If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 48.2: Moonlight

When Cen Ning and the others walked into Xin Zechuan’s house, the game was raging inside. Of the electric mahjong tablets were currently reshuffling the pieces, and the other table was already in the late stages.

Cen Ning saw Yan Xingzhi who was sitting with his back to the door. He put one hand on the side of his face and held a mahjong piece in the other hand. He was reclining slightly sideways, looking lazy and dignified.

“How is it? Who won?” Tang Zheng stepped forward and asked with a smile.

Xin Zechuan shook his head: “What do you think, Tang Zheng, hurry up and let this man rest for a while, or I’m going to lose the hell out of here.”

The person Xin Zechuan accused was Yan Xingzhi, and the latter smiled faintly when he heard what he said: “Zechuan, since you wanted to come, you have to be able to afford to lose.”


Tang Zheng patted Xin Zechuan on the shoulder: “Sorry! But it’s okay! I brought someone to help you.”

Xin Zechuan: “Huh?”

Tang Zheng waved back: “Cen Ning, come here, come here, and watch your Xingzhi Gege play mahjong.”

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When Cen Ning was a freshman in college, she went out to play a bit with the people from the photography club. She learned a little there, but she was not good at it.


“A little bit.”

“That’s okay.” Yan Xingzhi stood up suddenly, “You sit here, and I’ll sit next to you.”

Cen Ning paused, and said in a panic, “I’m actually not very good at it.”

“It’s okay.”

The person on the opposite side smiled and said, “Cen Ning, it’s okay if you lose. Brother Yan has a strong enough family background to let you lose.”

“Hahaha that’s it.”

Cen Ning’s ears turned red from being teased, but under the watchful eyes of Yan Xingzhi, she had to sit in the main seat. After she sat down, she said with a sad face, “I’m really not good at it.”

Yan Xingzhi was indulgent: “Do whatever you want.”

Cen Ning tried her hardest despite Yan Xingzhi letting her do whatever she wanted, but the result of her earnest playing was the same as if she were to do whatever she wanted.

She was not very good at it, and the chips that were won by Yan Xingzhi were completely lost with her moves.

The other three started to smile ever since she sat down. Cen Ning was going to die of awkwardness, but Yan Xingzhi was the same as the other three, with smiles in his eyes.

After losing another game, Cen Ning turned to Yan Xingzhi, and unconsciously whined in a coquettish tone: “I can’t win, I won’t play anymore…”


Yan Xingzhi’s gaze fixed on her face for a while, and comforted: “Who said you can’t win, it was all because of bad luck just now.”

Tang Zheng, who was watching from the sidelines: ‘Oh, you are so polite!’

Cen Ning: “Really?”

“Yes, one more game, you will definitely win.”

Cen Ning had no choice but to start another round with her friends.

Who knows if it was because Yan Xingzhi’s mouth was lucky; Cen Ning’s game was surprisingly smooth. She got all the tiles she wanted. In the end, the previous winner, Xin Zechuan, dropped a tile, she grabbed it, and she won!

Cen Ning blinked her eyes in disbelief.

“I won?!”

She turned to Yan Xingzhi, pulled his sleeve and squealed excitedly: “I won!!”

Looking at her radiant face, Yan Xingzhi was very refreshed: “Mhm, I said that you can win, you just didn’t have good tiles before.”

Cen Ning got up: “Then you continue, if the tiles are not good the next game, this win will become nothing.”

Yan Xingzhi also stood up, but did not move into the main seat. Instead he pushed Tang Zheng to sit on the seat: “No more playing, let’s go home.”


Cen Ning: “Huh?”

“Let’s go.”

Walking towards the door, Cen Ning waved Zhang Ziyi, who was playing at another table, and followed him out.

After the two left, the person at the mahjong table complained: “Zechuan, look at what you did to your good hand of tiles. You kept letting Cen Ning get the good tiles, and finally let her win! You luck is terrible.”

Xin Zechuan pressed the shuffle button on the table. And replied slowly: “Yo, you guys don’t really think it’s such a coincidence, do you? The tiles I lost all happened to be the ones Cen Ning needed.”

The others paused: “What do you mean?”

Xin Zechuan shook his head and dramatically sighed: “It’s the young master of the Yan family sitting next to me who oppressively hinted at the tiles I should drop. He threatened me that if I didn’t, I would regret it. I didn’t dare refuse to listen.”

“What? You mean Brother Yan? He actually cheated!”


“Come on, for his baby, he doesn’t even believe in humanity.”

“Wow, Brother Yan is not human…”

On the other side, Cen Ning, who knew of nothing, was still rejoicing at her victory in the last round.


She was in a good mood, and even walking in this winter snowy night was much more pleasing to her than usual. She walked side by side with Yan Xingzhi, reaching out to catch the thin snowflakes. Today’s snowfall was not heavy, it fell into her palm and melted quickly.

She was too focused on playing with the snow, when her feet suddenly slipped on the ground. She almost fell and landed backwards, but fortunately, Yan Xingzhi grabbed her arm and supported her in time.

“Pay attention to the road.” Yan Xingzhi frowned.

Cen Ning stood firm and obediently let out an oh.

Just as she was about to move forward, a hand suddenly stretched out in front of her.

Cen Ning raised her eyes, only to see Yan Xingzhi who was half helpless and half amused say “You can’t even walk steadily, hold my hand.”

The fluttering snowflakes seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, falling bit by bit on their hair and shoulders… There seemed to be countless strands of memory in the making, turning into an unstoppable sense of tenderness.

Cen Ning put her hand into his palm, and in an instant, warmth came over her, as if she was instantly in an extremely secure situation.

After a moment, he held onto her hand tightly and led her forward.



“No gloves?”

“Yes, yes I do have gloves.”

“Then why don’t you wear it, your hands are very cold.”

“Oh… I forgot.”

“Don’t forget next time.”


She wouldn’t forget to bring her gloves next time, but this time, she was very glad that she forgot.

Because on such a cold winter night, with him walking home with her like this, and it was a million times warmer than just wearing gloves.

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