The Scavengers

Chapter 44: Recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle XII: Eaten Raw


“The third team has set out to find the person boss wants, and the fourth team will continue to rest. The first team, second team and I will cooperate with the brother of Wu Zhi to eliminate the Giant Winged Mosquito. The first team, follow me on the plane; second team will be responsible for ground support.”

Lei Bing swept the crowd and asked in a loud voice, “Is there anything you don’t understand?”

“No!” All of them shouted simultaneously.

Lei Bing waved,” Disband! Carry out the order!”


Xue Li Hong dialled another number.

Xiao Mo wondered who he would call.

The phone was put through in a short time.

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“Ebs kp kv?”

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“R yx Dkys Ys’p qaklde, R’hl tsv vbl cwt usw oydvle, oblal yal usw dso?” Dwl Nk Tsdt ypjle ekalnvzu.

“R’x yv bsxl, R eked’v lmrlnv usw vs nyzz xl, usw’al vbyv pknj- talyv blas, yald’v usw? Yu sze xyd pllxp vs cl zssjkdt qsa usw, cl nyalqwz, xu sze xyd kp hlau yddsukdt. Rq bl oydvp vs qkde usw, bl okzz ynbklhl bkp tsyz cu yzz xlydp, kv’p wplzlpp lhld kq usw bkel kd vbl ayv bszl!”

“Ju vbl oyu, eke usw nyzz xl vs vlxrv xl swv ps vbyv usw nswze wpl xl vs vbalyvld swa sze xyd? R vlzz usw, kv’p wplzlpp! R oyp jkedyrrle voknl obld R oyp y nbkze, yde R nyxl cynj cu xuplzq. Yu sze xyd oswze fwpv pkv vblal yde eakdj vly yde ekpnwpp okvb xu xsvbla oblvbla sa dsv vs vyjl vbl srrsavwdkvu vs byhl ydsvbla sdl vbyv kp zlpp rasczlxyvkn.”

Ckw Dkd’p hsknl oyp hlau nbllaqwz, kv pllxle vbyv vblal oyp ds rpunbszstknyz pbyeso clkdt jkedyrrle yp y nbkze. Tl lhld eyale vs vlypl bkp qyvbla, vbl nsxxydela sq vbl yaxu, okvbswv qllzkdt ydu ralppwal.

“Mbyv’p y rkvu, R oydvle vs ypj usw vs blzr xl vs vyzj okvb uswa qyvbla.” Dwl Nk Tsdt pyke rkvu, cwv vblal oyp dyau yd lmralppksd sq rkvu sd bkp qynl.

“Eykv, oykv! Psd’v bydt wr ulv, nyd usw alyzzu tkhl xl sdl sq vbspl cwtp usw fwpv xldvksdle? Rq vbyv kp rsppkczl, R nyd nsdpkela clkdt nywtbv cu usw sdnl, ps vbyv usw nyd byhl y nbydnl vs vbalyvld xu sze xyd. Tso ycswv vbyv?”

Xiao Mo twitched the corner of his mouth, was the child real stupid or fake stupid? Was this how to “cooperate with the enemy?”


Xue Li Hong said, “Well, tomorrow- oh, it’s today. I’ll see you at the main entrance of He Shan Park at one o’clock this afternoon.”

Xiao Mo peeked and saw that Xue Li Hong had plugged a data line to the handheld computer and connected it to the satellite phone.

“What are you doing? And why did you call Qiu Xin?”

Xue Li Hong replied,” I’m just getting one more precaution; I hope that we won’t need to use it.”

Xiao Mo saw that he could not tap more information out of Xue Li Hong, so he switched his concentration back to driving.

On the way, he specially looked up at the security monitoring camera hanging over the road, when he saw car passing by, and it didn’t flicker, he couldn’t help breathing out with relief.

“If it’s still working, sooner or later they’ll get us.”

“I’m afraid that they’ll send out helicopters to look for us from the sky. If so, we will have to give up the car. I think they must also know your license plate number and the colour of the car.”

Xiao Mo gasped,” I hope they won’t be that dramatic, and it is at night now.”

“Hard to say.” Xue Li Hong suddenly said,” Turn left.”

