InterStellar Dad

Chapter 55: Rescue

From the cruise ship’s perspective, this kind of private spacecraft was like a mouse to an elephant.

As soon as the signal was received, the garrison troops rushed over. However, the warp engine took several minutes to start, which didn’t showcase its legendary speed in this short-distance flight.

In the preparation cabin on the deck, Yan He lowered his eyes and stood silent, emitting a cold aura that made the nearby rescue team members unconsciously move away.

“Major Yan,” Colonel Liu, who led the team, said, “Don’t worry. Since Dr. Jiang could send a signal, it means she’s safe and sound, without any danger to her life.”

But just being safe and sound wasn’t enough. Yan He couldn’t accept even the slightest harm to Jiang Miao.


To Colonel Liu’s words, he didn’t want to respond in his heart, nor did he want to say thank you. He just nodded silently.

Suddenly, the communicator rang out: “Approaching target coordinates, rescue team, prepare for landing!”

Colonel Liu replied, “Rescue team ready, standing by!”

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The sleek exoskeletons they wore resembled the armor worn by ancient warriors, and the metallic soles of their shoes made a chilling sound as they stepped on the spacecraft’s floor. Everyone had a robust physique, except for the person at the front, whose abdomen was significantly protruding – a pregnant man.


However, none of the twenty burly men following closely behind were as impressive as the pregnant man infront of them.

Yan He seemed like he was rushing to kill.

And indeed, he was rushing to kill.

However, inside the spacecraft, they didn’t encounter any enemies. Although they knew that such a small spacecraft wouldn’t carry many people, it was still strange that they hadn’t seen a single soul since boarding.

“Major Yan, stay calm. Something’s not right here,” Colonel Liu said.

“It’s fine,” Yan He said, “I’m in the front.”

But at that moment, the internal communication in the spacecraft crackled to life, and a hoarse male voice said, “Keep going, turn right up ahead, we’re in the control room.”

Even though the voice was hoarse, Yan He recognized it instantly.

“It’s Dr. Tanaka,” he said.

Colonel Liu immediately asked loudly, “Dr. Tanaka?”

“It’s me. Don’t worry, we’re safe,” Dr. Tanaka’s voice was low and hoarse, carrying a charismatic sense of weariness, “The fight is over…”

The rescue team reached the control room and was surprised to see the kidnappers still unconscious outside the door.


Entering the control room, they found one person lying on the floor, while the two scientists they were tasked to rescue were unharmed.

The woman sat in the pilot’s seat with a calm gaze, while the man stood beside her with his hands in his pockets. Both of them were good-looking, with a tiredness evident in their features.

The woman was, of course, Dr. Jiang Miao, with a security level of S. She frowned slightly and said, “Thank you for your efforts.”

Her voice, like Dr. Tanaka’s, was hoarse, and the weariness between her brows was heart-wrenching.

Although Yan He saw her unharmed and finally relaxed, he dared not think about what Jiang Miao had experienced in just one hour to show such fatigue. Her hoarse voice only added to his distress!

He unsealed the face mask of his exosuit, revealing his face.

Despite Jiang Miao sporting a rainbow-colored punk hairstyle, it didn’t diminish her noble elegance. She glanced at the group of burly men and said lightly, “It’s nothing serious. Dr. Tanaka and I already dealt with… wait, wait, wait, why are you here?”

She can only be handsome (cool) for three seconds.

Seeing the face revealed after the mask was opened, Dr. Jiang jumped up from her chair and lunged at Yan He.

“You’re pregnant! How could you be on the front line?! Who’s your superior? How could this happen?! Aren’t pregnant men supposed to be on ground duty?!” Her voice rose three degrees.

Very good, very spirited.

Although a bit hoarse, her raised voice made Yan He completely relieved. The team members watched as the hostility emanating from him dissipated, and he softened completely.


“I applied myself,” he said, holding Jiang Miao’s shoulder, carefully examining her, “Are you okay? Did you get hurt?”

“No, no, I’m fine!” Jiang Miao’s hand touched Yan He’s abdomen. The tight-fitting exosuit pressed against his stomach, making it look like a pot lid.

“Tanaka!” Jiang Miao turned her head and called out, “Who designed this T55 lightweight exoarmor for pregnant individuals? Is it reliable in terms of impact resistance and shock absorption?”

Tanaka also walked over from the control panel, rubbing his chin as he recalled, “This should be the new model that was introduced last year, right? It should be Troni.”

“Oh, Troni…” Jiang Miao felt relieved and turned to Yan He, saying, “Troni is a very meticulous person; her design should be fine.”

With that, she lightly patted Yan He’s steel belly twice.

The rescue team members: “…”

Everyone turned their gaze to Yan He, who finally straightened up and asked, “What’s going on here?”

“Oh!” Jiang Miao finally remembered the main topic and immediately started boasting, “Tanaka and I took care of them all!”

The rescue team members fell silent.

Those sparkling eyes, that look of “praise me.” Was this the same punk who was sitting in the driver’s seat with noble elegance when they first entered?

“What’s the deal with these people?” Yan He asked.


The team members had already checked the pulse of the bunch of kidnappers at the door and reported back, “They’re still alive.”

“Ah, well…” Tanaka remembered and quickly said, “You’d better tie them up, or they might go crazy when they wake up…”

Yan He looked at Jiang Miao.

Jiang Miao said, “It’s a high-frequency sound explosion bomb, miniature, can’t kill. But… the cows we used for experiments before, when they woke up, they kept banging their heads against the wall like crazy, broke their horns…”

Her voice grew softer as she spoke, feeling something wasn’t right, and then she hurriedly raised her volume again, “But it won’t really kill anyone. We carefully controlled the intensity.”


