Warm Fuzzies

Chapter 8

The white deer raised its ears in astonishment, taken aback by the snow wolf’s size. It whispered, “Xueli, what kind of animal is this, really?”

Xueli studied Zilan’s appearance, unsure, and said, “I think… it’s still a wolf?”

The white deer puzzledly replied, “But wolves aren’t this big, are they? Regular wolves are only a fraction of his size, and he’s white.”

Xueli couldn’t quite explain it herself, but aside from calling it a wolf, she couldn’t think of a more fitting term for this species.

Xueli decided, “Let’s not worry about that for now. Let’s focus on nursing his injuries. Thanks to everyone today. You’ve all been a great help. Why don’t you all head back? I still need to take care of some things here, so I’ll stay a bit longer.”


Assisting in treatment wasn’t an easy task either. The rabbits had fetched water several times, and they all looked exhausted. Even the white deer wasn’t as spirited as usual. With the sun gradually setting in the west, daylight was waning, and after a day of movement in the forest, it was time for the animals to rest.

So, the small animals didn’t decline and bid Xueli farewell. They each returned to their burrows.

Once her friends had departed, Xueli was left alone with the massive snow wolf.

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Zilan slept deeply. When he awoke, it was the latter half of the night, approaching dawn.

Upon waking, he realized he was covered with a cloth. Although it was thin, it was surprisingly large, enough to completely envelop even his massive form.

Zilan paused. He had already caught the scent of the little Nine-Tailed Fox during the daytime. Now, the cloth also carried a similar scent, clearly left by her. This triggered a slight movement in Zilan’s heart.

He was just about to take the cloth off and examine it closely, but as soon as he made a slight movement, excruciating pain shot through him, causing him to stop immediately. His mind was now clear

He realized that he was an indisputable severe injury case. Forget transforming into a human form; at this moment, his body couldn’t even manage the slightest movement.

Zilan’s mind was slightly clearer than during the day, and he attempted to use his divine sense to assess his surroundings and contact his parents from the Ninth Realm. However, he quickly found it to be futile. His divine sense was too weak, limited to a very small range of activity, and within this realm, he felt completely cut off from any external information, as if isolated from the world.

Feeling helpless, Zilan closed his eyes and explored the items he had brought with him into his divine realm.

During his breakthrough on the Cloud Platform, he had used a twin-blade that had shattered midway. However, there was still a pair of swords in his divine realm. These were gifts from the Wolf King and Wolf Queen, bestowed upon him even before his birth. They were genuine divine weapons, with blades forged from ancient profound iron retrieved from the Thousand Cold Pond. The aura of the Wolf King and Wolf Queen had honed them to an extraordinary sharpness, capable of breaking through any defense. Embedded in the sword hilt were two family heirloom gemstones. Although their form could change to a certain extent according to the owner’s intentions and they could also be used as dual swords, they were essentially a pair. Zilan regarded them as symbols of his parents’ intentions and rarely used them as actual weapons.

Apart from that, he only had a few precautionary medicines left on him. It was impossible to retrieve items from the divine realm or use medicines during a breakthrough, so these were the few things he carried with him regularly.

Zilan looked at these items in silence, pondering on what to do next. His current mobility was too limited. The most pressing issue was to heal his injuries first. Once his injuries were healed, he could gain a basic understanding of this realm’s situation and attempt to communicate with the inhabitants using writing…

Before Zilan could finish considering his options, he suddenly heard a faint sound from the woods. He immediately halted his train of thought and instinctively turned his gaze toward the direction of the sound.

However, what followed was the sight of the small Nine-Tailed Fox named Xueli, bounding out of the bushes with a skip in her step. Upon realizing he was awake, she excitedly let out a couple of “woos” and hurried over, taking three steps for every two.


Zilan couldn’t help but pause.

At this time, it wasn’t yet dawn, and the sky was just beginning to show a hint of light on the horizon. He looked at the sky in astonishment, a brief silence overtaking him.

In an instant, the little fox had already reached him.

Xueli woke up early that day.

Having learned medicine from her aunt since childhood, she had grasped the art of healing even before learning to write. Though she wasn’t proficient in reading or writing, she was skilled with medical tools and had a strong sense of responsibility toward the patients. Given the dire condition of the large wolf’s injuries and his exposure to the elements, coupled with the uncertainty about his species, she couldn’t help but feel worried. Hence, she decided to sneak out in the dark to check on him.

