Casting Nets to Catch a Husband

Chapter 60: Almost melting people.

Their eyes met. Lu Chengxiao’s mind was filled with her these days and finally seeing her, he was momentarily entranced.

The warmth rose to Liu Yu’s cheeks. Memories of their encounter on the street a few days ago flooded her mind. Meeting his gaze, she inexplicably felt flustered and avoided Lu Chengxiao’s eyes.

Only now did Lu Chengxiao realize his abruptness. He quickly withdrew his gaze. But unable to part, he looked at her again, taking a few steps closer until they were just a step apart, then stopped.

Thinking of the few words he heard from the Liu Yu today, Lu Chengxiao’s heart pounded inexplicably. He also wanted to call her like that, but those two words only dared to linger in his heart. When they reached his lips, he still called her “Miss Liu” in a proper manner, asking, “Are you doing well at your Aunt’s house?”

Today, it was Liu Yu’s aunt and cousin who came. Earlier in the main hall, Lu Chengxiao had already heard from Liu Yanqing that both Liu Yu’s biological father and uncle had passed away fifteen years ago. Asking this question now was to ensure that Liu Yu hadn’t faced difficulties after changing her residence.


Liu Yu didn’t expect him to ask this first. After a moment of hesitation, she smiled faintly, “Thank you for your concern. My aunt treats me as her own, and my three elder brothers are also very kind.”

“That’s good.” Lu Chengxiao felt relieved. There were thousands of words in his heart, but for a moment, he didn’t know what to say.

It was Liu Yu who hadn’t forgotten the purpose of her visit today. She said softly, “I suppose you already know now. The reason I hurried to arrange the engagement before was for self-preservation. Now… the marriage might not happen so quickly. I’m sorry.”

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With that, she made a gesture of farewell and was about to leave. Lu Chengxiao panicked. “Miss Liu, wait.” He raised his hand, as if to grab hers, but then remembered the difference between men and women and quickly withdrew it.


Liu Yu stopped and looked at him.

Lu Chengxiao obviously felt reluctant to let her go, but he also knew that having a private conversation with her like this was already very rare. He didn’t dare to ask her to stay a little longer, so he asked, “Where is your aunt’s house? How can I find you in the future?”

Originally intending to ask her this, Liu Yu’s eyelashes trembled lightly. “Xifeng Town, Yangshan Village,” she said softly.

After saying this, she felt that meeting privately was actually inappropriate, but she also knew that Lu Chengxiao had always been tactful. She said softly, “I’ll leave first.”

“I’ll walk you out.” Lu Chengxiao hurried to catch up, a step ahead of her. He opened the wooden door of the garden for her. Just before Liu Yu stepped out of the garden gate, Lu Chengxiao whispered, “Miss Liu, I will try to get Aunt Liu to approve as soon as possible. I will come to propose marriage to your family. Please wait for me and don’t agree to anyone else, alright?”

Liu Yu’s ears grew hot again, but she couldn’t help but turn her head to look at Lu Chengxiao. Seeing his hopeful expression, Liu Yu’s heart trembled, and she barely nodded.

A smile suddenly bloomed on Lu Chengxiao’s face, and Liu Yu was once again dazzled by his gaze. Unable to look at him for too long, she hurriedly walked out of the garden.

As she walked out, she saw Lu Shuang, who had said she was going to the kitchen to check the baking progress, waiting in the corridor leading to the courtyard. Seeing Liu Yu coming out, Lu Shuang’s face was full of smiles. She deliberately glanced at Lu Chengxiao behind Liu Yu, then greeted Liu Yu, saying, “Why did you come out?”

Liu Yu smiled faintly, “You’ve been out for a while. Sister Shuang, your flowers are flourishing beautifully. I’ve had my fill of the sight. I was worried my Aunt would come looking for me, so I thought I’d go to the flower hall first.”

Her cheeks still had a lingering blush, and with her naturally melodious voice, Lu Shuang, who had just grabbed her arm, felt her heart tremble with excitement. She felt like she was going crazy, and her face turned red.

She finally believed that when beauty reached a certain level, it was irresistible and both men and women could kill each other. She envied her third brother to the extreme and couldn’t help but wish that Liu Yu could become her sister-in-law tomorrow.

At this moment, she also remembered Madam Chen, the lady with eyes in the back of her head at Ji Xian Zhai. She was so grateful to her for making the match. Liu Yu was going to be her sister-in-law.


“Sister Yu, please agree to my third brother sooner. I really like you and want to call you sister-in-law.”

This was almost a spoiled attitude, clinging to Liu Yu’s arm, but it didn’t look like they had just met less than half an hour ago.

“Sister Shuang, don’t talk nonsense.”

Liu Yu blushed furiously, her heart pounding, while Lu Chengxiao behind her couldn’t help but smile, wishing his sister could say a few more words to help him.

