Warm Fuzzies

Chapter 3

This kind of transformation was gradual, much like a gentle stream of water. Just like Little Xueli’s arrival, it infused this place with a true aura of enchantment.

Shaoyin gazed out of the window.

Little Xueli, curiosity in her eyes, extended her paw towards the young animals on the porch, wanting to play with them. Before long, she ran down to join them.

Though these young animals lacked spiritual intelligence, Little Xueli was happy to play with them, treating them like genuine friends.

Watching Little Xueli interact with the animals for a while, Shaoyin turned back to continue sorting herbs.


However, as she sorted, she looked at the jars of herbs before her and suddenly felt a bit absent-minded.

In the blink of an eye, three years had already passed.

Living in this celestial realm, caring for Little Xueli, gathering and concocting herbs, life was tranquil and peaceful. She worked from sunrise to sunset, and the passage of days and months went unnoticed.

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Lying obediently in her aunt’s arms, Little Xueli was affectionate and nuzzled against her, ears perked.


But after a moment, she suddenly asked, “Aunt, you mentioned that we live in a celestial realm. Can we go beyond the forest and the stream?”

Shaoyin hesitated. “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

“Because there aren’t many people here, and every time I run to the other side of the stream, I feel like the spiritual energy comes to an end. If I try to go further, I can’t cross.”

Little Xueli was at that age when curiosity was boundless, eager to know everything.

She wagged her tail and asked, “Aunt, what’s it like outside the celestial realm?”

Shaoyin thought of her own experiences and felt a pang in her heart. She stroked Little Xueli’s head and replied, “Outside… it’s not as pure as within the celestial realm.”

“There are many people outside. Some are good, some are bad. There are strong individuals and weak ones, those who stand their ground and those who follow the crowd. These people make up the diverse world of the human realm, giving it both a lively, happy side filled with human emotions, and also… a side of suffering, cruelty, and coldness.”

“The human realm has its interesting aspects, but you’re still too young. The cold and harsh side of the human world is too dangerous for you. That’s why I and the environment of the celestial realm will protect you.”

“You can’t leave the celestial realm right now. When you grow up and gain the ability to protect yourself from difficulties, you’ll have a chance to go out and experience it.”


Little Xueli seemed to partially understand Shaoyin’s words, but she was obedient and nodded earnestly.

Shaoyin gazed gently at her, finishing drying Little White Fox’s fur and carefully smoothing it out.


“Oh, right! Aunt, is your herbal medicine not finished yet? Let me help you organize it!”

At this moment, Little Xueli noticed the ceramic jars of herbs that Shaoyin had placed on the ground, not fully organized. With a roll and a bounce, she tumbled off Shaoyin’s lap and happily hopped over, eager to assist.

Shaoyin smiled lightly at her enthusiastic and joyful demeanor, and she moved over to show her how to roughly classify the herbs.

However, to Shaoyin’s surprise, before she even had a chance to speak, she saw that Little Xueli was already wagging her tail and cheerfully sorting the remaining herbs on her own.

Categorizing herbs might seem easy, but Shaoyin’s method wasn’t just about grouping similar ones together. She was directly dividing several kinds of herbs according to formula, quantity, and type, packaging them separately. This way, she could easily retrieve and grind them for future use in refining medicine. Moreover, the herbs weren’t just of one type; there were also some semi-finished products she intended to experiment with.

Little Xueli didn’t wait for her to teach and started dividing the herbs on her own, although her measurements were a bit rough, the categories were surprisingly correct.

Shaoyin asked in astonishment, “Xueli, why did you group these particular herbs together?”


Tilting her head, Little Xueli placed a small section of leafy plant she was holding in her mouth onto a piece of paper and then reorganized another set.

She explained, “Aunt, you’ve told me before. These herbs can be used together to make a calming incense. I thought the herbs you have left look somewhat similar.”

Shaoyin then pointed to another set of herbs grouped differently from the first, asking, “And what about this one? Why did you use the main herb from the previous one as the base, but added different spirit herbs on top?”

Little Xueli said, “Because the wrapping paper has different colored marks, so it should be for different varieties of herbs. Aunt, didn’t you say that the same herb paired with different things can have different effects? When the same herb is paired with another herb, it becomes a spirit-enhancing medicine, but if paired with a different herb, it could be poisonous. I also saw herbs you said have opposing properties, so I placed them together.”


The things Little Xueli was mentioning, Shaoyin couldn’t recall when she taught her these things. Most likely, it was during casual discussions while gathering or preparing herbs. She hadn’t expected Little Xueli to remember and apply these concepts so effectively.

Although Little Xueli’s actions might have been playful and random, as Shaoyin listened to her explanation, her eyes gradually lit up with realization.

However, as she continued, Little Xueli couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “But I remember those herbs with opposing properties can only be used when they are harvested during the thaw of spring and melting snow. Yet, their growing season is very short, only about two months, and most of that time is during the coldest period. So, it’s really difficult to gather them. Aunt, how do you have so many?”

