Warm Fuzzies

Chapter 5

The young master held a sharp blade in his hand, his gaze as resolute as a blade itself. He remained unfazed by his opponent’s fierce attacks, as if these assaults had no effect on him whatsoever.

The snow wolf young master displayed sharp reflexes and swift movements, causing his opponent to retreat step by step.

Before long, he executed a move that severed his opponent’s weapon! He won the victory without a doubt.

The snow wolf young master sheathed his twin swords and stood calmly on the celestial platform. His posture was upright, his expression ordinary, as if this battle had left no ripples in his emotions.

In contrast, his opponent seemed somewhat disheveled at this point. After the intense battle, his legs were unsteady, and he could only manage to stand with some effort.


The young master slightly bent his waist in acknowledgement, a reciprocal gesture of gratitude. He then turned around and slowly walked back to his ornate seat, draping the brocade robe back around himself.

Silence reigned.

The snow wolf young master resumed his seat.

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Ekvb vbyv, bl tlpvwale, “R’x vkale. R’zz blye cynj qkapv. Zsw yzz nyd nsdvkdwl.”



Under the watchful eyes of the onlookers, the snow wolf young master supported himself on his feet, his single hand adjusting the snowy white fur robe on his shoulder. He began to make his way down from the celestial platform.

Seeing the young master’s departure, the wolf immortals entrusted the scene to others and followed suit, carefully observing the young master’s expression.

The snow wolf young master maintained a straight-ahead gaze, walking purposefully.

Today was the day when the young wolf immortal disciples of the same age competed within the wolf realm. This event occurred every six months. The outcome of today’s battle would determine each disciple’s status and level of respect within the wolf pack. Despite being a friendly contest, everyone still gave their all. However, it seemed that the young master wasn’t concerned about it. The competition had only reached its midpoint, yet he walked away without looking back.

The wolf official couldn’t help but ask, “Young master, are you still troubled by the impending breakthrough?”

The snow wolf young master’s steps faltered briefly, but he didn’t pause for it, continuing to move forward.

The young master was about to experience a realm breakthrough.

In the realm of cultivation in the immortal world, as one accumulates sufficient cultivation, there comes a leap-like advancement, ascending from one level to another, referred to as breaking through a realm. During this process, the vital energy of the immortals undergoes a dramatic change. Breaking through a realm usually involves facing numerous tests set by the heavenly laws. These challenges are trials that one wouldn’t encounter during regular cultivation. Thus, breaking through a realm can be likened to experiencing a calamity, yet the insights gained during this process are like a sudden enlightenment, propelling one to an entirely new level.

Given the young master’s current strength, breaking through a realm shouldn’t be an exceptionally difficult task. However, the process of realm breakthrough is inherently perilous. The young master’s chronic ailment poses a significant risk. During a realm breakthrough, no one knows what might happen. If the young master’s ailment were to act up during that time, the consequences could be unimaginable.

For this reason, the young master has been diligently cultivating in recent days, striving to elevate his cultivation as much as possible before the realm breakthrough.

The wolf official sighed and consoled, “Young master, don’t be overly anxious. While we plan our actions, the final outcome is determined by fate. With the young master’s level of cultivation, breaking through this realm is highly likely. The Wolf King and Wolf Queen have made thorough preparations; there’s hardly any room for error. We’ve done all we can, now we can only leave it to destiny.”

The snow wolf young master remained silent for a moment before saying, “I understand.”


As they spoke, both of them had entered the young master’s daily practice chamber.

The practice chamber was spacious, lit by a flickering hearth fire, carrying a faint scent of incense. The floor was covered with mats, and the walls adorned with paintings.

On the four walls of the practice chamber hung depictions of celestial beasts, representing the prototypes of the star constellations in the nine heavens. However, the painting of the Nine-Tailed Fox appeared as if it had been smeared with ink, with a large cross appearing on it. Amid the vivid depictions of other divine beasts, the Nine-Tailed Fox’s portrayal stood out, appearing tragic and forlorn.

The Nine-Tailed Fox was also once a divine beast of the nine heavens. However, a millennium ago, the ancestral leader of the Nine-Tailed Foxes led their entire clan on a migration through the immortal realm. Somewhere along the way, an unforeseen calamity struck, and their trace vanished entirely. The realms once overseen by the Nine-Tailed Fox also disappeared without a trace. Despite the efforts of many immortals and divine beasts to locate them, they remained elusive. Since then, the aura of the Nine-Tailed Fox has not reappeared in the nine heavens.

In the blink of an eye, the Nine-Tailed Fox had vanished from the mortal realm for a thousand years.

