InterStellar Dad

Chapter 57: Insignificant

When this tedious meeting finally came to a temporary end, apart from the National Security Bureau issuing a wanted order for Joe Arthur, or rather Little Fish, there had been no progress on anything else.

Especially when the National Security Bureau questioned the arms deal between Joe Arthur and Allison, the discussion reached a stalemate.

Jiang Miao and Tanaka took this opportunity to propose leaving: “Tomorrow is Monday. We are working people.”

Unfortunately, neither the National Security Bureau nor the military personnel agreed to let them leave. The reason, of course, was still security concerns.

According to the report just received, only one member of the Piranha that had been captured woke up just now. And this sole person who woke up was banging his head against the wall like a madman, making interrogation impossible. And according to the reports of the rescue team members, the others who were still unconscious, even if they woke up, would probably behave similarly.


Therefore, the people of the Gita Republic had no clue about the conspiracy of the Piranha organization infiltrating the Gita Republic, who instructed the kidnapping of a scientist with an S-level security clearance, and what their purpose was.

“Colleagues, I have already given you the best advice. But you refuse to adopt it, which has prevented us from obtaining more useful information so far, which is regrettable,” Helena said.

The military personnel frowned.

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The men in black suits and military uniforms nodded to each other, discussing quietly, and allowed Jiang Miao and Tanaka to leave first. However, they didn’t receive permission to leave the military base. Tanaka was assigned to a room, while Jiang Miao moved into Yan He’s dormitory on the base. The two of them stayed temporarily at the base.


Yan He couldn’t leave with Jiang Miao; as the person who knew the “Piranha” organization best here, he was left behind to participate in the upcoming capture operation.

Jiang Miao and Tanaka were confined to the base for three days, playing games until they were almost sick of it, before Yan He finally returned.

Jiang Miao hurriedly took off her glasses and reached out to grab his hand. “Where have you been? They said you were on a mission, and I couldn’t reach you. I was so worried!”

If there had been a hint of chill lingering between Yan He’s eyebrows from the outside just moments ago, upon hearing Jiang Miao express her concerns, it immediately melted away like snow and ice.

“Don’t worry, I won’t die,” he said, with something different flickering in his eyes as he spoke.

What’s with that statement? It’s so strange!

“Pah, pah, pah!” Jiang Miao spat three times in quick succession. “It’s really ominous. Say ‘pah’ three times quickly!”

Yan He chuckled as Jiang Miao made him say ‘pah’ three times before she let him go. He went to take a shower and changed into a robe similar to Jiang Miao’s.

In fact, this was the maternity wear he had brought from home to the base, which Jiang Miao had bought. Jiang Miao noticed that although the maternity wear was divided into men’s and women’s styles, they both had robes with loose tube skirt designs, so she bought it with a mischievous mindset.

Unexpectedly, Yan He wore it without any psychological burden.

“It’s comfortable to walk around the base dormitories in the same maternity wear that my pregnant colleagues wear,” he said.

But he was someone who rarely changed his dressing habits. Although he felt it looked good, he hadn’t thought of buying it himself. Unexpectedly, Jiang Miao bought it, and as the saying goes, “since it’s already bought, might as well wear it.”


“It’s indeed very comfortable,” he said.

With a belly this big, even suspenders wouldn’t be more comfortable than robe-style clothing!

Of course, the conditions in the military officer’s dormitory on the base couldn’t compare to home, but the single-person dormitory was a suite with a bedroom and a living room, which was quite nice. The two of them sat on the sofa, wearing matching robes, chatting.

“We raided his two safe houses in the capital star cluster,” Yan He said. “We caught a few low-level lackeys who didn’t know anything, but we didn’t find any trace of him.”

“I actually don’t care about that,” Jiang Miao said, hugging his arm and looking at him intently. “Could you please tell me more about Little Fish, the person? Where did he get that transmission technology? I want to know the names.”

But Yan He replied, “There are no names.”


“It’s not what you think,” Yan He continued. “It’s not like some scientist made a breakthrough in this technology. The Piranha are a group that does everything. Legend has it that they once accidentally discovered the ruins of a prehistoric civilization on some desolate planet. It seems that there was once an advanced intelligent species, but they became extinct later on. Little Fish obtained some technology left behind by that civilization there, and his later arrogance is closely related to these technologies.”

