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  • I Was a Man Before the Reincarnation, I’d Like to Refuse Reverse Harem!


    Translation Status: Dropped

    Raw Title & Source: 転生前は男だったので逆ハーレムはお断りしております
    Release Schedule: Sun,Sporadically
    Author: 森下りんご
    Total Chapters: 173 Chapters (Ongoing)
    Genres: Adventure Comedy Gender Bender Reincarnation Reverse Harem Shoujo Ai Shounen Ai


    ―――When I reincarnated, I was a beautiful girl, so I was convinced that I was destined to be a winner in life. 

    The soul of a young man, who lost his life in a shipwreck by putting his best friend’s life before his own, was reborn in a different world as Sophie Liniere, a baron’s daughter. 

    When she was six years old, Sophie recalled her memories of her previous life and made up her mind. 

    “I was born as a pretty girl and a winner in life! Alright, as a baron’s daughter, I’ll be a perfect and lovely lady!”

    TL note: Please support the author by buying the lightnovel. Paperback and epub of Vol 1 and 2 are available on amazon. You can search it by typing the raw name in google.

    Michiko [Translator]

    If you enjoy reading, please consider buying the light novel to support the author. You can also support me via kofi. I will release an extra chapter for every 3 kofi I received. Enjoy reading.
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