If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 38.2: Favour

Inside the off-road vehicle at this time, the man sitting in the front passenger seat squinted and patted the person in the driver’s seat: “Hey, there is someone ahead.”

“I can see.”

“What’s the matter, is there something wrong with their car?”


“Then what should we do?”


After asking this question, both the driver and the person in the front passenger seat looked in unison to the person in the back seat.

Person in front passenger seat: “Brother Yan, do we stop?”

At this time, the person who was wiping a firearm in the back seat was exactly Yan Xingzhi who was on a mission. He heard the sound and raised his eyes, and glanced at the few figures not far away.

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The whole conversation was as expected, nothing more than that the car broke down, and hoped to take their car to the front of Baga Township for a rescue car.


It was all very expected, until Yan Xingzhi heard a familiar voice.

He paused for a moment, feeling that it was a little unimaginable and unbelievable.

Da Bei was negotiating with the person who got out of the car. Seeing this, Cen Ning also stepped forward to explain their identities, hoping that the other party would be kind enough to help.

The man who got out of the car nodded and said, “Wait a moment, I’ll go back and ask my companion.”

“Mhm, okay.”

As soon as the man turned around and walked away, the person in the back seat of the car had already stepped down by himself.

Everyone present looked at him, and with just one glance, Da Bei and others knew that the first thing they should ask for was this person’s consent. As for Cen Ning, when she saw the man in the car getting down, she was so shocked that she forgot to react.

The person who got out of the car was wearing ordinary clothes, black pants, black T-shirt, and a dark jacket. His eyes were slightly cold, and he looked isolated and majestic. In such an empty no-man’s land, his eyes suddenly made people feel fearful.

Da Bei and the others looked at each other, the hesitation and vigilance in their eyes were self-evident.

“Brother Yan, their car broke down and asked if we could give them a ride.” The man who was sitting in the front passenger seat said, “We can take two more in the car, and the other two can wait for the first two to come back.”

Surprisingly, there was no immediate answer from Yan Xingzhi.

His eyes glanced at the four of them, and finally fell on Cen Ning. Then, everyone listened to him coldly say, “So taking pictures brought you here.”


Cen Ning: “…”

Everyone: “???”

“Get in the car.” Yan Xingzhi just said these few words and then went back in the car without saying another word.

Cen Ning was inexplicably frightened, thinking in her heart, was he still angry because of what happened some time ago?

The person in the front passenger seat added, “If our brother Yan agrees, it’s ok. Which two out of the four of you want to go in the car?”

Cen Ning answered without thinking, “Me.”

Xi Xi in the team hurriedly grabbed her: “Ningning, um…would it be unsafe?”

This was a bit rude, but the man in front of them was not at all angry: “Don’t worry, miss, we have some serious business to do in Baga Township this time, and we brothers are all serious Chinese citizens. Look, we all met by chance, and you asked for help first. No matter what you think, we are not bad people.”

Cen Ning glanced at the person who was speaking and understood that he did not want to reveal his true identity. Because in this case, Xi Xi would definitely believe them a hundred and twenty percent if they showed that they were soldiers, but he didn’t.

This showed that it was necessary for them to hide their identities.

Cen Ning turned back and comforted: “It’s okay, Xi Xi, they don’t look like bad people. Besides, we really need their help now, and we’ll be in danger without them. Don’t worry, I’ll be back as soon as possible.”



“Cen Ning, I’ll go with you.” Xiao Sheng said, “We also have company of each other.”

Cen Ning nodded: “Okay, then Da Bei, Xi Xi, the two of you will wait here.”

“Okay,” Da Bei knew that this was the best solution, “Then you two go back and come back quickly.”



The road was unobstructed, and the car moved quickly. Xiao Sheng sat on Cen Ning’s left, while on her right was Yan Xingzhi.

“Leave immediately after the car is repaired.” Yan Xingzhi cast a glance at Cen Ning, “Don’t come to such a dangerous place in the future.”

Cen Ning: “…It’s not dangerous.”

“It’s your luck that you don’t feel unwell now. If you suddenly feel unwell, there is no hospital nearby to save you.”

Cen Ning lowered her head and responded in a low voice.

The man in the driver’s seat glanced at the rearview mirror, secretly slandering in his heart, how come Brother Yan was so considerate today.

“Then why are you all here?” Cen Ning asked.


Before Yan Xingzhi could answer, the man in the front passenger seat turned back and said: “Business matters, or who would come to such a remote place, right?”

The two people in the front row didn’t know that Cen Ning and Yan Xingzhi knew each other, so they were still lying, but Yan Xingzhi said suddenly: “It’s inconvenient to say more.”

Cen Ning understood from his words that it was probably a secret again, she nodded and said no more.

Just after a while, she secretly reached out and tugged on Yan Xingzhi’s sleeves.

Yan Xingzhi was originally looking out the window, and after being disturbed by the movement of the little girl beside him, he glanced sideways. The latter saw his eyes focus on her, and she reached out and patted the camera bag on her lap.

“Yours.” Cen Ning said silently shaping her mouth.

Yan Xingzhi’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he glanced at her again, only to see the person beside him half apologetically and half aggrieved mouth: “For what happened last time, I’m sorry.”

Her fingers were still tugging at his sleeve, her slender white fingers were dainty and small, her movement was very hidden, but she didn’t let go.

The sky was high, the clouds were pale, and the wind was blowing softly.

Yan Xingzhi softened for some reason.

He thought, ‘Why could he never bear to see her pitiful appearance?

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