There’s Always Spicy Chicken Who Wants to Take Me to Fly


Translation Status: Dropped

Release Schedule: Mon
Author: 腿毛略粗
Total Chapters: 171
Genres: Comedy Gender Bender Romance Transmigration


This is a story of a former professional power leveler that broke the industrial barrier, stepped on a renown guild, and obliterated a professional team.

Righteous Cloud: “I’ll take you to fly.”

Blue Skies said with disdain: “I don’t need it.”

White light flashed, see you at the resurrection point. 

Righteous Cloud: “Taking you to fly.”

Blue Skies was angry: “Go to hell! Get out! I said I don’t need it!”

There was another flash of white light. At the resurrection point, there was a pair of big and small eyes. 

Righteous Cloud raised his sword: “Fly?”

Blue Skies: “……fly.”

Power Leveler Bai Tian suddenly died due to pulling an all-nighter. She ended up time traveling to the future and entered the gaming circle during the VR era. 

T/L Notes: 
Spicy Chicken = Trash
Fly = Carry  

So the title can be interpreted as: There’s always trash who wants to carry me

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