Flight To You


Translation Status: Hiatus

Raw Title & Source: 云过天空你过心
Release Schedule: Sat
Author: 沐清雨 Mu Qingyu
Total Chapters: 69
Genres: Fantasy Modern Romance Sci-fi Slice of Life


During one of Gu Nanting’s flying missions, when he was looking for gaps to pass through the cumulonimbus clouds, there was an unexpected time warp. He went back to the year when he first met Cheng Xiao.

She’s still the way he remembers her: sharp, indifferent, arrogant, and steeped in evil. Especially her perseverance in becoming an outstanding female plane captain, which only ever increased, never decreasing.

To Gu Nanting’s love confession, Cheng Xiao completely refused.
Gu Nanting asked: “How long will you test me for?”
Cheng Xiao said frankly: “I don’t plan to date before becoming plane captain.”
So that night, originally being grounded, she received a reinstatement notice.
Cheng Xiao didn’t understand: “What do you mean?”
It was clearly the peak shipping season and the company had insufficient transportation
capacity. But Gu Nanting deliberately said: “Creating conditions for you to fly, so you
complete all your flight hours, and become plane captain!”

Flying is her ultimate dream, and Gu Nanting is the airport that supports her.
From daybreak, I will personally take you on a journey. The sky is our home, on the other side of the clouds. 3,000 feet, and for every inch traveled, impressions will be made.

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