Husband Revolts After Wedding

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Raw Title & Source: 冲喜后夫君造反了
Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: Tang Shi 糖十
Total Chapters: 57
Genres: Drama Fluff Historical Romance


Shen Hanxing enlisted in the military at the age of seventeen, suppressing the chaos of the sixteen states and expanding the territory of Dongning with unparalleled success. However, a nefarious conspiracy unfolded, leading to the crippling of both his legs and the infliction of a mysterious poison upon him. His elder brother fell off a cliff, his fate unknown. 

Rumors spread that Shen Hanxing became cold-blooded1describes someone who is emotionally cold, indifferent, or lacks empathy, bloodthirsty, and brutal. Everyone avoided him as much as possible.

The emperor chose a wife for him, and the illegitimate daughter2In these times, a man could have one primary or official wife [正妻 or 嫡妻], and multiple concubines or secondary wives [姬妾]. The children of the primary wife were considered legitimate [嫡出] while the children of the concubines were termed illegitimate [庶出]. Lin Xingxue’s mother was a concubine, so she was considered an illegitimate daughter. of the Lin family, Lin Xingxue, was deemed compatible with Shen Hanxing based on their astrological signs3The Eight Characters in Chinese astrology was used to determine marriage compatibility. When a husband and wife’s Eight Characters are in harmony, it signifies a state of peace and unity, where the energies of yin and yang come together naturally. When there is a clash between the Chinese zodiac signs of a couple (e.g., rat and rabbit), their marriage may not be successful.. With an imperial decree, Lin Xingxue married into the residence of Jinning Hou4Jinning Hou is Shen Hanxing’s noble title. Hou is the second rank among the five noble ranks in the ancient Chinese feudal system. In the context of European medieval history, the “Hou” rank corresponds to the noble rank of Marquis. as a celebratory event during illness5This is a superstitious belief that when a person is seriously ill, organizing a celebratory event or carrying out auspicious activities can help drive away evil spirits and lead to an improvement in the patient’s health..

On the day of the grand wedding, he sat in a wheelchair, looking towards the young girl with an indifferent expression.

Lin Xingxue suppressed her fear, held onto his hand, wrote the characters for “husband” on his palm, and silently said his name with her lips. 

The skin on her fingertips trembled faintly as she, both frightened and determined, moved closer to him. Her pair of eyes were pure and clear.

Afterwards, the imperial physician asserted that he had at most one year left to live. Lin Xingxue waited until there was no one around before daring to cry. 

Shen Hanxing listened outside the room for a while before finally pushing the door open. The young girl’s eyes were swollen from crying, and she didn’t dare let him see. 

He took a handkerchief and gently wiped away the tears on her face, casually asking, “You don’t want me to die?”

“But if I live, you’ll have to stay by my side for the rest of your life. Are you willing?”

“Willing!” The girl’s voice was firm, without a hint of hesitation.

Shen Hanxing chuckled lightly. Perhaps he believed it, perhaps he didn’t.

Later, he indeed fulfilled his words from that day. They became inseparable, sharing their lives together until death did them apart.

He seized control of the world, transferring the power from the ruler. Holding her hand with determination, together they ascended to the highest position, causing everyone to bow before them. For the rest of their lives, no one dared to disrespect or mistreat her again; just as he had vowed to protect her for a lifetime.

Friendly Reminders:

  1. This text involves a lot of fictional settings. There are many creative interpretations.
  2. 1V16monogamous couple, SC7both are each other’s first, double first love8both are experiencing their first romantic relationship.
  3. The female lead is mute in the early stages of the novel but it will improve later on, and the male lead’s leg injury will also be healed.

One-sentence summary: In the darkness, he embraced Xingxue.

Moral: Even in the darkest times, there will be a glimmer of light ahead for you.

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