Xiao Mo didn’t know where he was, but he turned the car onto the road on the left. There was a new residential area not far away which had been built for less than five years.



The mission target was located at the fourth port on the bank of the river, a temporary parking place with several shipping containers.

Xiao Mo, wearing a miner’s lamp, opened the container where the beetle was and found the goods in it interesting, they were all filled with soil.

Xue Li Hong used his finger to stain a bit of the soil, sniffed and twisted with his finger. “This is a type of rare earth; the soil contains rare metals. Someone in Hua Xia is secretly selling this kind of scare resource to foreign countries. These resources are getting lesser and lesser, and it is known as one of the industrial gems, an absolutely important strategic reserve resource.”

Xiao Mo frowned and looked at the sign at the door, all the containers here were going to be sent to country A in recent days. If it weren’t for the chaos in the city, maybe these rare earths had already long been at sea.

For this kind of thing, Xiao Mo had heard and read relevant reports several times, he especially hated the rats who betrayed the interests of the whole country just to satisfy their own pockets.

In the past, some villagers with shallow knowledge did not understand the value of rare earth and were cheated to sell it. But now, very few people would sell rare earth for money when they know their true value. In his opinion, this was almost the same as the crime of betraying the country. As early as fifteen years ago, the state had clearly stipulated that rare earth could only be bought but not sold, and not even one gram of rare earth was not allowed to be exported!

“The mission target is in the box in the middle, we have to speed up.” Xue Li Hong patted him.

Xiao Mo nodded and quickened the speed of moving between boxes.

After recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle, they ran back to the parking lot.

Xiao Mo opened the door and looked carefully; they had already changed the car to a most common black domestic car. Right now, there were many cars with the keys still stuck in it, the owners were probably forced to give up their cars and escape. Xiao Mo parked the car in the underground parking lot of a large supermarket.

The two of them did not turn on the headlights, in hopes of concealing themselves under the cover of the night as well as the black car. But even so, Xiao Mo was still scared, because there were not many vehicles on the road, and it could even be said that except for some special vehicles, there were only three or five vehicles running on the road.

There were several intersections that have set up barriers, all the people who passed must explain where they came from and where they are going to. They also must accept a simple inspection.


Even after they change the car, they were likely to be caught.

Xiao Mo had no choice but to rely on his familiarity with the terrain of the city and try his best to avoid those barriers.

01:30 hrs.

“Spice girl, calling Lady! Spice girl, calling Lady!” There was a slight rambling call from the public screen.

Lei Bing, armed with a machine gun and a night vision goggles, sat at the side of the open hatch and turned on the communication.

“Lady to spice girl, what’s up? Can’t find the target? You want my support? Are the checkpoints you set up with the police for display only?”

The voice of arguments came out from the channel. The check points were not only used to capture Xiao Mo, but also to prevent many people from fleeing the city, causing a large area of panic. It was also to prevent some scum who wanted to escape from Zhong Shan City.

Lei Bing didn’t wait for him to finish before interrupting:” Bullshit! The plane doesn’t belong to me; you ask the brothers from Wu Zhi if they are willing to let you use it.”

The pilot in the front seat raised his hand and drew a circle.

“Er Shuai said he could go around in circle. I say, spice girl, have you ever helped Er Shuai pick up soap?”

There was a roar of laughter and curses from the public screen, the pilot who was called Er Shuai even put up a middle finger behind Lei Bing.

Then, the four helicopters drew a beautiful arc in the sky, and the laughing soldiers in the plane and the four super strong lights newly installed on the fuselage entered a stage of combat.


If the Giant Wing Mosquito was found, they would immediately pounce on it and destroy it with a lot of ammunition.

But before that, they would circle around the city. This was not only to help their brothers, but at the same time to locate the Giant Winged Mosquito. Lei Bing thought that it would be best if he could find the nest of the Giant Wing Mosquito, while simultaneously locating the whereabouts of Xiao Mo.

Xue Li Hong jumped out of the car and suddenly grabbed Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo who was walking immediately stopped and looked at him.

“Gunfire.” Xue Li Hong turned his head and looked in the direction of the gunshot.

