Casting Nets to Catch a Husband

Chapter 84: A fisherman’s cry

Beside them, Babao couldn’t hold back any longer and mustered up the courage to ask, “Master, Madam, what about me?”

Have I been assigned to Third Young Master yet? I’m getting anxious.

Upon hearing the voice, everyone noticed that Babao was also present.

Lu Xun suddenly laughed and said to Lu Chengxiao, “Almost forgot about Babao. He has been with you since childhood, so he belongs to you. However, from now on, you’ll have to earn his monthly allowance by yourself. There’s no reason for me and your mother to subsidize you anymore.”

Lu Chengxiao chuckled, “Thank you, Father. I understand.”


Babao also felt delighted and bowed, saying, “Thank you, Master and Madam. I will serve Third Young Master well.”

This elicited a laugh from Lu Chengzong, “Babao also shares a bond with Third Brother, so now you can rest assured.”

The servants in the kitchen started bringing out dishes, and Babao grinned and hurried to help serve the dishes.

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Once they were seated in the mule cart, Chen Shi took the opportunity to talk to her son about the family separation.


“You silly child, you are so bold. You dare to pick anything that seems like a loss to you! Yu’er hasn’t even married into our family yet, and you’ve already divided the family property. How do you think Yu’er and the Liu family will feel? Aren’t you afraid that your soon-to-be wife will be upset and leave you?”

Even in scolding, there was more affection and concern in her tone.

Lu Chengxiao chuckled, “Mother, where did I lose out? If we talk about losing out, it’s actually Big Brother.”

After being glared at by Chen Shi, he continued, “Mother, rest assured, Yu… she won’t, she’s not that kind of person. The Liu family is also very good.”

That “Yu’er” had been on his mind countless times, but he never dared to say it aloud. Today, because of Chen Shi’s repeated calling, he accidentally blurted it out, barely managing to stop the ending.

Chen Shi had already heard it, and seeing her son’s discomfort, she couldn’t help but laugh.

She leaned over and asked, “Are you still calling Yu’er Miss Liu?”

Lu Chengxiao blushed and glanced helplessly at his mother. It was obvious teasing and watching the excitement. He cleverly chose not to respond.

Chen Shi burst into laughter. The frustration she had felt in the morning because of her second son’s actions disappeared in this moment of joy. She patted Lu Chengxiao’s shoulder and laughed, “You, you’re just like your father in this aspect.”

He was just like a young Lu Xun, who had persistently called her “Miss” for half a year before their engagement was settled. Chen Shi found it more and more amusing. After finally managing to stop her laughter, she asked again, “Have you given Yu’er any jewelry yet?”

Lu Chengxiao: “…”

He should have been riding a horse. Why did he end up sitting in a mule cart with his mother?


“I guess… earrings or hairpins?”

Unable to withstand it anymore, Lu Chengxiao knocked on the carriage wall and said, “Babao, stop the cart.”

Babao, puzzled, stopped the cart as ordered by Lu Chengxiao.

As soon as the cart stopped, Lu Chengxiao jumped out and walked to the side of the cart, patting Babao, “You sit in the back.”

Babao: “?????”

Young Master, what are you saying??????

“Hurry up, I’ll drive the cart.”

And so, the master and servant switched roles for real. The young master, dressed in a brocade robe, drove the cart, while the servant, looking confused, sat in the carriage. Only Chen Shi found this even more amusing.

It wasn’t until they passed through Xifeng Town and arrived at the entrance of Yanshan Village that Lu Chengxiao knocked on the carriage again, “Babao, get off!”

Babao responded and quickly jumped out of the carriage. The master and servant then switched back to their original positions.

Chen Shi enjoyed the whole journey, and when she saw her son getting into the carriage, she teased again, “With your thick skin, when will I be able to drink the tea offered by Yu’er as my daughter-in-law?”

This made Lu Chengxiao’s eyelashes tremble, wanting to say something but ultimately holding back.


He had to ask Yu’er first.


Liu Yu thought he would only see Lu Chengxiao on the day of departure and never expected Chen Shi and Lu Chengxiao to visit together today.

Last night, she was busy sewing clothes until midnight, and now she was busy embroidering. Meanwhile, Wei Shi was sitting with a few other women, including Liu Dadian’s wife and Liu Chunshan’s wife, sewing clothes. From the outer courtyard, Liu Yanan shouted that the aunt from the Lu family had arrived. Both women were startled, then quickly put down their work and hurried to greet the guests.

As soon as they saw each other, Wei Shi and Chen Shi greeted each other warmly, calling each other sister-in-law and younger sister. Lu Chengxiao and Liu Yu exchanged a glance, expressing their joy at seeing each other.

Liu Dadian’s wife and Liu Chunshan’s wife had been craning their necks to watch the excitement. When Wei Shi led Chen Shi into the inner courtyard, they saw a richly dressed woman walking in arm in arm with Wei Shi. Behind them was… a young man who used to work for the Liu family.

But back then, when they saw Lu Chengxiao and Babao, they were always wearing coarse cloth short shirts, completely different from the young man in fine clothes and jade robes now.

So, did they only wear coarse clothes when they were working in the fields?

But which young master would change into coarse clothes to help with farm work during busy seasons?

This tone was too familiar to them; their husbands went to their in-laws’ houses every year to help with farming during busy seasons.

When they saw the young man walking side by side with Liu Yu, they were a perfect match in appearance and demeanor.