Due to the loss of its divine aura, the depictions of the Nine-Tailed Fox on the star constellation chart were all crossed out, the stars it governed dimmed, and its celestial scroll partially erased. The fox spirits and other celestial foxes in the mortal realm lost their divine protection, relying on other divine beasts for care. In the years that followed, there were fewer fox spirits that gained sentience, and even fewer succeeded in their cultivation. Their situation was quite dire.

As the wolf official entered the practice chamber, his eyes immediately fell upon the depiction of the crossed-out Nine-Tailed Fox on the wall.

The divine illustration depicted a crescent moon with a graceful and serene snow-white Nine-Tailed Fox resting upon it. Its nine tails cascaded down like wisps of clouds, displaying a lazy and relaxed posture.

However, it was lamentable that as time passed, the divine aura within the illustration gradually dissipated. Not only was there a cross marked across it, but the colors had also faded over time.

Observing this depiction, the wolf official couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “I’ve heard from my great-grandfather that the Nine-Tailed Fox clan of old were incredibly beautiful individuals, both men and women. People have long debated whether the pure beauty of the Jade Rabbit clan or the stunning elegance of the Pheasant clan is superior. They couldn’t decide a winner for the title of ‘First Beauty’ for years, solely because they had never seen the Nine-Tailed Fox.”

As the Snow Wolf Young Master took off his heavy fur coat, his gaze followed the wolf official’s words and fell upon the depiction of the Nine-Tailed Fox on the wall. However, he merely glanced briefly at the faded Nine-Tailed Fox before moving on, seemingly unaffected.

The Nine-Tailed Fox had vanished over a thousand years ago, and for those who had only been alive for seventeen years like them, the existence of the Nine-Tailed Fox was already a distant memory. The current situation was entirely normal for these new celestial beings, and there was no need to dwell on it.


In his heart, there was only one thing occupying his thoughts: the breakthrough he was about to achieve. The Snow Wolf Young Master seated himself in the center of the meditation chamber, and beside him glowed a blazing hearth.

He turned to the wolf official and said, “You can go now. The day of my breakthrough is approaching, and I wish to cultivate in seclusion here for a while. If there are no urgent matters, please refrain from disturbing me.”

The wolf official quickly replied.

In reality, he couldn’t stay for long either. Although it was now early spring, the chamber needed to be heated throughout the year to prevent the Snow Wolf Young Master’s illness from recurring. His constitution might be able to handle it, but others wouldn’t fare as well.

After just a short while inside, the wolf official’s forehead was already covered in large beads of sweat, and the back of his spring clothes had become soaked.

Wiping off the sweat, the wolf official had to say, “Young Master, I won’t linger any longer. If you need anything, just call for me.”


Once the wolf official left the meditation chamber, only the young Snow Wolf remained within.

Snow Wolf slowly extended his hand toward the warmth emitted by the stove, feeling the comforting temperature of the hot air. His eyes were reflected in the dancing red light of the stove.

Since he was young, he knew he was different from others. Even during the scorching summer heat when his illness didn’t flare up, he never felt the heat like everyone else. No matter how hot the fire was or how desperately others tried to escape it, he only felt warmth.

Only through relentless practice, only through continuous breakthroughs to elevate his cultivation, could he reduce the impact of his illness and strive to be as normal as possible.

The young Snow Wolf lowered his gaze gently, adjusted his sleeves, sat down on the floor, closed his eyes, and began to meditate.


The day of the Snow Wolf Young Master’s breakthrough was just three days away.

During these three days, he hardly left his chamber, dedicating himself to intense cultivation, hoping that no unforeseen circumstances would arise.

Three days later, the Young Master opened the door to his meditation chamber, draped in a white fur coat, and walked up to the Nine Heavens Cloud Platform.

On the platform, the Wolf King and the Wolf Queen had been waiting for him at the entrance.

The Wolf Queen held his hand and said, “Zilan, Mother has already made all the arrangements. When you break through, you must be extremely careful and not be hasty. Your father and I will be by your side at the Cloud Platform, waiting for your safe return.”

Zilan’s gaze shifted to the edges of the Cloud Platform, where suspended braziers were arranged at each corner. These were divine braziers, flames burning without diminishing, unaffected by wind, and providing protection and safety. The love of his parents for him was evident in these intricate details.

Meeting the concerned gazes of the Wolf King and Queen, Zilan lifted his robes, knelt down with great respect, and bowed deeply to his parents. His sleeves brushed the ground, and his crown faced the sky.

Tears welled up in the eyes of the Wolf King and Queen, but they held back from shedding them.

