100 Reasons to Kill My Husband

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 杀死老公的一百个理由
Release Schedule: Sun,Sporadically
Author: 星期三 Wednesday
Total Chapters: 29 Chapters + 1 Extra
Genres: Comedy Drama Josei Modern Romance


“My husband’s duplicity is nauseating so I decided to put rat’s poison in his dinner tonight.”

Author’s Note:
The temperaments of both the male and female lead are extremely strange.
The female lead usually calls the male lead a bitch and the male lead’s mouth is usually very peerlessly poisonous.
Reminder: Please treat this as a brainless story.

Translator’s slightly spoilerish note:

The couple in this novel is the bickering type. Male Lead has a very harsh mouth which might turn you off so I suggest reading 5 chapters before truly making up your mind whether to continue or not. Tension builds up quite a lot for a few chapters and can get dramatic but in the end, misunderstandings will be resolved easily as this is a short story.










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