If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 37: Favour

Xia Yi didn’t leave, he looked at her worriedly, and said, “Cen Ning, if you have any difficulties or unhappy things, you can tell me. I want to know, really.”

Cen Ning’s mind was a mess. She raised her eyes to look at Xia Yi and whispered, “Senior brother… You don’t have to be so nice to me.”

“I don’t specially treat you very well, I just wanted to help you.”

Cen Ning shook her head: “This is my own problem, there is nothing for you to help with. Besides, you have already helped me a lot, thank you.”

“Don’t say thank you to me.” Xia Yi’s expression changed slightly, “I never wanted your thanks for anything I did for you.”


Cen Ning paused for a while. Although she couldn’t bear it, she still forced herself to say it, “Senior brother, I… can’t give you what you want.”

Xia Yi: “Don’t be so sure, I’ve said it before, let’s get to know each other and keep in contact first, then…”

“Stop delaying it.” Cen Ning interrupted him, “Stop wasting your time on me.”

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Cen Ning decided to leave the photography club. Of course, the main reason was not Xia Yi, but because she had already chosen the Eternal Camera Club. Now she really didn’t have the energy or time to also attend activities of the photography club.

Not to mention, if she didn’t go to the photography club, then in such a large campus, the chance of meeting Xia Yi would be close to zero.

After they walked away that night, Xia Yi sent her a message. He said that he really liked her, but since she had already made her choice, he also wished her happiness.

Cen Ning’s eyes were almost stinged by the words. Life was so short, and there were very few people who really liked you.

Such a warm and kind boy, it was her that had no chance to accompany him. But she didn’t regret her decision that night. She always believed that in the future, he would meet the person who would like him wholeheartedly.

For the next few days, Cen Ning devoted herself to photography.

One day, Da Bei informed her of an extracurricular activity that the Eternal Camera Club would be hosting soon. The location was in Tibet. A professional teacher would be leading the team and he asked her if she was interested.

Cen Ning was naturally interested, so she had been preparing for the trip. She also had to go through the leave process with the counselor.

During this period, she did not call Yan Xingzhi.

He must have been mad at her for not going home with him that night, she thought.

Although she knew that what he said was right. Wei Pinfang was her mother, she had to go and talk and explain to her and open up the knot in this matter. It would not solve the problem if she kept dragging it on like a tortoise (TLN: A cowardly person).

But that day was too sudden, and her subconscious reaction was to immediately refuse.


Now that she has finally reacted, she felt a chill in her heart for no reason.

“Hey, Ningning.”

After class, Cen Ning stayed in the dormitory and called Zhang Ziyi, “What are you doing?”

“There are classes in the afternoon, I’m at school.”

“Oh… by the way, how are you and Tang Zheng?”

“He? What can I do with him? Besides, I can’t do whatever I want now even if I wanted to.”

Cen Ning was about to be confused by her: “What are you talking about?”

“I mean this guy is missing again, and if I can’t find him, what can I do with him?”


“Oh, just went out on a mission, as elusive as ever, I don’t know where he went.”


“You do not know?”


Cen Ning: “…How would I know?”

“Yan Xingzhi definitely went, how could you not know?”

Cen Ning was speechless, and finally answered awkwardly, “We… quarreled.”

Zhang Ziyi was shocked: “Quarreled?? Cen Ning, when did you become so bold!”

Cen Ning: “Well, it doesn’t really count as a quarrel.”

Cen Ning roughly explained to Zhang Ziyi about the camera incident. After speaking, Zhang Ziyi also advised her to go home and have a look. If she really wanted to choose photography, she had to let Wei Pinfang accept it.

After hanging up on the phone, Cen Ning struggled for a while, and finally decided to pack up and go back to the Yan house.

When she went downstairs with her backpack, she happened to meet the dormitory aunt patrolling around the door.

“Hello Auntie.”

Dormitory Aunt: “En, hello. Where are you headed to?”

Cen Ning replied, “Home.”

“Oh, then your boyfriend didn’t come to pick you up today?”


Cen Ning: “Huh?”

The dormitory aunt smiled and continued, “It’s the handsome guy who helped you with your luggage last time. Auntie has a deep impression of him. This boyfriend you found! What a good eye!”

The person who helped her with her luggage last time… was Yan Xingzhi.

Cen Ning’s smile congealed at the corners of her lips: “Auntie, what did you say, that’s not…”

“No? That kid told me last time that you were his girlfriend. There was too much luggage, so he came to help you carry it.”

Cen Ning’s whole body froze, and she felt her heart suddenly beat so fast that she could hardly bear it.

“No…Auntie, did you hear it wrong?”

The dormitory aunt snorted and replied dissatisfied: “Auntie is not that old, and there is no problem with my ears.”


Cen Ning was in a state of confusion on the way home in the car. Girlfriend? Did he say that she was his girlfriend?

How could it be, didn’t he say that she was his sister that day…

Cen Ning raised her hand and touched her face, her cheeks were hot.

While she was trembling, she calmed down and thought, presumably he just said it casually, just for the convenience of going upstairs.