“Father, Mother, I’m going now.”

After bidding farewell as a family, when the time came for Zilan to face his tribulation, the Wolf King and Queen finally reluctantly released his hand.

The young Snow Wolf Lord once again bowed respectfully to his parents before turning and stepping onto the Cloud Platform.

As his boots touched the platform, a ripple spread across the surface like water, transforming into a sea of clouds and drifting mist. With each step, Zilan walked towards the center, where a small tower about the length of a palm was suspended. The heart of the tower emitted a clear golden light.

Zilan placed his hand on the tower.

This was the Cloud Platform Golden Pagoda used for breaking through realms. Those attempting to break through needed to step into the void, touch the golden pagoda, and based on the level of their cultivation, the pagoda would determine their qualification. If deemed eligible, they could see the challenges they needed to overcome during the breakthrough, whether it was heavenly thunder, freezing cold, or illusions.

As the young Snow Wolf Lord’s hand made contact with the golden pagoda, in an instant, the flow of spiritual energy surged into his black hair. Zilan closed his eyes and when he opened them again, everything on the Cloud Platform had vanished. In its place was an endless expanse of darkness, along with a glowing chessboard. His parents couldn’t accompany him, but the four floating divine fire braziers still guarded each corner, their orange flames bright and comforting.

It was the Breaking Chess Formation.

Seeing the scene before him, Zilan immediately understood what trial he was about to face, and he felt a sense of calmness settle over him.

Although the trials of realm-breaking were varied, most of them were experienced by the older generation. While one couldn’t fully rely on their experiences, they could still infer methods for overcoming them. Breaking through realms often tested one’s cultivation, temperament, and comprehension. Gaining insights during this process would bring them closer to the next realm.

Just as a thunder tribulation typically consisted of eighty-one primary thunders and several minor thunders, this chess formation usually comprised thirty-six rounds, each followed by the appearance of a mythical beast for the challenger to contend with.

Zilan knew what was ahead. He lifted his robe and sat down at one side of the chessboard, taking the black pieces and making the first move.

His black piece had just landed when a white piece fell onto the board with a crisp “click,” as if someone on the opposite side was playing against him.

Zilan was skilled at patience, and among them, he was exceptional. With excellent composure, he adapted well to the lengthy chess game. Despite the frequent cunning moves and provocations of the chess formation, he remained unwavering. He patiently bided his time, quietly setting up his strategy, only to strike at the critical moment, achieving an instant and decisive victory!

As he placed his final piece on the board, winning the game, a sudden gust of wind erupted within the darkness! Spiraling spiritual energy surged like a storm, gradually outlining the silhouette of a golden leopard not far away. The golden leopard roared into existence, revealing sharp, fierce fangs. With lightning speed, it dashed toward him!

Zilan’s expression remained unchanged as he swiftly drew his dual swords. With a single move, he struck the charging golden leopard, which let out a reluctant howl before dissipating into ethereal energy once again.

With that, Zilan returned to his seat, and the chessboard was cleared. The positions of the black and white pieces were swapped, and he extended his hand to grasp the white pieces, resuming the game once more.

Just like that, Zilan won game after game in succession. The mythical creatures that appeared after each game transitioned from leopards to pythons, then to tigers, and eventually even included a serpent. It seemed that the possibility of encountering a dragon was looming.

By the time they reached the thirtieth game, Zilan had been keeping a silent count in his mind. However, even with his focus, he found himself gradually struggling despite his initial ease. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead, and his body was beginning to succumb to fatigue.

Breaking through the realm was undoubtedly challenging. After experiencing so many rounds of the game, Zilan was confident that returning to reality would greatly enhance his concentration. Nevertheless, at this moment, he was clearly feeling the strain.

Finally, after the thirty-second game, a dragon appeared.

Holding his twin blades, Zilan fought back with all his might. However, after enduring numerous rounds of intense combat, he was already physically exhausted. He engaged in a few exchanges with the golden dragon, but ultimately, he couldn’t hold on any longer and revealed his true form!

Zilan’s true form was that of a divine beast – the snow wolf.

In a flash of silver light, an immensely tall wolf-like creature emerged from the darkness. It was easily more than ten times the size of an average wolf, covered in snow-white fur that glistened like silver moonlight. Its eyes gleamed brightly, resembling morning stars. With sharp claws that seemed to cut through the air, its majestic presence was awe-inspiring. Both of them were divine beasts, and as Zilan’s radiant form appeared, he exuded an aura that didn’t yield an inch to the golden dragon from the thirty-second game. In fact, he even seemed to have a slight advantage.

