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  • If The Moon Won’t Hold You

    Chapter 4: First Meeting

    There were scattered whispers everywhere, Cen Ning felt a little nervous, but she was not afraid, staying beside Yan Xingzhi gave her an inexplicable sense of security.

    And he just… protected her.

    Cen Ning had too little experience of being protected like this. She had no friends before, her father often traveled faraway to take photos, and her only mother at home was always very strict with her.

    She lacked so much warmth that once she felt a bit of tenderness, she would think that person treated her very, very well.

    She turned her head to look at Yan Xingzhi calmly, he was looking straight ahead, his exquisite looks still showed an extremely cold and collected composure. But right now as she was looking at him, she felt that he was not scary at all.

    More than ten minutes later, Xue Xiaoxiao held onto something and returned it reluctantly.

    “Here.” Xue Xiaoxiao said with a cold face, throwing the camera into Cen Ning’s lap, “I’ve returned it to you, is that enough?”

    The words were spoken to Cen Ning, but she gazed at Yan Xingzhi, looking half wronged and half trying to win back his favor.

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    Dwl Dkysmkys: “R—”

    “That’s enough, Xiaoxiao.” At this moment, a sixteen to seventeen-year-old girl next to her stood up and walked over, “Stop causing trouble, it was originally your fault, apologize.”

    A shallow and faint voice, neither harsh nor gentle, there was an inexplicable cold and arrogant feeling. Cen Ning raised her eyes and saw a young girl in a short skirt approaching. She was very beautiful, much more beautiful than Xue Xiaoxiao.

    An oval face, big eyes, fair skin that was whiter than snow.

    This was a girl who could make her feel extremely inferior just with a glance.

    “You all…hmph!” Apologizing was absolutely impossible for Xue Xiaoxiao. Under all sorts of embarrassments, she turned her head and ran away angrily.

    Meng Peiyan glanced at her helplessly, then turned back to Yan Xingzhi: “She has a temper, don’t be angry.”

    Yan Xingzhi stood up, saying without any expression: “I won’t go as far as to get angry at a child.”

    Saying this, he picked up the jacket next to him and walked forward.

    Tang Zheng, who had just been watching with excitement, got up hurriedly when he saw this: “Brother Yan! You’re not playing anymore?”

    “No.” After walking a few steps, Yan Xingzhi suddenly turned around, “Cen Ning.”

    Cen Ning, who was named, looked dazed.

    Yan Xingzhi frowned: “What are you doing sitting there, let’s go home.”

    Go home?

    It was not her home, but he told her to go home.

    Cen Ning went ‘oh’, and hurriedly followed behind him with the camera in her arms. For some reason, she suddenly felt very happy at this moment.

    She thought about it later, it was probably because she felt a sense of belonging.


    One big and one small figure, one walking in front, the other behind.

    Cen Ning couldn’t really keep up with him using her usual pace, so she had to trot ahead two steps from time to time.


    There was a timid voice behind him, Yan Xingzhi stopped in his steps, and looked back at her: “Is the camera okay?”

    Cen Ning was taken aback and nodded quickly.

    Yan Xingzhi: “That’s good.”

    Cen Ning went ‘yes’ sullenly, and then looked like she had built a lot of courage to say this: “She said you don’t wish that, I’m at your house, is it, is it true, am I causing you trouble?”

    Yan Xingzhi looked down at her slightly, and did not speak for a while.

    Actually, it was true that he didn’t like having things arranged for him. When he first saw her, the absurdity he felt in his heart was also true. However, this was not enough to bother him, because he also knew that he still had control over such matters. What fiancée? It was just a verbal promise between two elders, no one could really force him to go through with it in the future.

    So, her living in his house was just a trivial existence for him, saying that she was a trouble for him was too much. And Xue Xiaoxiao’s group of brats had gone too far. The little girl in front of her was actually very innocent, even quite pitiful.

    He didn’t like others pointing fingers at his matters, so he lost his temper at Xue Xiaoxiao’s group today.


    “Really?” Cen Ning’s eyes lit up.

    “Yes.” Yan Xingzhi continued to walk forward, “Don’t hang out too much with Xue Xiaoxiao and the others in the future. They are used to being spoiled, you won’t be able to bear their troubles.”

    Cen Ning: “…I didn’t, hang out with them.”


    The two quickly walked back home, Yan Xingzhi walked upstairs directly after entering the house. Cen Ning looked at his back: “Yan, Yan…”

    Yan Xingzhi turned his head: “Why, still want to say thank you?”

    Cen Ning pursed her lips, she indeed was going to.

    “I am not specifically helping you, I just don’t like that group of children making such a commotion, so you don’t need to say thank you.” Yan Xingzhi said lightly.

    Cen Ning blinked and nodded obediently.

    Looking at her serious expression, Yan Xingzhi wanted to laugh again, she nodded her head at everything, this kid was too obedient.

    “Cen Ning, have you ever said my name fully?” On the stairs, Yan Xingzhi asked.

    Cen Ning did not expect him to say this suddenly, so she could only stare at him blankly, letting her face flush red.

    Yan Xingzhi.

    The name went around the tip of her tongue so many times, but she really didn’t seem to be able to call it out, it would get stuck every time she opened her mouth.

    “I can……”

    “But it’s true that it’s impolite for a child like you to call me by name directly,” Yan Xingzhi leaned halfway against the handrail, and seemed to think about it seriously, “Follow that group of kids and call me brother then.”


