Refusing to Please, She Becomes a Money-Spending Sensation

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Raw Title & Source: 拒刷好感后作精花钱爆红
Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 芝奈
Total Chapters: 52
Genres: Romance Transmigration


Cheng Zhaozhao found herself transmigrated into a supporting role in a novel set in the entertainment industry. According to the plot, she would lose a 100 billion inheritance and face the disdain of the male god, becoming the target of mockery across the internet.

The Licking Dog System reassured her, saying, “Don’t worry, as long as you’re willing to be a lickspittle, showering the audience and the male god with flattery, increasing your popularity and the male god’s favor, you can avoid this outcome.”

And so…

She participated in a romantic reality show with the male god, but none of the male contestants were willing to cook for Cheng Zhaozhao.

The system advised her, “The male god likes innocent and helpless types. Show your pitiful side, host!”

Unexpectedly, Cheng Zhaozhao waved her hand and hired several handsome waiters at a rate of 10,000 per hour. These waiters were well-versed in various international cuisines and treated Cheng Zhaozhao like a princess.

Rather than waiting to lose her inheritance, she decided to spend it all.

She enjoyed the juice served by the handsome waiters and savored the delicious meals they prepared, smirking at the camera. “Men? Ha.”

The male god’s reaction: ???

The netizens, who had been eagerly waiting to ridicule her, exclaimed, “With such wealth, who needs a man!”

She appeared on a lifestyle variety show.

The system advised her, “The audience loves girls who face difficulties with optimism and a positive attitude. Quickly create a story to shape your character, host!”

While other contestants tearfully shared their hardships on camera, Cheng Zhaozhao spent six million to decorate her room, maintained a disciplined sleep schedule, and led a refined and peaceful life.

Haters criticized Cheng Zhaozhao, saying she was wasting so much money.

In response, Cheng Zhaozhao released a video sharing her furniture collection, sparking a trend for a refined lifestyle across the internet.

One hater asked, “Is there a cheaper alternative for this multifunctional ergonomic chair that Cheng Zhaozhao recommended?”

The Licking Dog System sighed, saying, “I wish I could experience it too.”

She visited impoverished children in the mountains, and the system required Cheng Zhaozhao to display her sunny and kind side. However, she first complained about the dilapidated classrooms in the area and then donated ten million yuan.

Cheng Zhaozhao repeatedly disregarded the system’s instructions, leaving the system feeling helpless, “There’s no chance for that achievement anymore.”

Later, as the system observed Cheng Zhaozhao’s skyrocketing popularity and the male god’s overwhelming favor, it fell into silence.

One fan exclaimed, “Cheng Zhaozhao made me realize that money is more important than men. So, I dumped my scumbag boyfriend and started my own business. Now I’m thriving in my career.”

Another fan shared, “Since I started shopping with Cheng Zhaozhao, I choose affordable alternatives when I can’t afford something. Now, my mom and aunt praise me every day for my smart shopping decisions.”

Yet another fan said, “After seeing Cheng Zhaozhao’s donations, I started supporting a poor student myself. I just received a call informing me that he got accepted into a prestigious university. His dream is to become a teacher, and it brought tears to my eyes, even as a grown man.”

Millions of netizens marveled, “Who is this treasure of a girl, Cheng Zhaozhao? She’s an idol of positive energy!”


In the upper-class circles of Beicheng, everyone knew that Lord Jiang disliked women who acted coquettishly, especially when they begged for his attention.

Once, there was a prominent socialite who had been rejected by him. However, she showed extraordinary determination by tracking down his address and delivering breakfast to him, creating a coincidental encounter.

At a later social gathering, that socialite appeared and shyly asked him to open a bottle for her.


Unable to tolerate the harassment, he lost his temper in front of everyone for the first time, saying, “Don’t you have hands? I can’t stand women who act helpless.”

From then on, that socialite became a laughing stock in the circle.

At another event in the future…

As the gathering was about to end, Cheng Zhaozhao walked up to him in front of everyone and said, “Jiang Ting, I can’t carry my bag.”

People stifled their laughter, anticipating Cheng Zhaozhao’s embarrassment.

To everyone’s surprise, Jiang Ting responded readily, “Give me the bag. Are you tired from wearing high heels? Should I carry you out later?”

Others: ???

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