Vast Dream

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 大梦
Release Schedule: Fri
Author: Yi Ren Kui Kui/伊人睽睽
Total Chapters: 158
Genres: Martial Arts Reincarnation Romance Xianxia



【Life is but a vast dream, within which only my senior brother and I exist】

【Who can use love, and make senior brother their own?】

The gentle and elegant, slightly enchanting senior brother vs his mischievous and willful little junior sister who causes trouble every day.

“Senior brother died when he was sixteen.”

“Senior brother is not my white moonlight, he is everyone’s white moonlight except for me.

“My Senior brother and I depended on each other. He was very talented in everything he did, while my talent was poor in every endeavor. However, before our sect was destroyed, my former master made him swear to protect me. Consequently, he had no choice but to learn both cultivation and swordsmanship, and taking me with him wherever he went.”

“I envied him, didn’t like him, and quarreled with him every day. Because everyone liked him, everyone treated me as his hanger-on. Female swordsmen and cultivators obsessed with him all detested me, who was always by his side.”

“I wanted to escape from my senior brother, to stay away from his world. After I left, I learned from others that all of those those who claimed to love my senior brother and treated me as his white moonlight wanted to kill my senior brother under the excuse that they had no other choice.”

“Sword light filled the sky, and my senior brother fought valiantly. How could I, the malicious woman whom everyone hated, let them have their way? I sneaked back, determined to save my senior martial brother.”

One-sentence Summary: My senior brother’s widely known favoritism towards me.

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