“Look!” Xiao Mo also raised his hand. In the distant sky, two helicopters with super white light circled overhead.

“So they really did use the helicopters to deal with Giant Wing Mosquitos. This is a chance for us! Let’s go before they beat the Mosquito and free their hands to look for us. We must at least recycle the last three mission target.”

The last three three-mission targets were furthest apart.

Lei Bing was swearing, he had just been flying around the city for more than half an hour, but he didn’t see any Giant Wing Mosquito.

As a result, he made the promise to help the other team to find their target. However, right after he made the promise, the Giant Wing Mosquito appeared from the darkness one after another just like it was a dinner party.

The Giant Wing Mosquito seemed very curious at first. Two of them closely followed the helicopter for a while.

Lei Bing, of course, would not let these threats follow them all the way, so naturally, they opened fire.

As a result, it poked the hornet’s nest, and more than a dozen Giant Wing Mosquitos rushed into the sky at the same time after hearing the gunshot.

There was a big fight in the sky, and Xiao Mo was sweating. Unfortunately, when they were recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle, they also met a mosquito that was feasting.

This time, instead of comatose people, the Giant Wing Mosquito directly attacked the two security guards that were remining in a factory.

When Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong arrived, one of the security guard was dead, and the other one was stabbed in the back by the beak of the Mosquito. His legs twitched, and his life was in danger.

They did not have to exchange any words and only looked at each other. Xue Li Hong was in-charge of dealing with the Giant Wing Mosquito while Xiao Mo would rush into the factory to recover the Gold Eating Beetle.

They must fight for all the time they can! Although those roadblocks didn’t catch them, but they had consumed a lot of time trying to avoid them.

Xiao Mo successfully recovered the golden worm while Xue Li Hong successfully killed the Mosquito.

Seeing Xue Li Hong with a face so pale it was almost green and his steps seemed shaky, Xiao Mo immediately rushed forward to help him.

Xue Li Hong pushed him away, and plunged his empty hand into the heart of the Giant Wing Mosquito. He took out a black object the size of a fist and put it directly into his mouth.

Xiao Mo…

Xue Li Hong frown, using his hoarse voice to speak, “Recycle it, don’t waste!”

Xiao Mo woke up, he avoided looking at Xue Li Hong’s chewing mouth, bowed his head, crouched and put his hand on the Giant Wing Mosquito.

“System, I want to exchange this for an energy crystal.”

“Taking into account the loss of the heart of the Giant Wing Mosquito, if recycled and converted, Xiao Mo the recycler will receive a first-class energy crystal, do you agree to exchange it?”

Was a heart equivalent to an energy crystal? Xiao Mo nodded,” Agree to exchange.”

The Giant Wing Mosquito disappeared, and a red energy crystal appeared in Xiao Mo’s hands.

Xiao Mo handed the energy crystal to Xue Li Hong, he looked at his face with no expression:” You keep it.”

Xue Li Hong wiped the black-red blood from the corner of his mouth with his thumb and took over the energy crystal,” Why don’t you keep it?”

“You are the one who killed it, and it’s safer to keep it with you.” Xiao Mo said in his heart, sorry this is the cunning of an adult, I hope this will make you trust me more.

Xue Li Hong’s smile was almost invisible as he threw the energy crystal into the backpack.

“Let’s go, there are four more, maybe we can be in time for breakfast.”

“Yeah!” Xiao Mo followed. He found that Xue Li Hong’s face was slightly better than before, but it was only slightly.

Neither of them mentioned what happened just now, as if Xue Li Hong eating the Giant Wing Mosquito’s heart was a very common and normal thing.

Maybe God saw that they had been in a very bad shape, and for a while its conscience realized that, and it wanted to make up to them. After that, the recovery process almost went smoothly to their surprise.

Of course, this had a lot to do with the fact that most of the staff at the recycling sites were not at their posts and the electricity was cut off. This included a large steel mill and a military factory.

The military factory was much more troublesome, and finally Xue Li Hong sneaked in and secretly got out the Gold Eating Mother Beetle.

By daybreak, they had recovered a total of eighteen of the Beetle except for the five that were handed over to Wang Cheng and Qian Yun Kai. They only needed to recover one more to complete the task.

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