The Remaining Life Has Its Limits

Translation Status: Ongoing

Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 墨書白
Total Chapters: 39
Genres: Drama Modern Psychological Romance Slice of Life


She was an utterly ordinary woman.

From a family that favored sons over daughters, to a job with meager pay, and a husband who was taciturn.

She thought she would forever remain ordinary until one evening when her husband didn’t come to pick her up.

Misfortune struck suddenly, and she began to live in darkness, fearing that someone might say she attended a party that night or that someone might mention she wore a dress that night.

She feared her husband accusing her of infidelity and her family condemning her as immoral.

Until everything became unbearable, her typically silent husband sat on the couch, finished his last cigarette, and looked at her crying in the corner, utterly broken.

“What have you done wrong?” he asked.

Then he took her hand, called the police, hunted down the culprit, and appealed. 

Using his remaining life and risking his life, he sought justice for her, sought fairness, and gave love.

The road is long, life has cliffs, but there is always an end to this despair.

[The story of a heroine who, after being hurt, stands up again with her husband’s support, facing her original family, facing herself, learning love and life.]


1. The heroine is not a perfect victim; she starts off weak but gradually grows stronger.

2. Dark beginning, healing ending, complete HE (Happy Ending), overall tone of “though thousands may oppose, I’ll go forward,” so it won’t be overly sweet or cheerful, but the ending won’t be stifling.

3. Several hundred thousand words, not your typical romance.

Content tags: Inspirational Life

One-sentence summary: Boundless remaining years, with you ahead.

Theme: Never give up on love for life, brave battle against evil forces.

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