You’re Fired!

Translation Status: Ongoing

Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 叶斐然
Total Chapters: 84 main chapters+ 3extras
Genres: Comedy Fluff Josei Modern Romance


Bai Duanduan fell in love at first sight with a man in the long queue outside the restaurant. He had bushy brows and a cold expressionless face. Even the slightest frown made him look like the most handsome god from the heaven. 

She decided to take the initiative, and when confronted with her request to exchange numbers, the other man gave a charming smile, and then –

The handsome man took Bai Duanduan’s number and swapped it with the number he had just taken, “Oh, yours is number 89, it’s coming up, so I’ll give you my number 250.”


The other party smiled gently, “Thank you.”


During the second encounter, the undeterred Bai Duanduan decided to try again, but just as she was about to strike up a conversation, the man picked up his ringing phone – “Who is the other party? Who is their lawyer? Bai Duanduan? Want to settle? No way.” 

“There is no case in this world that I, Ji Lin, cannot win and no executive that I cannot fire.” 

…… WTF! Was she blind to fall for Ji Lin, the well-known oddball in the legal circle! 

[Small Theater]

Many days later, Bai Duanduan and Ji Lin had a fight. 

Bai Duanduan made a harsh statement: “Break up! We must break up!”

Ji Lin: “I’ve always been the only one to fire people, you want to fire me? You must be dreaming.”

Bai Duanduan said furiously: “Fine, then you can fire me!”

Ji Lin: “No”, after a moment he added with an expressionless face, “I’m reluctant.”

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    Oh my, how domineering HAHAHHA

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