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  • Warm Fuzzies

    Translation Status: Ongoing

    Release Schedule: Sporadically
    Author: 辰冰
    Total Chapters: 164 chapters + 3 extra (Completed)
    Genres: Comedy Fantasy Fluff Martial Arts Romance
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    Xueli was a carefree little white fox living in the forest until one day a big snow wolf descends from the sky.The snow wolf was severely injured, with cold, icy eyes, and unable to speak the language of the forest.

    Xueli, curious about the snow wolf, approached him and brought some food. As a result, she ended up being followed by the wolf all the time. This huge wolf kept watching her, being too close for comfort!

    Xueli was terrified, trying to kick him, scold him, and even using her small paws to slap him while shouting, “Go away, go away!” However, their size difference was too great, and it was all in vain. She whimpered in fear…

    Zilan, the young master of the top-tier celestial realm known as the Nine Heavens, failed in his tribulation and was forced to transform into his true form divine beast. He ended up in a secluded little realm where the language was unfamiliar, but to his surprise, he encountered the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox, which had disappeared for thousands of years.

    The little fox was lively, kind-hearted, and very fond of him. She not only worriedly circled around him but also brought him fruits to eat and searched for herbs to help him heal his injuries.

    Zilan was moved and decided to return her kindness by becoming her protector and accompanying her at night. He felt overjoyed seeing the little fox curl up happily in his arms, playing and frolicking around, using her tiny paws to playfully pat him. Zilan felt an overwhelming sense of happiness.

    He made up his mind to bring the little Nine-Tailed Fox back to the upper celestial realm, marry her, and declare to everyone that she was the most cherished treasure of his life in this world.

    A story filled with misunderstandings.

    Little Ball: “It’s not me, I didn’t do it. QAQ”

















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