Seeing the wolf awake naturally delighted Xueli. It meant that his condition was better than before; having vitality was the first step toward recovery.

Xueli quickly approached him, though she knew he might not understand her, she enthusiastically said, “You’re awake! Do you feel better today?”

Zilan certainly understood Xueli’s intention in coming over. Watching the little fox bounce around in front of him with excited “woos,” even if he didn’t understand her words, he could sense her happiness.

Zilan wasn’t adept at interacting with girls,

Zilan’s interaction with girls had always been a challenge, let alone conversing with a small Nine-Tailed Fox that had been extinct for a millennium and didn’t even speak his language. He felt a dryness in his throat but still guessed his response cautiously, “I feel much better than yesterday… Thank you for treating my injuries, and also, thank you for preparing the blanket.”

Strictly speaking, what covered Zilan wasn’t exactly a blanket, but rather a larger piece of cloth. However, ever since he was born, he had suffered from cold ailments, making him more sensitive to the cold than the average person. Although years of arduous practice had lessened the impact of his ailment when he was healthy, the warmth provided by this cloth had a special significance to Zilan.

Upon hearing the wolf respond with a few “woos,” Xueli enthusiastically hopped over and cautiously placed her small paws on him, settling down on top of him, wagging her tail as she examined his wounds.


Xueli’s main intention was to assess the wolf’s injuries. She hadn’t encountered such severe injuries often in the divine realm, and considering the wolf was an unfamiliar species to both her and the realm, she couldn’t predict how his injuries would progress or how long it would take to recover.

However, when Xueli used her divine aura to sense the wolf’s wounds, she unexpectedly found that his recovery was much faster than she had imagined.

The injuries that covered him the previous day, bleeding and numerous, had already fully healed overnight. Even the smaller scratches had disappeared entirely, leaving no scabs behind. The larger wounds had stopped bleeding, with no more divine aura escaping from them. Even the broken bones were in the process of regrowth and mending, a remarkably rapid pace of healing.

At this rate, the wolf might only need half a month to regain mobility. However, considering the severity of his injuries, a complete recovery to his previous state would probably require three to four months of recuperation.


Xueli had never encountered a situation like this before, and amidst her astonishment, she couldn’t help but feel amazed. She couldn’t resist giving the wolf’s fur a little shake and considered climbing onto him to examine his body more closely.

Zilan could sense the little fox moving around near his body. But at this moment, his stomach suddenly emitted a long “gurgle” sound, echoing clearly through the quiet forest.

The fox and the wolf fell silent.

When Xueli heard his stomach growl, she was lying on top of him and naturally heard it clearly. She tilted her head and asked, “Huh?”

Zilan’s fur-covered face beneath his fur felt suddenly warm, and if he were in human form, his face would probably be thoroughly red by now.

While in the Wolf Realm, Zilan had never experienced hunger. The sensation was new to him, but although hunger was a common human experience, having a girl hear his stomach growl was undoubtedly awkward. He stiffened his body awkwardly, unsure if Xueli had noticed anything amiss.

However, Xueli’s reaction was quite ordinary. She blinked and then suddenly realized, “Are you hungry?”


Upon reflection, since the wolf had fallen into the divine realm, he hadn’t eaten anything yet. He was currently repairing his body, a process that required energy. Even if his cultivation was enough to sustain him without food, it wasn’t logical to completely abstain from eating. Xueli had been focused on treating his injuries and had inadvertently forgotten about this.

She quickly responded, “Wait here for a moment! I’ll find something for you to eat, woof!”

Saying this, Xueli hopped down from the wolf and turned around, dashing away.

She swiftly returned home, gathering various kinds of food and placing them in a basket.

Before her Aunt Shao Yin left the divine realm, she had prepared enough food to last Xueli for half a year. Worried about her going hungry, Aunt Shao Yin had even left more than necessary. At least for these few days, there was enough food to share with a recovering wolf.

Considering the wolf’s injuries, Xueli chose several foods conducive to recovery and carried them in her mouth, placing them in the basket.

Just as she was about to pick up the basket and run back, she hadn’t even turned around yet, when her peripheral vision accidentally fell on a wooden box containing radishes in a corner of the room.

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