    Yan Xingzhi said coldly: “Or do you think you can call my name directly.”

    Cen Ning hurriedly shook his head.

    “Then call me Gege2Gege means brother, I’ve decided to use Gege here because it’s cuter to see our FL say Gege instead of brother, it’s pronounced as: give + her without rolling the tongue .”


    “Try saying it once.”

    Cen Ning’s heart suddenly thumped hard, they stared a each other, she could see his eyes shining under the light, for a moment, there seemed to be a sea of ​​stars.

    Lowering her head, Cen Ning mustered up her courage and called out ‘Gege’ very softly.

    Whispering so gently, it made Yan Xingzhi’s normally ice-cold face carry some amusement.

    “Go back then, you should go to school tomorrow.”


    Cen Ning turned to the direction of the small building under his signal, looking at her thin and small back, Yan Xingzhi curled his lips slightly.

    So easy to bully, it’s no wonder that the group of children would put her on the chopping block.


    Today was her first day at her new school. Cen Ning got up very early and sat at the table for breakfast.

    “Ningning, it’s your first day at school, take the car with Xingzhi and let him take you to class.” Xu Wanying, Yan Xingzhi’s mother, sat opposite her and said kindly.

    Cen Ning: “Uncle Gao said, he’ll take me to school.”

    “How can Old Gao be familiar with the school compared to Xingzhi? He has been studying there for five years, it will be nice to let him take you in.”

    The school that Cen Ning would attend was one of the best in the capital, most of the students at this school more or less had a good family background.

    As for what Xu Wanying said about him studying there for five years, this was because the school combined both middle and high schools, but the middle and high schools were located in the north and south campuses, separated by a stone bridge.

    Cen Ning didn’t dare to say no to Xu Wanying, so she agreed in a small voice.

    Xu Wanying: “Then you can go with him later, it’s still early, there’s no rush.”

    Cen Ning nodded and continued to eat breakfast.

    After eating breakfast, Cen Ning sat in the living room for a while, but time slowly ticked by, and she still didn’t see Yan Xingzhi come out of his room. She didn’t want to be late for class on the first day, but she was embarrassed to rush him.

    “Oh, why hasn’t Xingzhi come down yet.” At this time, Aunt Chen said as she cleared up the dishes and chopsticks, “Ningning, go upstairs and call him, this child is sleeping in again.”

    Cen Ning’s eyes opened slightly, “I…I.”

    Aunt Chen smiled and said, “It’s okay. I usually wake him up. He often sleeps in when the Old Master is away.”

    Cen Ning stood up straight, getting off the sofa and asked in disbelief, “I, do I go upstairs?”

    “Please call him for auntie. Auntie will wash the dishes first.” With that, Aunt Chen hurriedly went into the kitchen.

    Cen Ning was silent, and glanced upstairs: “…oh.”

    A minute later, Cen Ning stood at the door of the room where Yan Xingzhi was in. She knocked on the door, but there was no response inside.

    So she kept a straight face and turned the doorknob cautiously.

    She pushed open the door to leave a crack, and through the crack, she saw a spacious room, but the curtains were tightly drawn and no light penetrated in, so she couldn’t see the room clearly.

    “Yan…” Cen Ning pursed her lips, remembering that he wanted her to call him Gege yesterday, so she changed her words and whispered, “Xingzhi Gege.”

    A moment of silence.

    “Get, get up.”

    Still no one responded, Cen Ning looked at the bulge on the big bed and moved slowly over.

    “Gege…needs to, go to class.”

    Brush –

    The person on the bed suddenly turned over, and Cen Ning was startled, thinking he was awake. But after a while, she realized that this person was still closing his eyes and hadn’t woken up at all.

    The air-conditioning in the room was very low, but Cen Ning’s forehead started to sweat a little. She slowly stepped forward and stretched out her hand to pull his blanket: “It’s time to get up.”

    “Hm?” He finally reacted, but probably because he was still asleep, Yan Xingzhi’s voice was extremely deep, and it sounded especially hoarse.

    Cen Ning blushed immediately. She turned around and wanted to leave, but she gritted her teeth again when she remembered that she needed to attend class: “If you don’t get up, I will, will be late.”

    Yan Xingzhi’s mood was horrible at this moment as his deep sleep had been interrupted, so the moment he opened his eyes, his gaze was incredibly fierce. Thus, with his first glance, he saw the little girl standing on his bedside, gasping in fright.



    “Why are you here?” Because he had just woken up, Yan Xingzhi’s gaze was a little dazed.

    Cen Ning hurriedly said, “Auntie Chen asked me to call you up and to tell you to go to school.”

    He furrowed his eyebrows and glanced at the alarm clock, “Oh.”

    “Are, are you up?”

    Yan Xingzhi’s expression was still bad, but he lifted the blanket up and sat upright.


    Cen Ning shouted softly and turned around. Yan Xingzhi was startled by her, but after reacting, he realized that it was because he hadn’t worn any clothes on his upper body.

    He coughed, “You go out first, I’m up now.”

    Cen Ning did not say a word, moved to the door of the room hurriedly, but stopped when the door was about to close: “Gege, I will be downstairs, waiting for you.”

    His motion of putting on his clothes was halted.


    She was quite obedient, she remembered after he told her to.

    But, why was she waiting for him?

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