yan Xingzhi.

“Ah…yes, what a coincidence.”


Cen Ning nodded: “What a coincidence.”

Yan Xingzhi said to Cen Ning: “After checking in, go back to your room. If you have nothing to do, don’t come out alone. Wait for your friend to come back first.”

Cen Ning: “Okay.”

After Yan Xingzhi talked to her, he looked at the others: “We will talk in the room.”


The few men went upstairs immediately. Cen Ning saw that they were gone, and then went to the front desk to check in.

It was a really big coincidence, not to mention meeting in Tibet, but they were actually staying in the same inn…

More than two hours later, Da Bei and the others also arrived at the inn.

They rushed about during this journey, and after encountering such an incident, the group of people fell asleep quickly after arriving at the inn.

It was not until nine o’clock in the evening, when it was getting dark here, that everyone woke up hungry. Cen Ning and her roommate, Xi Xi, went downstairs to find something to eat. There was a noodle shop next to the inn. They each ordered Tibetan noodles and sat in the shed outside the shop to eat.

“Ningning.” Xi Xi suddenly bumped her with her elbow.

Cen Ning followed her line of sight and saw two men standing in front of a canteen not far away.


Cen Ning glanced at them and withdrew her gaze, Xi Xi said while eating noodles, “Aren’t those the two men on the off-road vehicle today? Eh, the one who looks taller, isn’t he handsome?”

Cen Ning gave a reply, “Handsome.”

“Yeah! Satisfying.” Saying that, Xi Xi picked up the camera on the table and clicked a few times.

Cen Ning paused for a moment: “What are you doing?”

Xi Xi: “Taking a picture secretly to treasure.”

Cen Ning: “Don’t—”

“Shh! They’re here, don’t talk, don’t talk.” Xi Xi lowered her head in a guilty conscience, pretending to eat her noodles very excitedly.

Cen Ning looked up, and sure enough, Yan Xingzhi had walked over with the man beside him. Yan Xingzhi also saw her, because he crossed the road and stood directly in front of their table.

“You guys are eating dinner so late.”

Xi Xi raised her eyes in surprise and subconsciously replied, “It only gets dark at this time in Tibet.”

After speaking, she found that the man in front of her was looking at Cen Ning, she paused for a moment, and followed him to look at Cen Ning.

“Go back early after eating.”


Cen Ning still had noodles on her chopsticks: “I know…”

She originally thought he would leave after speaking, but he turned to look at Xi Xi again: “I’m sorry, please delete the photo just now.”

His seriousness could easily make people feel scared. Xi Xi froze, quickly took the camera and deleted the photo. After deleting it, she was afraid that he would not believe it, so she showed him the screen: “I, I deleted it… I’m sorry.”

Yan Xingzhi nodded slightly.

At this moment, a few more people ran towards this side: “Brother Yan, there is news!”

The person coming looked serious, but after speaking, when he saw Cen Ning sitting on the chair, he staggered and almost tripped.

Cen Ning: “…”

Tang Zheng: “???”

Yan Xingzhi obviously had no time to explain: “Let’s go.”


The group of people disappeared in a flash, Xi Xi blinked, remembering Yan Xingzhi’s eye expression, and patted her chest in fear: “Scared me to death, who are they?”

Cen Ning couldn’t reveal their information, so she could only shake her head.

“Hey, why do I think that man seems to take care of you.”

Cen Ning pursed her lips: “It’s to take care of us, let’s go back early after we finish eating.”


Their car was broken and was sent to a nearby repair shop for repair. Cen Ning and her party couldn’t leave for a while. But they were not in a hurry, they took their equipment and cameras to a location suitable for shooting the holy lake and the sacred mountain, and took pictures all morning.

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