The combat prowess of these divine beasts was typically stronger in their beast forms than in their human-like forms. Yet, even in their humanoid forms, a clear victor could be determined. Therefore, when engaging in battle, if either side was pushed to reveal their true form, it would be seen as a display of inferior skill. Using the true form also conserved more energy, so it was usually reserved for a later stage of the battle.

Zilan could no longer sustain his human-like form, forcing him to transform into his true form. His gaze remained fixed on the golden dragon, his chest heaving as he struggled to catch his breath.

He lunged forward swiftly, and the battle between the wolf and the dragon began!

Zilan, in his true wolf form, clashed with the dragon in a fierce struggle!

While Zilan could hold his own in his humanoid form, as soon as he transformed, he gained the upper hand. However, in the midst of the battle, he suddenly sensed a faint and fleeting unusual presence. His attention shifted for a moment, subconsciously sensing something amiss. Yet, the golden dragon’s continuous roars and attacks demanded his full attention, leaving him unable to focus on anything else.

In the next instant, a chilling sensation flowed into Zilan’s chest, causing his entire body to shudder. He nearly lost his balance and fell to the ground!

His cold affliction had flared up!

And precisely at this moment!

However, within a split second, one of the cornered divine fire furnaces extinguished with a soft “puff.” This was followed by two more “puffs,” until all three furnaces were snuffed out, leaving only a wisp of green smoke.

Zilan’s body immediately trembled with cold, his freezing affliction flaring up. The ailment was dangerous, and once it took hold, its effects spread rapidly. Just moments ago, he could endure with the protection of the divine fire furnaces. Now, with those furnaces extinguished, he realized the entire chess formation had turned bone-chillingly cold, like being trapped in an icy cavern.

But how could the divine fire furnaces go out? The fire within them was composed of celestial energy, and it should have remained unquenched during his journey through the tribulation.

In the midst of his agonizing pain from the outbreak of his cold affliction, the golden dragon roared ferociously, lunging with its claws to tear into Zilan’s body, ripping away a large chunk of flesh!

Despite his condition, Zilan roared back, summoning all his strength to resist the cold affliction. He charged at the golden dragon with fierce determination. Although his cold affliction had erupted, the dragon was also weakened. Zilan tenaciously fought against it and, after numerous struggles, managed to pin the dragon beneath his claw.

With one final roar, the golden dragon dissipated into strands of golden light.

Zilan panted heavily, his body still shivering from the intense cold. He was about to transform back into his humanoid form to resume the game, when suddenly a tremendous force struck him from behind, pushing him downward forcefully.

Before he could react, his gaze shifted, and his body plummeted, finding nothing beneath him to support his fall.



Xueli was playing in the forest with the white deer and the rabbits, joyfully chasing the tails of the little bunnies. But suddenly, from deep within the woods, a booming sound resonated, like the crash of a heavy object hitting the ground. The sound startled all the animals, causing them to halt and prick up their ears, gazing toward the direction of the loud noise.

Several spirit trees were sprawled haphazardly in that area, some snapped halfway and left hanging on other trees. The white deer exclaimed urgently, “I just saw something fall from the sky!”


Xueli, of course, also heard the booming sound. Her tail was raised nervously, but upon seeing the anxious expression on the white deer’s face and the small animals huddled together in fear, she thought for a moment and said, “You all stay here, I’ll go take a look!”

Xueli had the highest cultivation among them and held the key to the fairy realm, granting her considerable authority within it. The little bunnies voiced their concerns, “Please be careful! We’ll be waiting for you nearby.”


With a nod, Xueli headed toward the source of the noise, her tail dragging lightly behind her, hopping lightly through the woods as she went along. Strangely enough, she did sense a trace of new fairy aura in the fairy realm, stronger than that of anyone within it. Yet, she felt more curious and intrigued than fearful.

Soon, she reached the spot where the loud noise originated. Many trees had been knocked down, and the area was in disarray. She cautiously pushed aside the leaves and peeked her head out, only to find an unfamiliar creature lying there. It was massive, resembling a wolf in form, covered in snowy fur.

Xueli tilted her head, took light steps, and hopped over, her small paws carrying her closer.

At this moment, Zilan was still conscious. He didn’t know how long he had been falling from the Nine Heavens or where exactly he had landed. He felt like he had collided with numerous things, compounded by the agony of the cold sickness. He was in an extremely weak and painful state.

Struggling to open his eyelids to assess the situation, he caught sight of a small, beautifully pristine white fox with nine tails. The fox cautiously emerged from the forest, its curiosity tinged with anxiety, and approached him with careful steps.

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