In almost the same moment, Liu Dadian’s wife and Liu Chunshan’s wife both had the same thought: could the richly dressed woman be the future mother-in-law of the Liu family, and the young man accompanying Liu Yu be her future son-in-law?


Vaguely, both of them felt like they had touched the truth.

Wei Shi led Chen Shi into the inner courtyard, where they met the gazes of Liu Dadian’s wife and Liu Chunshan’s wife. Wei Shi smiled and said to Chen Shi, “These are the daughters-in-law of our family, helping with some sewing at home.”

Chen Shi already knew about Liu Yu’s clothing business. She smiled at the two women and said to Wei Shi, “I’ve heard from Chengxiao’s father that Yu’er is involved in the clothing business. He praised her endlessly.”


Liu Dadian’s wife and Liu Chunshan’s wife became even more certain. This address was too intimate.

Wei Shi smiled and said a few words to Chen Shi before turning to the two women and saying, “Dadian’s wife, Chunshan’s wife, we have guests at home. Your clothes are not ready yet. You can take them home and finish them. Be careful not to get them dirty. Bring them back tomorrow.”

“Okay.” The two women responded, tidying up the unfinished clothes and saying goodbye to Chen Shi before leaving together.

As they walked to the outer courtyard, they ran into Babao and Liu Yanan, who had just parked the mule cart. Both of them were carrying various gift boxes.

Liu Chunshan’s wife was bolder and asked Liu Yanan with a smile, “Yanan, tell me the truth. Has your sister been engaged?”

Liu Yanan didn’t want to answer this question and just laughed a few times before skirting around it.

Unable to get an answer, the two women felt regretful, but they still knew their limits and left the Liu family with their fabrics.

In the flower hall of the inner courtyard, Liu Yu helped Wei Shi make tea and serve snacks. Chen Shi felt increasingly delighted as she looked at her. When she brought tea over, Wei Shi wanted to go get some melon seeds, but Chen Shi stopped her. “Yu’er, don’t rush. Auntie just had lunch, so we don’t need more snacks. Let’s sit down and talk.”

Wei Shi smiled and said, “I’ll go get them. You stay and chat with your auntie.”

Liu Yu could only sit down.

Chen Shi looked her over, her gaze sweeping past Liu Yu’s ears, then she smiled at Lu Chengxiao, and then said to Liu Yu, “Your sister-in-law Shuang’er has been thinking about you a lot. She really likes the clothes you made for her and has been wanting to thank you. If it weren’t for her sister-in-law coming to the county with me today, and no one at home to take care of the little ones, she would have come with me.”

Liu Yu smiled and said, “Next time Auntie comes, bring Shuang’er with you. If I have time, I’ll also go see her. As for the clothes, Auntie gave me so much fabric, so it was just a little effort. As long as Shuang’er likes it, that’s all that matters.”

In the meantime, Wei Shi had already come out. Just as she did, Liu Yanan and Babao came in carrying things. Wei Shi smiled and called Liu Yanan over to greet Chen Shi, saying, “This is my third son, Yanan, who is the same age as Chengxiao. You haven’t met him yet.”

Liu Yanan hurried forward to greet Chen Shi, and Chen Shi couldn’t help but praise him. After Liu Yanan stepped aside, she turned to Wei Shi and said, “Sister Wei, all your children are really outstanding. Yanqing, I’ve seen him before, and Yanan is also quite talented. Although I haven’t met Yanping, I’ve heard nothing but praise from our old master today.”

Wei Shi naturally praised all three brothers from the Lu family in return. Then she smiled and asked Chen Shi, “Why did you suddenly come over today? You’re being so polite and bringing so many things. It seems a bit formal.”

Chen Shi smiled and said, “It’s my first time visiting, and I didn’t greet you first. Please don’t mind my rudeness.”

Thinking that Wei Shi had asked, it was a rare opportunity, so she followed up, “There’s actually something important. Chengxiao’s father divided the family among the children today. Logically, Chengxiao hasn’t married yet, and our Shuang’er hasn’t even been betrothed. It shouldn’t have been done this way. So, I came specifically to tell you about this matter, to prevent any misunderstandings later on in your family.”

Divide the family?

This surprised both Liu Yu and Wei Shi, and even Liu Yanan, who was standing beside them, was taken aback.

“Yes,” Chen Shi nodded, then turned to look at Lu Chengxiao and said, “Chengxiao, I need to talk to your Auntie from the Liu family. You and Yanan and Yu’er can go outside and sit for a while. Talk to Yu’er about the family matters as well.”

This was to have a heart-to-heart with Wei Shi. Lu Chengzhang’s little tricks weren’t suitable for discussion in front of others, so he decided to send the younger generation out.

Wei Shi understood immediately. She turned to Liu Yanan and Liu Yu and said, “You two, bring some tea and snacks and go to the flower hall in the outer courtyard to chat. Yanan, go see where your second brother is busy, and when you find him, tell him that Chengxiao is here.”

She said to go find Liu Yanping, but in fact, she wanted to give Lu Chengxiao and Liu Yu some time alone to talk.

Everyone present understood this arrangement. Liu Yanan agreed with a “Okay.”

Liu Yu went to pick up the tea tray to take Lu Chengxiao’s cup, which hadn’t been used yet. Lu Chengxiao hurriedly took it from her and said, “I’ll do it.”

“Alright.” Liu Yu smiled and handed him the tea tray.

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