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  • A Love Sparked by a Pair of Underwear


    Translation Status: Completed

    Raw Title & Source: 一条内裤引发的爱情
    Release Schedule: Sporadically
    Author: 魔王桑桑
    Total Chapters: 47+ 3 extras
    Genres: Comedy Fluff Romance School Life

    I was posted on the confession wall, saying that I was a female pervert who had stolen underwear from the men’s locker room.1a confession wall is a student-run page where university students can send in confessions/other letters for it to be posted anonymously onto the page

    The specific content is shown in the screenshot below:

    [R University Confession Wall

    Wall, I want to post about someone.

    Today at the swimming hall, there was a female pervert who was stealing underwear in the men’s locker room.

    The female pervert was around 160cm, she was wearing a white bucket hat and a light green jacket, I couldn’t see her face clearly. We thought she had entered the wrong locker room, but later on a classmate discovered that his underwear had disappeared. Here I want to alert all fellow males, remember to lock your locker when you go swimming, and protect your underwear as well.]

    Being the perverted woman in the post, I have since destroyed the white bucket hat and light green jacket overnight.


    [Translator’s Note: This is a short and sweet story written on Zhihu (a forum website that also features stories, normally short stories). Please enjoy the ride!]







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