The Villain’s Great Whitewashing Methods

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 【快穿】反派洗白大法
Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 赋予
Total Chapters: 125
Genres: Quick Transmigration Romance Shounen Ai


Gayan was a villain, and his task was to serve as a whetstone for the male protagonist, helping the male protagonist become a suitable protagonist. However, all the male protagonists he met had their own problems. None of them had any ambition at all. Even after surpassing them, they remained indifferent. So Gayan changed his strategy. He diligently acted like a brother to the male lead, gaining his trust and affection, only to instantly betray him, stab him in the back, frame him, and more. He did all sorts of evil deeds to the male protagonist. As expected, the male protagonist became a very qualified protagonist with immense power. Gayan was satisfied; since the male protagonist couldn’t retaliate against him, having completed his villainous task, he could move on to the next world. Until…after completing all his tasks, the system said to him: [You need to go back to each previous world where you carried out tasks and survive for ten years, only then is the mission considered complete.] Gayan fell silent: [Say that again.] The system: [You need to go back to all the previous worlds where you had tasks and survive for ten years.] Gayan: [&#¥#¥#!]



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