If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 71.2: Ending

The fear of Yan Xingzhi was ingrained in him since childhood. As for Xu Nanru, he used to dislike him when he was young because he felt like he was an outsider. But now, with Xu Nanru holding the reins of the company’s financial power, Yan Xingyao, as a partial subordinate, certainly didn’t want to offend him.


Yan Xingzhi walked up to Cen Ning, giving Yan Xingyao a sidelong glance. “Be more polite when you speak.”

Yan Xingyao’s face drooped. “Oh.”

Yan Xingzhi was too lazy to deal with Yan Xingyao. He reached out to Cen Ning, “Will you be uncomfortable today?”


Cen Ning shook her head. “I’ll be fine.”

“What do you mean ‘fine’? You threw up during lunch,” Yi Xi worriedly glanced at Cen Ning, “And you hardly ate anything.”

Yan Xingzhi furrowed his brows, looking displeased as he glared at Cen Ning. “You’re not being honest.”

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Xu Nanru paused in his steps and turned to look at her, his gaze deep. “You didn’t like sour things back then.”


“Is that so?”

“You used to crave Xiaolongbao from Chengnan in the middle of the night, remember?”

Yi Xi blinked and recalled, indeed, when she was pregnant, she had kept Xu Nanru quite busy with her cravings.

She chuckled awkwardly, “One pregnancy makes me stupid for six years, hehe.”

Xu Nanru coldly snorted and continued walking upstairs. “A white-eyed wolf.”

Yi Xi happily followed, “I’m not a white-eyed wolf.” (TLN: white-eyes wolf describes someone ungrateful)

“If you’re not a white-eyed wolf, then what are you?”

Yi Xi quickly reached out and playfully patted his butt. “I’m a perverted wolf, howl!”

Xu Nanru: “…………”

As Cen Ning’s belly grew day by day, by the eighth month, Yan Xingzhi had already taken a leave from work to stay at home with her full-time. 

Every evening, he would take Cen Ning out for a walk, sometimes around the large courtyard, and other times driving to farther places.

One day after dinner, Cen Ning suddenly suggested, “Let’s go for a walk near the school.”


Yan Xingzhi asked, “School? Your university?”

“Of course not. I mean, our middle and high school. I remember there’s a long street outside the school with lots of delicious food.”

Yan Xingzhi chuckled and pinched her cheek. “But you can’t eat those things.”

“But I suddenly want to go have a look,” Cen Ning held Yan Xingzhi’s hand tightly. “Come on, it’s not far, let’s take a walk.”

Yan Xingzhi couldn’t resist her. “Alright, I’ll follow your lead.”

The school wasn’t far from the estate, just a ten-minute drive away. 

Yan Xingzhi had the driver park the car on the street, and he held Cen Ning’s hand as they walked in.

It had been several years since Cen Ning had been back, and over the years, this road had seen significant changes. However, it was heartening to see that many small shops still stood strong.

“Look at that milk tea shop. Zhang Ziyi, Song Ci, and I used to come there often. The milk tea there was so delicious.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, it opened after you graduated, so you didn’t get a chance to try it,” Cen Ning said, mouth watering. “Hey, do you want to try it?”

Yan Xingzhi gave a faint smile. “Are you asking me to try it, or do you want to have some yourself?”


“I’m not interested in having any.”

Yan Xingzhi responded with a knowing “Oh,” “If you’re not interested, then I guess we shouldn’t buy any.”

“Hey, come on, let’s get some,” Cen Ning grabbed his sleeve. “You haven’t tried it before, so how do you know you won’t be interested?”

Cen Ning managed to drag Yan Xingzhi to the entrance of the milk tea shop, “Hello, one lukewarm, five percent sweetness level, macchiato with pearls.”

Yan Xingzhi: “You’re so smooth with your order. Seems like you’ve planned this.”

Cen Ning denied it: “I just want you to try the flavour I used to love.”

“It would be best if it’s like this.”

The milk tea was quickly prepared, with Yan Xingzhi holding it in his left hand and holding her hand with his right. He took a look at what he was holding, furrowed his brow, and took a sip.


Cen Ning stared at him, unwavering. “It’s just five percent sweetness.”

Yan Xingzhi: “Still sweet.”

Cen Ning: “Um… Is it not good?”


Yan Xingzhi glanced at her. “Maybe after all these years, it’s no longer the same taste.”

Cen Ning quickly responded, “Really? Let me take a sip and try!”

Yan Xingzhi suppressed a hint of a smile and placed the milk tea in front of her. “Just one sip.”

“Mhm!” Cen Ning sucked on the straw and took a careful sip. The rich milk tea mixed with the plump and chewy pearls. After that sip, it felt like every pore on her body had opened up.

