Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife


Translation Status: Completed

Release Schedule: Sat
Author: 沫曰
Total Chapters: 49
Genres: Drama Josei Rebirth Romance Slice of Life


Can love find a second chance?

In their past lives, Mo Li Xin went through three operations.

The first time, it was to give birth to his son. But he thought that the child was not his.

The second time, she suffered from anxiety and depression, causing her to be diagnosed with coronary heart disease. But he was completely unaware of it.

The third time, it was because of a liver transplant operation for him. Unfortunately, after she lay on the operation table, she never got up again. The doctor informed him that it was one corpse with two lives.

It was deeply engraved into his mind, the only sentence in her suicide note…

If she’s the source of your happiness, then I’ll protect her. I just hope that when you laugh, you can think of me.

After his rebirth, Ji Nan Feng cut his way through thistles and thorns in order to repay everything thing she had done for him in their past lives.


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