The Scavengers

Chapter 21: Energy Crystals and Supernatural Power

19 June, Afternoon, before 18:00

Xiao Mo wiped his face and stood up. Regardless whether he had a hidden killer instinct inside of him or not, life must go on, even if it became worse.

With the mission completed, the Gluttonous Virus that affected all humans would disappear and everything will finally be back to normal.

Regardless if this was the end of the world or not, this was a virus that had to be terminated at all cost.

It seemed that there was an internal fight within the group of wild cats after he killed Li Xiao Shuang, and the winner was a young tabby cat who have just turned into an adult.


The tabby yowled at the other cats who had escaped as well as Xiao Mo who was lying on the floor. The moment it saw Xiao Mo slowly making his way up from the floor, it stopped with its hackles all raised up.

Xiao Mo glanced at it speechlessly.

The cat’s behaviors was way too weird though. Hence, he decided to take another few closer looks. That was when he realized something was weird.

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As a result, on his injured hand, appeared two more scratches.


Tssss! Hurts!

Xiao Mo got angered, so he violently swung his arm, causing the cat that in a midway leap to be batted out by him.

The cat screamed, somersaulted and landed on a patch of bushes far away.

“MEoww!!” The cat cried out loudly.

Xiao Mo did not bother looking at the cat. All of his attention had been riveted to the reddish-brown stone the size of a baby’s fist.

Having completely forgotten that his hand and neck were in need of treatment, he dazedly picked up the stone.

“Ding, found a level one energy crystal.”

Energy crystal? What is that?

Smells so nice!

Xiao Mo continued to stare at the stone while saliva flowed out of his mouth.

As if he had been enchanted, he desperately wanted to put the stone in his mouth.

He held the stone in front of his mouth and paused.


Xiao Mo did not know how much determination he had to squeeze out in order to stop himself from putting the stone in.

His mind slowly started moving. He asked the system, “This is an energy crystal? What’s it for?”

The system answered simply, “To replenish energy.”

“Can it be eaten?” Xiao Mo unintentionally asked.

The system stayed silent, seemingly doing some difficult calculation.

The stone did not look big, but it had such a hefty weight despite its size.

A light metallic smell tickled his nose.

This is… Copper? Or refined copper?

He remembered that this park used to be a copper mine, so this little nugget should be copper, and it appearing here should be normal.

No, it’s very weird!

He did not know much about the mineral, but a mine that has long been excavated clean and been filled up to make up the park should not have any pieces of ore leftover.

Perhaps this was a refined copper nugget that was left here by someone?


How could such a weird piece of copper have such an immense allure?

Xiao Mo could no longer hold it in anymore. He stuck out his tongue and carefully licked the surface of the copper nugget.

By the time he had remembered that the cat had licked the stone previously, his tongue had already touched the surface of the nugget.


It was as if one was in a desert, drinking a cup of ice-cold water. Or akin to finally having the first bite of food after fasting for several days.

Xiao Mo closed his eyes and moaned.

Such a fantastic feeling!

Unbelievably fantastic!

He had never known, such a unassuming copper nugget could be so delicious. It was so delicious, that he wanted to swallow it whole.

He kept licking and licking, so much that he had already long chucked the fact that the cat had licked it before him into the back of his mind.

An immense sense of satisfaction permeated through his entire body. Ever since this morning, he had been in a constant state of hunger. No matter how much and what he ate, he could never be satisfied. He had eaten almost five or six times the normal amount of food he usually ate, but he was still constantly controlling his cravings for food, and it was never enough.

But now, he had only tasted the copper nugget and yet he felt as if he had eaten ten tables full of food! It was so filling; he was satisfied to the core.


Xiao Mo licked it again for the third time, but he realized, that the size of the copper nugget, which was formerly a child’s fist, had shrunk into the size of a lychee.

What is happening?

The alarming feeling that rose unknowingly out of nowhere caused him to stop licking the nugget.

He then decided to bring this back for the kid to take a look; perhaps he would know what it exactly was. Finally remembering that he had hit the cat quite hard just now, a pinch a guilt formed.

Is the cat alright?

Even though the cat did scratch him, he had indeed swung quite hard at it and even snatched its favorite food.