Colonel Liu waved his hand, and the team members skillfully divided their tasks: some took over the spacecraft and contacted the battleship, some took out tools to restrain the kidnappers scattered on the ground, and some went to search the rest of the spacecraft.

Jiang Miao was still holding Yan He’s hand as she spoke, “Honestly, what were you thinking applying for this? Your belly is so big now, how could you do something so dangerous!”

Muttering complaints while feeling joyful inside, her words carried a hint of indulgence.

Colonel Liu suddenly got goosebumps for no apparent reason.

“Oh, and I have to tell you!” Dr. Jiang Miao, oblivious to how others perceived her, proudly exclaimed, “I took down a bunch of people all by myself!”

I’m so amazing, praise me already!

A hint of amusement twinkled in Yan He’s eyes.

“Yeah, very impressive,” he said, patting her head.

Dr. Jiang Tank Miao suddenly felt completely satisfied both physically and mentally, as if she had been pampered, almost wanting to tilt her chin up for Yan He to tickle her.

But Yan He suddenly changed the subject, “But next time, I hope you won’t take risks like this. When I got the news, I was so nervous I had contractions.”

“Oh, are you okay?” Jiang Miao suddenly felt nervous and regretful, then complained, “How did you get the news so quickly?”

Yan He wasn’t swayed by her distraction, gazing into her eyes he asked, “Can you promise me not to do this again in the future?”

Without hesitation, Jiang Miao nodded vigorously, “Yes! I won’t make you worry anymore!”

Tanaka Minami felt complicated emotions.

Wasn’t it agreed to make a dignified and intimidating appearance together to scare these soldiers a bit?

Wasn’t it agreed to let these physically strong guys understand that researchers are not weaklings to be bullied?

“Dr. Tanaka, Dr. Jiang Miao,” Colonel Liu had just communicated with a few team members searching the spacecraft via the intercom, then turned to ask, “Where is the businessman Joe Arthur who was kidnapped with you?”

Jiang Miao/Tanaka: “…”

It felt like we forgot something!!!

Learning that Joe had been thrown out of the spacecraft before it took off, Colonel Liu pressed something on his earpiece and then informed them, “A search team has been arranged.”

Yan He frowned and said, “Jiang Miao, Tanaka, how did Joe Arthur get involved in this kidnapping?”

The plan about Tanaka’s 4p situation had to be repeated.

“He’s actually a pretty good guy,” Jiang Miao felt ashamed for having a bad impression of him yesterday for no reason, “When I pretended to be weak and fell, he got worried and rushed over to protect me.”

“Yeah,” Tanaka chimed in, “Joe is quite courageous.”

However, Yan He remained indifferent, just giving a faint “Oh.”

Joe Arthur was soon found; he had been beaten up and thrown out of the spacecraft. The spacecraft was parked in a natural scenic area on Milan Star, with no one in sight for miles around.

While nursing his injuries, Joe complained, “I almost got eaten by a Coly Beast!”

Both Jiang Miao and Tanaka felt guilty towards him – the kidnappers’ target was them, and Joe was the unlucky one who got dragged into it. He had also shown bravery, which had angered the kidnappers, leading to him being thrown out and nearly dying at the hands of wild animals.

“Thank goodness you’re alive,” Jiang Miao comforted him.

“Let’s have a party when we get back to celebrate everyone being alive!” Tanaka reassured him.

“Sounds good!” With his wounds healed, Joe rubbed his neck and smiled.

As he glanced around, he caught Yan He staring at him, raising an eyebrow, “What’s up, Colonel?”

Yan He spoke up, asking, “Why didn’t they kill you?”

Jiang Miao/Tanaka: “…”

Is this a new way of comforting people?

Joe looked puzzled, “How should I know? You should ask them, I’m just a victim.”

“I did ask,” Yan He stared at him intently, “They’re from the Monteana System, a gang called the ‘Piranha’. Their style is brutal, and it’s rare for someone like you, who has encountered them and dealt with them, to still be alive.”

Tanaka and Jiang Miao exchanged looks, both seeing astonishment in each other’s eyes – even though the high-frequency sound explosion bomb was miniature, those people shouldn’t have woken up so quickly, right?

And when did Yan He go interrogate the prisoners? Wasn’t he with Jiang Miao the whole time?

“Major, even if you say so,” Joe smirked slightly, a hint of mischief in his smile, rubbing his neck, “I can’t give you an answer. You’ll have to ask them. If you can’t get an answer, maybe your interrogation methods aren’t strong enough, Major.”

Yan He’s gaze fell on Joe’s hand unconsciously rubbing his neck.

In reality, Joe’s left hand was rubbing the area near his left ear. This action obviously seemed like an unconscious habit formed over a long period. People who did such small movements might not even be aware of what they were doing.

In that instant, Jiang Miao keenly felt the change in Yan He’s demeanor.

From calm to a shocking wave, freezing instantly.

Later, Jiang Miao realized that the aura emanating from Yan He at that moment was the kind of murderous intent often found in novels.

But Jiang Miao, who had lived in peaceful and comfortable environments in both her past and present lives, was completely unaware of this terrifying aura at the time.

Among all the people in the medical room of the cruiser, Joe Arthur was the most sensitive to Yan He’s murderous intent.

His body was propelled off the treatment bed in a manner that defied the laws of physics.

Because in that instant, Yan He drew his gun –


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