Cen Ning didn’t dare to continue thinking wildly. When she was younger, she overheard some things and became hurt. Thus she was very afraid of repeating the same mistakes.

Arriving at the door of the house unconsciously, Cen Ning put away her messy emotions, took a deep breath, and entered the door.

“Oh Ningning! You’re back. Auntie missed you to death.” Auntie Chen came out of the kitchen and rushed over to hug her before she even finished drying her hands.

Cen Ning’s eyes were warmed with moved tears: “I’m sorry, Auntie Chen…”

“Silly girl, you don’t need to say sorry to me, I understand.”

Cen Ning looked around: “Where’s Grandpa?”

“Grandpa is in the study, go in and say hello.”


Cen Ning put down her backpack and went to knock on the door of the study.

Yan Guofeng also felt sorry for her, and after comforting her back and forth, he asked her to go back to the small building to talk to Wei Pinfang. If it still didn’t work, then he would take the responsibility for a decision.

Cen Ning was so moved that she planned to go back to the small building as soon as she left the study. “Ningning, wait a moment.”

Cen Ning turned back: “What’s the matter, Auntie Chen?”

“This is for you.”

Cen Ning looked down at the black square bag that Auntie Chen was holding, and paused for a moment: “This is…”

“Xingzhi left it for you before he left. He asked me to give this to you if you came back.”

Cen Ning was all too familiar with this kind of bag, she trembled and slowly opened the zipper.

Inside was a new professional DSLR. Cen Ning knew about this type. She had seen it several times in the store, but because of the high price, she never thought of buying it.


“Yeah, Xingzhi said, it’s better to preserve the camera that your father left for you, otherwise it won’t be worth it if it was completely damaged one day.”

Cen Ning didn’t expect that Yan Xingzhi would help her think to this level, or maybe he had already planned it the other day when she sent the camera to be repaired. Cen Ning didn’t know what the right reaction would be for a while, but she felt a little more guilty about what happened between the two at the school gate that day.

“When did he buy it.”

“I don’t know about that. Anyway, he came back before he left for his mission and told me this.” Auntie Chen stuffed the camera bag into her arms, “You can take it first, Xingzhi bought it for you specially. You, just listen to him and put away your father’s.”

Cen Ning slowly hugged the camera bag tightly: “Thank you Auntie Chen.”

“What thanks to me, tell it to Xingzhi when he comes back.” Auntie Chen said with a smile, “He cares about you so much, who knows how jealous Xingyao is.”

Cen Ning showed a smile that didn’t look very good: “Then I’ll go back first.”

“Okay, go, go.”

For some reason, the moment she walked into the door with the camera that Yan Xingzhi gave in her arms, the panic in her heart disappeared.

Cen Ning changed into her slippers, just as Wei Pinfang came out of the room.

The two looked each other in the eye for a moment, the atmosphere was a little awkward and tense.

“You’re back.” Wei Pinfang finally spoke first.

Cen Ning nodded, silent.

Wei Pinfang glanced at her, then looked at the thing she was holding in her hand. Cen Ning noticed her gaze and summoned up her courage: “Mom, I want to explain what happened last time.”

“Explain? You haven’t been back for so long, so now you finally want to make it clear?”

Cen Ning lowered her eyes: “I just want both of us to calm down and talk again. I know that you have misunderstood the photography industry because of Dad, but I want to tell you that everything is not what you think. This is not an item that will make me play through life and have no serious ambition. It is a job, a career, an ideal, I can make money and live on it. I like it. Mom, can you… not stop me.”

Wei Pinfang sat on the sofa. After listening to her, she was silent for a long time: “You have never disobeyed me before.”

Cen Ning’s heart was raised to her throat but she still insisted: “Everyone grows up, right? But even if you still continue to stop me, I will not give up.”


“I firmly believe in this!”

Wei Pinfang was startled, and finally shook her head weakly: “You are just like your father, stubborn.”

Cen Ning’s eyes lit up: “You’re not going to stop me, right!?”

Wei Pinfang smiled coldly: “You said it yourself, you won’t give up even if I stop you. Oh, I’m getting old, and with my current body, I won’t be able to stand more fights with you.”

Cen Ning: “Mom…”

Wei Pinfang got up and walked to her bedroom. Before entering, she turned around and asked in a cold voice, “You just came back now, did you eat at noon?”

Cen Ning nodded: “I already ate.”

“Oh.” Wei Pinfang said nothing more, walked into her room and closed the door.

Cen Ning stood there stupidly for a long time, until her hands were a little sore, and  finally she slowly reacted. A very joyful smile spread across her face.

Although Wei Pinfang still had an aversion to photography, her response just now meant that she would no longer stop her.

Cen Ning happily ran into the room, took out her phone and pressed into a chat box for someone.

After eloquently writing a paragraph, she remembered with hindsight that he couldn’t bring his phone with him when he was on a mission, so she deleted it again.

Cen Ningyang was lying on the bed, laughing at her behavior.

When there was something to be happy about, the first person she wanted to share it with was still her Yan Xingzhi.

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