“And it’s not just one thing?” Jiang Miao’s eyes showed longing, envy, and jealousy. “How lucky he is to discover prehistoric civilizations even on desolate planets.”

“Yes, incredibly lucky,” Yan He agreed wholeheartedly. “I heard that Nash’s side has been pursuing him very closely, but he manages to escape every time.”

“Why Nash…?” Jiang Miao asked.

“We rarely hear about him because the border blockade is very strict here, and hardly any foreign ships can enter the territory of the Gita Republic without permission,” Yan He explained. “But Nash is different. Nash’s borders are open, and law-abiding citizens with passports can come and go freely.”


Jiang Miao was a bit stunned.

“Why does it feel like it’s completely opposite to what I previously thought?” Jiang Miao said. “We’re so closed off, but Nash has open ports?”

Yan He smiled faintly, patting her head. “If you leave the six major star regions and go to the border areas, you’ll find that many things are completely different from what you know.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed,” Jiang Miao sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Yan He’s hand slid down her hair, gently and affectionately stroking the back of Jiang Miao’s neck. “Why are you sighing?”

Jiang Miao sighed repeatedly and said, “Just today, I suddenly feel like I’m a frog at the bottom of a well.”

“At first, I thought that Little Fish’s technology was invented by some foreign scientist. I felt like I was being kept in the dark by the Gita Republic. I thought I was pretty good, but it turns out that in other places, in other countries, there are scientists who are even more outstanding than me, with more advanced technology. And I didn’t know anything about them.”

“Then, hearing you say that this technology doesn’t belong to modern humans but is the legacy of some prehistoric race, I…” Jiang Miao sighed softly, “I feel so insignificant.”

“You see, from the time humans left Earth to colonize other planets until now, it’s been six thousand years, and we’re still fighting wars. Is war the eternal theme of humanity? If there are higher races secretly observing us humans now, is it just like when we were children squatting under a big tree watching ants fight?”

“Now, every paper I publish, every technological breakthrough we pride ourselves on, maybe thousands, even millions of years ago, it was already achieved by some other race.”

“Just thinking about it, I feel shivery all over, both cold and excited. My mood is really complicated!”

Yan He thought for a moment and hugged Jiang Miao closer to himself. “Is it less cold like this?”


Jiang Miao chuckled, and all the feelings of melancholy about the vastness of the universe and the insignificance of observing various categories disappeared.

Whether pregnant or not, their bodies were warmer than ordinary people’s. Jiang Miao avoided his round belly and embraced his chest from the side, pressing her face against it, feeling his warmth.

No matter how many millions of years the universe has had in the past or will have in the future.

At this moment, with a successful career, a comfortable life, holding her beloved and looking at their soon-to-be-born child, for Jiang Miao, the greatest happiness in the universe had already crystallized at this moment.

Whenever Jiang Miao sighed with contentment at the happiness in front of her, Yan He always seemed to understand her as if they were connected in spirit. He smiled and gently gathered her long hair.

Jiang Miao raised her head and smiled sweetly at him, and Yan He leaned down to kiss her.

Yan He was skilled in the art of seduction and could arouse irresistible desires with just his lips and tongue, making Jiang Miao unable to control herself.

But he has a belly!

At this stage of being a pregnant husband, due to the limitations of body size, there really isn’t any suitable position. Every time they reach this point, Jiang Miao gets extremely frustrated.

“Old tease! Old tease! You know you can’t, yet you still tease!” she scolds angrily before biting him.

Yan He chuckles lowly, whispering in her ear, “It’s not just me who’s uncomfortable.”

He murmurs in her ear, “Miao Miao, do you know how much I want it?”

To enter, to merge, to rub, to become complete.

No longer feeling lonely, no longer fearing tomorrow, wanting to wake up with you every day, hearing your first cheerful “Mmm” as you wake up, from your throat, from the depths of your heart, hearing your anticipation for tomorrow and the future.

Because I know, in your anticipation, besides the child, there’s also me.

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