If I’m not wrong, those cats were fighting over this copper nugget? The Mother of Gluttony seemed to also be targeting the copper nugget and fighting for it? Xiao Mo felt that he seemed to have opened a door to some enlightenment.

Looking around, Xiao Mo could not see the cat that was previously yelling at him.

Did it run away?

Xiao Mo lifted up his right hand and touched on the injury left by Li Xiao Shuang on his neck. Funny, it was so painful just now, but now the pain’s gone and there’s no blood flowing out.

He then looked at both of his hands.

There was no blood from his wounds, and when he touched it, there was not even a slightest twinge of uncomfort.

Wait. Where is the wound?!

Thump! Xiao Mo’s heart trembled fiercely.

What was happening? His hand was badly injured during the fight, and even though the blood had stopped flowing, such a huge wound would definitely not disaster this fast.

“System, is that you?”

“That is your evolution direction.”

“Evolution?” Xiao Mo was stunned.

“Your body has mutated due to some coincidence. As for the direction of evolution, it is a bit complicated, and I am currently analyzing it.”

“What is this coincidence that you are referring to?”

The system paused for two seconds before replying, “The carbon metallic virus, added with a kind of sophisticated super nutrient potion with the punishment doled out to you, these three conditions had happened simultaneously, hence causing your gene to mutate into a weird formation. I was trying to replicate this coincidence, but after much analysis and calculation, I have found that this coincidence only happens in one out of a hundred million chances.”

“One in a hundred million??”

“Yes, according to the calculation, in the present situation, your evolution is one and only in the Earth.”

Xiao Mo wondered if he should be happy or sad.

“This evolution has granted me the ability to recover my body?” He had always thought that he belonged to the majority- the insignificant group- but now, it looked like he may be walking towards a bigger role, or even the main lead. That is, if he were able to survive such a chaotic world.

“Yes, this is a part of your ability. The Carbon metallic virus causes the human gene to mutate, and as a result, creating some ability, hence causing humans to evolve. However, the changes to the genetic arrangement have a 1.1% variation from your own.”

The cold-hearted system with unknown motives continued on, “Humans and black gorilla’s genes varies by a 1.2%. Hence, strictly speaking, your gene belongs to that of a humanoid.”

The system went on to report more data. It seemed to be comparing Xiao Mo’s genes and other people’s genes, but Xiao Mo was no longer paying attention.

His mind was a mess. He had actually turned into a humanoid! Was this a new kind of personal attack?

He was thirty-two and unmarried, with not even a girlfriend, as well as a humiliating crush on his sister-in-law. Maybe he also has a killer instinct in his inner soul, but classifying him as a relative to a gorilla was a tad bit too much.

He didn’t even like bananas!

The Xiao Mo who got classified by the system as a humanoid became furious. He did not leave to find Xue Li Hong and Ding Qiao, but instead circled around before walking towards the restrooms.

The restroom usage was usually low and were mostly vacant, especially now; there was no one inside.

At the place where the cat fell, there was a vine. And that vine had an unusual lump attached to  end of it, but Xiao Mo was too depressed to notice.

The lump that appeared was strange and seemed to have something struggling from inside it.

Under the lump, there was a reddish-brown spot appearing from the vine’s root.

Xiao Mo entered the restroom and started washing his hands. He turned the tap to the maximum and blanked out.

The blow was too great for him; how was he to stay calm like an adult?!

Ever since he woke up, there were too many things happening at once, making him almost unable to cope.

The blood stains from his hand slowly flowed down the drainpipe.

Hua hua… The sound of water reminded him of something.

The park that had vines with thorns, the group of cats fighting, the pieces of reddish-brown copper stones, the Gluttonous virus, the Carbon Metallic Virus, the secretive and vicious system that instructed him to kill people. All these were something that could cause him to lose his nerves, but now, he had to add to the fact that he could heal his both hands and throat.

Xiao Mo used his hand to touch the part of his neck, where there was a piece of meat that had been bitten off while fighting. But there was no wound, or gaping hole that was supposed to be there.


Xiao Mo lowered his head and put his whole head under the tap.

When he finally recovered his cool and headed back to find Xue Li Hong and Ding Qiao, the people gathering around Lian Gou Le supermarket were already screaming and yelling.

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