If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 44.2: Moonlight


Did he see?

Cen Ning rubbed her hair in dismay. She was so stupid, wearing pink panties with cartoon characters… Stupid.

Cen Ning hid in her room for a long time and did not come out. Yan Xingzhi went to take a shower and sat in the living room for a while, but still did not see any movement from the person inside.

Finally, with a smile on his lips, he walked to her door and knocked on it.


“Are you asleep?”

It was still so early, so naturally, she couldn’t be sleeping.

Cen Ning’s dull voice came from the room. “No…”

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“Your computer and camera are outside. What are you doing inside alone?”


Cen Ning blinked. “Playing on my phone.”

“Come out here to play.”


“Come on.” Yan Xingzhi took a step back.

Cen Ning gave an “oh”, and unwillingly opened the door and walked out. After walking a few steps, she suddenly heard Yan Xingzhi ask, “Is this scar removal cream yours?”

Cen Ning turned back and saw the cream Xixi gave her lying in Yan Xingzhi’s hands.

“Were you applying cream just now?”

Cen Ning’s eyes twitched slightly. “Yes, yes.”

“Oh. The injuries are all on your back. How did you apply it by yourself?”

Cen Ning turned her head and murmured embarrassedly, “Just, looking at the mirror, but the mirror in the bathroom was inconvenient, so I wanted to go back to the room and apply again, but…”

But she didn’t expect him to come back so suddenly.

Cen Ning thought of this and complained. “Didn’t you say you were coming back very late?”


Yan Xingzhi: “It ended early, and they went to play. I came back first since my injury makes it inconvenient to move around a lot.”


Sure enough, when a man proposes, God disposes.

“Come here, sit down.” Yan Xingzhi pointed to the sofa and then motioned for Cen Ning to sit beside him.

Cen Ning sat down obediently.

Yan Xingzhi: “Turn around and turn your back to me.”

Cen Ning was surprised for a moment. “Why?”

“I’ll help you apply the cream.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cen Ning stood up from the sofa immediately, stuttering. “N-no, no, really, I can do it myself!”

“Why, do you think I’m taking advantage of you?” Yan Xingzhi lifted his eyes, and his expression concealed ridicule and hurt that Cen Ning did not trust him.

Cen Ning felt guilty about his expression and hurriedly shook her head. “No…”

“Then what is it?”


Cen Ning whispered, “I’m shy.”

“Then why were you not shy when you were applying medicine for me?” Yan Xingzhi asked seriously.

Cen Ning hesitated. Oh…

While she was in a daze, she was pulled by Yan Xingzhi and sat down again. As soon as her butt touched the sofa, she woke up from her daze. Wait, no, this was different!

“Xingzhi Gege-“

“I’m sorry.”

Cen Ning paused.

“If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have these injuries. It’s always a pity for girls to have such scars.” Yan Xingzhi’s voice was low, revealing a bleak tone.

Cen Ning pursed her lips, and when she spoke again, she subconsciously spoke in a comforting tone. “There will be no scars later. Even if… even if there are scars, it doesn’t matter. Isn’t this a symbol of my battles?”

Yan Xingzhi chuckled lightly. “What symbol of battle do you want?”

Cen Ning: “It’s not a big impact anyway, no one can see the scar since it’s on my back.”

“That’s right too.” Yan Xingzhi reached out his hand and pulled her collar down slightly. “But I’ll feel guilty looking at it.”


A scar of about three centimetres was exposed under the slender and pale neck, which was especially dazzling in Yan Xingzhi’s eyes.

Cen Ning was shocked by his words as if her ears were on fire. He would feel guilty when he looked at it…

Didn’t that mean he would actually look at it?

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