Lu Shuang not only resembled Chen Shi in appearance but also in temperament. When she liked someone, she was so enthusiastic that it was irresistible. She lived up to Lu Chengxiao’s expectations. She tightened her grip on Liu Yu’s arm even more and said, “Where’s the nonsense? I’ve never seen a girl as beautiful as Sister-in-law, and my third brother has never cared for anyone like this before. My mother also said that if nothing unexpected happens, I could have called you sister-in-law by now. You’re such a good sister-in-law. Please agree, okay? My third brother is so good. When you stand together, you’re truly a perfect match, heaven…”

Liu Yu had never experienced anything like this. It was one thing for a girl to be playful, but Lu Chengxiao was just a few steps behind, desperate to cover Lu Shuang’s mouth with a handkerchief, pleading repeatedly, “Shuang’er, please stop talking.”

Laughing and joking, they had already reached the courtyard. Chen Shi and Wei Shi heard the commotion from afar. When they saw the two girls coming over, laughing and holding hands affectionately, Chen Shi’s joy towards Liu Yu could not be overstated. Even Wei Shi felt that the Lu family’s atmosphere was very good, adding to her satisfaction.

Lu Chengxiao tactfully avoided, and after watching Liu Yu enter the courtyard, he didn’t follow. Thinking about the conversation he had with Liu Yu just now, and remembering his sister’s teasing, he couldn’t help but let his lips curl higher and higher as he leaned against the corridor pillar. His heart was almost soaked in honey.

At noon, the Lu family prepared a sumptuous lunch, still divided into two tables. Lu Xun and Lu Chengxiao accompanied Liu Yanqing in the main hall, while Chen Shi, along with her daughter-in-law and daughter, accompanied Wei Shi and Liu Yu in the courtyard.

The longer Chen Shi spent time with Liu Yu, the more she liked her. Her fondness for her was no less than Lu Shuang’s. It wasn’t purely because of her appearance but because this girl’s manners and demeanor were too good. Whether standing, sitting, walking, eating, or drinking tea, everything about her was pleasing to the eye and captivating.

This made Chen Shi feel as if she was sitting in front of a noble young lady from a prestigious family. She couldn’t imagine how a child from a rural family could be raised like this. Suddenly, she understood why her son hadn’t found a girl he liked during his years in Yuanzhou, but was so infatuated with Liu Yu.

As for Qin Shi and Lu Shuang, they didn’t think much about it. They just felt that she was beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful. Everything she did was beautiful. In the time it took for a meal, they didn’t taste the carefully prepared dishes at noon and only understood the meaning of “as beautiful as a painting” in a literal sense.


After drinking a cup of tea in the afternoon, Wei Shi said she wanted to visit Sister Cui at the embroidery workshop. She bid farewell to Lu Xun and Chen Shi and repeatedly invited Chen Shi to visit Yangshan Village when she had time.

Both sides were interested in making friends. Chen Shi and Wei Shi had long since abandoned the initial awkwardness of being Madam Lu and Madam Liu 1Chen Shi and Wei Shi and were now able to address each other as sisters. When Wei Shi mentioned leaving, Chen Shi held Liu Yu’s hand and said to Wei Shi, “Sister Wei, this child, Yu’er, is really adorable. I really can’t bear to see her leave. Please don’t make me wait too long.”

As she said this, they had already reached the second courtyard. Lu Xun and the others were coming out, and Liu Yu blushed again.

Wei Shi chuckled and said to Chen Shi, “Children have thin skins. Don’t tease her anymore.”

Chen Shi laughed heartily and indeed stopped teasing Liu Yu.

They escorted them all the way to the door. The carriage from the Liu family was already waiting outside. Lu Xun and Chen Shi chatted with Liu Yanqing and Wei Shi, while Lu Shuang reluctantly held onto Liu Yu. Even the little ones by Qin Shi’s side secretly sized up Liu Yu while clinging to their mother’s skirt.

At this moment, Lu Chengxiao walked up to Liu Yu and asked, “I heard from my brother that you’re going to the embroidery workshop and the temple next?”

Liu Yu nodded and said, “Sister Cui at the embroidery workshop has helped me before. I recognized her as my sister. Now that I’m free, I should visit her and let her know about my situation and address, so we can keep in touch in the future. As for the temple, it’s for the pair of siblings from before. I have some connection with them. I don’t have the ability to take care of them yet, but I’ve bought some food to visit them.”

Lu Chengxiao knew she was referring to the pair of beggar siblings who used to frequent the Lu family’s gate. Initially, he thought it was just a transaction, but later, he saw her with the siblings at the temple. He hadn’t expected Liu Yu to care so much about them. How could Lu Chengxiao bear to see her worried? He said softly, “Don’t worry, I’ll also take care of them.”

Liu Yu was taken aback, her heart inexplicably softened in that moment. “Thank you,” she said.

Lu Chengxiao glanced at Lu Shuang beside him, and the young girl understood the implication, covering her mouth with a light laugh before running off towards Chen Shi and Wei Shi. Then, he lowered his head slightly and whispered in a very low voice, “You never need to thank me, Miss.”

Because everything I do for you is willingly and gladly done.


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