Shaoyin smiled faintly, picked up an unopened flower bud from the herbs, and held it in her palm. Then, she slowly manipulated her spiritual energy and showed it to Little Xueli, asking, “What do you see here?”

Little Xueli leaned in to take a look. She saw the withered flower bud that had been picked, but under Shaoyin’s manipulation of spiritual energy, it miraculously regained its fullness. Gradually, it restored its vibrant color and began to unfurl, revealing a rose-colored stamen.

Little Xueli shook her ears in astonishment.
Shaoyin explained, “This is the ‘Melting Snow Technique.’ It can turn snow into spring, dispelling the harsh chill left behind under certain circumstances. This type of herb can only be used in early spring because the lingering cold from winter is too severe. But with the use of certain techniques, the issue can be resolved.”
“Ah woo!” Little Xueli looked at the flower in Shaoyin’s hand with immense curiosity.
She cautiously extended a paw to touch Shaoyin’s palm and found it indeed warm, but not the usual warmth—it carried a gentle and contented feeling.

Xueli exclaimed joyfully, “Auntie is so amazing!”
Shaoyin chuckled and asked, “Do you want to give it a try yourself?”
“Can I?”
Little Xueli perked up her ears.
Shaoyin nodded, “Of course.”
With that, she explained the technique of the Melting Snow Technique to her.

Little Xueli exerted all her effort, mimicking her aunt’s movements as she activated her own celestial energy. She extended her small paw, her tiny white fur bristling with concentration, but she still couldn’t warm up the little flower.
However, as Shaoyin watched Little Snow Pear emulate her use of celestial energy, the light in her eyes grew brighter and brighter.
Although Xueli’s current level of cultivation restricted her from using such complex medical techniques, her approach was correct and highly insightful, showcasing her remarkable talent.

When Shaoyin was in the mortal realm, she couldn’t teach her unique medical skills to anyone. Even her master couldn’t grasp the techniques despite her honest explanations. However, looking at the clever Little Xueli before her, she wondered if she might be able to learn.
Shaoyin couldn’t help but ask, “Sweetie, do you want to learn medical arts with me?”

Little Xueli had been focused on trying to warm up her paws, but when she heard her aunt’s words, she raised her head.
She didn’t fully understand what medical arts were, but watching her aunt handle the herbs and flowers every day had gradually piqued her interest. It was like stepping into an unknown world.
Little Xueli immediately bounced and exclaimed, “I want to learn! I want to help Auntie!”
With that, she happily jumped onto her aunt.
Shaoyin’s heart brimmed with joy as she immediately lifted her up and hugged her close, giving her a gentle squeeze.

Little White Fox laughed and rolled around, playfully waving her paws and interacting with her aunt. The scene was heartwarming with both of them together.

From that day on, Little Snow Pear began learning medical arts from her aunt. Learning would naturally come with its challenges. Due to her young age, Shaoyin never let her stray too far from her sight. After this, she always kept Little White Fox by her side, whether it was collecting herbs, grinding them, or practicing medicine-making, and she even taught her the art of magic.


During herb collection, Shaoyin would take her around different places in the woods, pointing out various herbs on the mountainside.
“This one is Qingye Grass. It promotes blood circulation and disperses blood stasis.”
“These two herbs look similar, but this one has a slight toxin. It’s not to be used casually. The difference lies in their roots. You have to carefully distinguish them by pulling apart their leaves.”
Shaoyin guided her step by step through the process of grinding herbs. “These fruits with hard shells are difficult to crush. You should hold the pestle like this. If you can’t break them, you can use a little magic when necessary.”

“Learn by following my example in meditation. Practicing medical arts in the realm of immortality is different from practicing earthly medicine. Magical techniques and fairy power are also part of our medical skills. If you want to use certain challenging magical techniques, you must have a solid foundation in your cultivation. Don’t neglect your practice.”

As Little Xueli learned medical arts from her aunt, it was only natural that she couldn’t always maintain her fox form. She gradually became proficient in using her human form as well.

Time passed day by day. In the blink of an eye, more than ten years had gone by. The passage of time in the realm of immortality remained calm and peaceful.

The scene showed no traces of the passing years. The small wooden house remained the same, surrounded by lush woods and spring grass. The sky was clear and blue, yet the only figure present was that of a young girl within the house.

At fifteen or sixteen years old, she was immersed in the process of grinding herbs. With her snowy ears and white tail, she wore a simple yet elegant plain attire that complemented her refined aura. Swiftly grabbing a handful of leaves and placing them in a mortar, she skillfully crushed them, exhibiting a graceful demeanor that filled the room with the refreshing scent of herbs.

At this moment, a young white deer of considerable size arrived at the doorstep. It gently lifted its forehooves and knocked on the door, calling out, “Xueli! Would you like to come out and play together?” The girl who was grinding herbs paused, setting aside her task. She turned her head and revealed a beautiful and radiant face.

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