You’re Fired!


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Author: 叶斐然
Total Chapters: 84 main chapters+ 3extras
Genres: Comedy Fluff Josei Modern Romance


In the restaurant’s waiting line, Bai Duan Duan fell in love at first sight with a man. He had deep brows and a cold expression, even his slight frown looked like those of a celestial being.

She decided to take the initiative and asked for his number, to which he responded with a charming smile and then…

this handsome man took her spot in the line and gave her his number, saying, “Oh, number 89 is about to be called, so I’ll give you my number 250.”


He gently smiled, “Thank you.”


The second time they met, Bai Duan Duan decided to try again. However, when she was about to talk to him, he answered his phone, “Who’s the other party’s lawyer? Bai Duan Duan? Want to settle? Dream on.”

“There is no case I, Ji Lin, can’t win and no executive I can’t fire in this world.”

……… WTF! Did she really fall in love with Ji Lin, a well-known eccentric in the legal industry?!

[Small Theater]

One day, Bai Duan Duan and Ji Lin had a fight.

Bai Duan Duan said fiercely, “Break up! We have to break up!”

Ji Lin responded, “I’m the only one who fires others. You want to fire me? Dream on.”

Bai Duan Duan said angrily, “Fine, then fire me!”

Ji Lin replied, “No, I don’t want to.”

After a moment, he added expressionlessly, “I can’t bear to.”

This is a story of love and hate between two lawyers.

Tip: This legal industry story about labor disputes is worth reading for a better understanding of the law.

Content tags: Happy Enemies, Proud Son of Heaven, Love and Hate, Sweet Story.

Search keywords: Protagonists: Ji Lin, Bai Duan Duan.

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