If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 40.1: Favour

Cen Ning listened, and obediently didn’t go in. However she didn’t leave, she stood outside the room and waited.

He had a medic with him, so he must be fine.

She… could only believe that he was okay.

Da Bei and the others were not only frightened by Yan Xingzhi’s party, but also frightened by Cen Ning. Cen Ning, who was standing at the door of the room, was nothing like the Cen Ning they knew.

“Da Bei, you say… Does Ningning know that person?”


Da Bei scratched his head: “No? I haven’t seen them talking.”

Xi Xi: “But I feel like she knows him. Now that I think about it, that man took special care of Ningning before.”

Da Bei: “Cen Ning knows these kinds of people…”

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Uld Lkdt ayd vs vbl pkel sq vbl nya: “Uyd R ts okvb usw yzz?”

Standing beside the car was Lao Liu. Hearing this, he glanced towards Tang Zheng in the driver’s seat.


The external danger has been eliminated, and the mission had been successfully completed. Tang Zheng thought that maybe Yan Xingzhi would like Cen Ning by his side at this time, so he nodded on his own accord.

“Little girl, get in the car.”

Cen Ning was overjoyed: “Mhm!”

The two off-road vehicles drove away in tandem, and the remaining soldiers would stay behind to deal with the aftermath.

This was the way back to Lhasa.

When she came, she was in high spirits, and her eyes were full of only this clean and empty world. But when she left, she was no longer interested in admiring the scenery along the way. Her eyes could only focus on Yan Xingzhi resting his head on her lap.

Yan Xingzhi’s anesthetic had not worn out yet, and he was still unconscious. Cen Ning reached out and stroked his face, still trembling slightly.

She had known the dangers of his work from Aunt Chen and Grandpa Yan before, but it was one thing to hear and another to see. It turned out that the truth was so scary.

“Little girl, it will be fine, don’t worry.” Tang Zheng glanced at the rear mirror and comforted her.


Tang Zheng himself was very anxious, but he didn’t dare to show too much fear, afraid that he would frighten the little girl even more. Thus he could only pretend to be relaxed and continued, “We used to get hurt often, Brother Yan can definitely change danger into safety.” 

Cen Ning: “Does he often get hurt so badly?”


Tang Zheng paused for a moment, and almost patted his head. Really, he opened the pot that shouldn’t be opened. (TLN: Breaching a tender spot)

“Actually, not really, you see… Brother Yan is so strong, he can’t be injured by anyone so easily. If it wasn’t to save a team member this time, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

The car steadily traveled for more than an hour, and the sky gradually darkened.

Everything went smoothly until the vehicle following behind their car thumped.

The glass was broken!

“Hiss…Tang Zheng! There’s an ambush!” Tang Zheng’s walkie-talkie on the side sent out the voices of the team members behind.

Tang Zheng’s eyes gleamed: “F*ck.”

Thump thump!

There were several more shots, and one of them hit the body of Tang Zheng’s car. The other party used a sniper, but fortunately, their skill was not high, and it was not so accurate.

Tang Zheng gritted his teeth: “What is this situation, where did the ambush come from!”

On the other end of the walkie-talkie: “I suspect they are the remnants from Nepal who came to contact the document. Their plan was destroyed, and they probably couldn’t accept it.”

Tang Zheng: “F*ck, wasn’t it all resolved? There are more people?!”


“We miscalculated this time, but the documents and prisoners are all under guard, so there will be no problem with that.”

Tang Zheng: “They came to ambush us, it’s obvious their target is no longer the document.”

“Tang Zheng, take Brother Yan to go first! We’ll deal with the aftermath!”

There was an injured person in the car, Tang Zheng did not hesitate for a moment, and trusted the person behind him wholeheartedly: “Be careful!”

After speaking, the car turned and quickly circled into the valley.

The sound of gunshots came from behind quickly, the road was bumpy, Cen Ning hugged Yan Xingzhi tightly, and her bloodless face became even paler.


Very afraid.

That was the sound of gunshots… it was something she had never heard in reality. This was the line of life and death, only at this moment.

But no matter how scared she was, she didn’t make any sound. All she knew at the moment was that Yan Xingzhi was still unconscious, and she must remain calm and sober.

Tang Zheng sent out a SOS signal while driving, but when he put down the walkie-talkie, the car suddenly lost its balance.

The rear tire was shot and blew out!


Tang Zheng desperately maneuvered the steering wheel and parked the car in a small depression at the foot of the mountain dangerously.

“Cen Ning! Bow your head! Don’t get out of the car yet!”

The wind was blowing viciously, and there seemed to be a sound slowly approaching.

Tang Zheng and the military doctor took out their guns and got out of the car.

“Tang Zheng, it seems that they are here for Brother Yan.”

“I knew it earlier, Brother Yan killed their commander, and that group of people is probably here to take revenge.” Tang Zheng gritted his teeth and sneered, “But they don’t look at who is there, I’m not so f*cking easy to mess with!”

One second, two seconds, time seemed to be slowed down infinitely, Cen Ning held Yan Xingzhi with her head down, her back was completely soaked in sweat.

“Lao Liu, attack from both sides to make sure they can’t get through!”


The sparse voices and the thumping sounded again.

But the enemy was shot to death by Tang Zheng’s gun and could not get any closer.

“Mhm…” The man in her arms trembled and slowly opened his eyes.

Cen Ning paused for a moment, then raised her eyes to look into his quiet eyes, tears almost pouring out.

“Cen Ning?”

“Don’t, don’t talk.”

There was only a faint light left outside. Tang Zheng and Lao Liu had some difficulty, but in order to hold on and wait for reinforcements, they were determined to pull through.

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