If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 38.1: Favour

Cen Ning has hardly ever traveled so far, however she didn’t tell Wei Pinfang about this trip to Tibet.

If photography was Wei Pinfang’s death point, then Tibet was a forbidden place in her heart.

Because her father died there.

Cen Ning didn’t have so many forbidden places in her heart, and because of her father, she yearned for that Tibet even more. She wanted to know what kind of place could make her father so resolute.

Before departure, Cen Ning made a lot of preparations and strategies, and also followed the team to the hospital for a physical test.


On the day before she left, she could hardly sleep all night. She couldn’t tell why, but her heart beated faster as if something was waiting for her.

In one’s life, one must go to Lhasa at least once.

Some people say that Lhasa was a place that could only be experienced in person and cannot be imagined by just photos or pictures. There was sky and sunshine that you have never experienced in your life, and palaces and mountains that could instantly purify your soul…

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The three of them took their cameras and set off. They had no specific destination, just walked on the streets at will, feeling the atmosphere of this place. When they saw something they liked, they took out their camera and took a few pictures.

Cen Ning and Da Bei were carrying their respective backpacks on their backs. Wearing simple jeans and white shirts, and other modern clothes, they stepped into this plain and solemn place with an air of victory, as if they had come to another world.

Later, the three walked into Barkhor Street. At dusk, the warm golden light fell on the monks and nuns sitting on the ground, illuminating a quiet and ancient charm.

Cen Ning raised her hand and couldn’t help pressing the shutter button.

After taking a few photos, she looked back at the previous photos, and Cen Ning paused slightly when she crossed a certain one. In the image, several nuns in red robes had red scarves covering their heads, shaking prayer tubes, and humming songs with their eyes closed.

The image was silent, but at a glance far away, it seemed that they could be heard humming a distant Divine tune.

Cen Ning was inexplicably touched, put away the camera, and stood and watched for a long time.

“Tsk, told you to buy something, and you took so long, it turns out you were secretly smoking!”

“I didn’t waste time, I just bought a pack conveniently.”

“You…heh, be careful!”

There were more and more tourists coming and going on the street. Cen Ning was holding the camera in a daze when someone bumped into her.

She stumbled and almost fell, but the man quickly grabbed her.


“Sorry, are you okay?”

Cen Ning was startled and looked up at the person who was pulling her.

A young man, wearing a jacket, a hat, and his exposed skin was a little tanned.

Cen Ning estimated that he was also a tourist, because he was also out of tune with the surrounding area.

“It’s okay.” There were many people on the street, and she stood right in the center of it all, so she couldn’t blame others for accidentally bumping into her.

“Well that’s good, miss, be careful.” The young man responded, a bit embarrassed.

Cen Ning nodded.

“Okay, let’s go.” Another person on the side pulled him.

The young man smiled apologetically at Cen Ning again, then followed his friend away.

Cen Ning subconsciously watched the two of them walk away, only to see the two of them walking side by side facing the sunset.

“They’re waiting over there, being so slow, be careful that Brother Yan will beat you.”

“Hey, don’t tell him I smoked when we get there.”


“Oh, so you do know how to be afraid.”

Cen Ning stood there, her pupils shrank slightly. But the two had already gone far away, and their voices were no longer heard.

Brother Yan?

“Cen Ning, why are you still here, we were looking for you for a long time.” Da Bei and the others went back the same way, and finally saw Cen Ning standing sluggishly on the road, “What are you looking at?”

Cen Ning returned to her senses: “No, it’s very peculiar here, I just looked for a little longer.”

“Then let’s go further foward?”

“Mhm, let’s go.”

Cen Ning followed Da Bei and the others forward. After a few steps, she looked back again. At this moment, the back figures of the two young men were not visible.

Cen Ning suddenly smiled, and shook her head somewhat mockingly.

What was she thinking, when she heard a name like his, she thought it was him?

How could he be here?



In the next two days, Cen Ning followed the team to several other places in Tibet. Later, because they each had their own ideas and themes, they split up on the third day.

Cen Ning, Da Bei, Xiao Sheng, and Xi Xi were in one car, and the other three in the team were in one car.

Cen Ning and the others drove westward without a specific destination, they just drove along the road and stopped along the road.

It seemed that the connection here with the outside world had been completely cut off. There was an endless road in front of them, the majestic plateau of snow-capped mountains on the edge, and the sky blue looked as if it was painted. When crossing a no-man’s land, they could occasionally see wild Tibetan antelopes and yellow sheep passing by in groups.

It was empty, as if there was nothing, and as if it held everything.

Fifteen hours of driving and pausing, these few photography enthusiasts were shocked beyond words.

But after getting out of the car for the last time to take photos, the car wouldn’t start when they got in the car again.

“Da Bei, what’s going on?” Xiao Sheng, one of the boys among the four, asked.

Da Bei looked around for a while: “It’s strange, why is there a problem with the engine, did the car rental company properly check it?”

“Ah? Can’t drive it?”

Da Bei was also anxious. He took a look at the location. It was still an hour away from the town further forward, and the surrounding area was empty. Except for the road, it was an endless wilderness. There was really no way to ask for help.

Da Bei: “I have driven this road three times, and this is the first time I have ever encountered such a problem.”

Cen Ning: “Then shall we call for help?”

Da Bei: “You try.”

“Okay.” Cen Ning took out her phone, but when she was about to make a call, she found that the signal was extremely poor, “You guys try it too, I can’t make a call.”

“What bad luck, just happened to stop at a signal weakness.”

Later, the four were looking for signals and checking the car. But after trying for an hour, there was nothing they could do that would solve their problem.

Da Bei: “It’s not a solution to just wait here. There is too little traffic here. What about this, we split up, two people will stay here, and two people will go to Pulan County in front…”

Another girl, Xi Xi, asked with difficulty: “How would that work? By car, we have to drive for more than an hour. How long do we have to go by feet.”

“Then do you have a better solution?”


At a stalemate, the four all had a gloomy countenance.

It was getting late, and if they couldn’t reach their next destination before dark, it would be dangerous and terrifying for the four of them to be in this wilderness.

“What should we do?” Xi Xi had a sobbing tone in her words.

Cen Ning said: “In that case, let’s do as Dabei said. Two of us walk towards the front for help, and the other two wait here.”

Da Bei: “If that’s the only way, then which one of us—”

“Hey, wait! There’s a car! There’s a car coming.” Suddenly, Xiao Sheng’s eyes lit up, and he pointed to a black spot not far away and said in surprise.

Da Bei: “…Really.”

The three of them all looked in the direction he pointed, and sure enough, in the direction they came from, there was an off-road vehicle slowly approaching.

“Stop it, stop it!!”

The four of them seemed to see a spot of light in the darkness, and hurried to the side of the road and waved.

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