Observing Cen Ning’s reaction as if she had just tasted an exquisite delicacy, Yan Xingzhi shook his head helplessly, “Is it that good?”

“It’s delicious!” Cen Ning was deeply moved. “I don’t think the taste has changed at all. It’s so delicious.”

Yan Xingzhi suggested, “Would you like to take another sip?”

Cen Ning covered her mouth and shook her head. “Aunt Chen said we shouldn’t have too much tea or sugar. Anyway, I was able to take a sip.”

“Poor thing,” Yan Xingzhi rubbed her head and placed his hand on her arm, “Hold on a bit longer. Once the baby is born, you can eat whatever you want.”

“But even then, I need to watch my weight after giving birth.” 

“Take good care of your health and don’t worry about these things.” 

“Yi Xi said that men always say one thing but think another,” Cen Ning said seriously, “When a wife gains weight, her husband might say it’s okay and cute, but then he’ll start staring at women with long legs.”

Yan Xingzhi’s steps faltered, and he looked at Cen Ning with a wry expression. “Don’t always listen to her talking like that.”

Cen Ning whispered, “But I think it makes sense.”

Yan Xingzhi: “…”

Cen Ning: “Isn’t it true, though?”

Yan Xingzhi took a deep breath. “What do you think I am?”

“I think—” Cen Ning looked at the sudden dangerous look in Yan Xingzhi’s eyes, and alarm bells rang in her mind. She quickly changed direction. “I think everything is unpredictable, and you aren’t!”

Yan Xingzhi: “Consider yourself smart.” 

As they strolled, they reached the school gate, which was bustling with students coming and going as it was dismissal time.

Standing at the school gate, Cen Ning looked around and noticed some changes that had taken place in the school. 

The teaching buildings had been renovated, there were more green plants around, and the school gate had a more magnificent appearance. However, the one thing that remained unchanged was the youthful atmosphere. Just standing there made her feel like she could see her own feelings and thoughts from those years when she was still wearing a school uniform.

“Hey, wait a moment.” A pair of teenage boys and a girl passed by her side. The girl was chasing after the boy, urgently grabbing his school uniform jacket.

Cen Ning turned her head to look, and at that moment, the boy had also been caught by the girl. He furrowed his brows and stared at her. “What are you doing?”

The girl said, “Xixi sent you a message. Why didn’t you reply? It was me who introduced you to her in the first place. Isn’t this disrespectful to me?”

“So I have to reply to every message she sends?” 

“We’re all friends, of course—”

“Alright then, she said she likes me and wants to be my girlfriend. What should I reply to her?”

The girl was taken aback for a moment.

From Cen Ning’s perspective, she could see the girl’s expression of being at a loss.


“Go on, tell me.”

The girl exclaimed, “How would I know?”

The boy let out a cold snort. “You don’t even know this? Are you stupid or what?”

“Why are you calling me names when everything’s fine?” 

“I’m too lazy to talk to you.” 

The boy, frustrated, turned around and walked away. The girl hesitated in her spot for a moment, seeming to be in a dilemma. However, in the end, she watched the retreating figure ahead and eventually hurriedly caught up to him.

As Cen Ning watched this scene with great interest, Yan Xingzhi reached out to pull her, saying, “Stop staring, let’s go.”

Cen Ning didn’t budge. “Those two must definitely like each other.”


“Those two kids just now,” Cen Ning smiled, “they must like each other. Look at how angry the boy was. The girl is a bit naïve, trying to play matchmaker for others.”

Yan Xingzhi glanced at her. “Even if she’s naive, she’s not as naive as you.”

Cen Ning: “… What does it have to do with me?”

Yan Xingzhi pondered for a moment, then said, “That girl was playing matchmaker without knowing that other girls liked that boy. But as for certain people, even though she knew other girls had feelings for her fiancé, she enthusiastically delivered love letters to him. Tell me, who is being foolish in this situation?”

Cen Ning hesitated for a while, suddenly recalling some silly things she had done a long, long time ago when she was still a student at this school. Back then, she acted as a messenger, dutifully passing on the love letters from other girls to Yan Xingzhi.

Cen Ning’s expression changed. “Well, back then, I was immature!”

Yan Xingzhi nodded, “Yeah… immature.”

“Of course, I was immature at the time. If I were to go back now…”

“What would you do?”

Cen Ning puffed up her cheeks and said indignantly, “I would tell everyone that you’re mine. Even if they wrote eight hundred love letters a day, it wouldn’t matter.”

Yan Xingzhi chuckled and pinched her cheek. “Silly.”

All things in the world are interconnected in cause and effect.

If they were to go back in time, she wouldn’t need to do anything differently.

Because he knew that every facet of her growth had led to the person she was now, and no matter how she might change…

Do you believe that the gears of fate will always keep them tightly bound together?

(The End)

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