The Scavengers

Chapter 40: Recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle VIII: To Rescue or Not

Not far ahead, they saw a team of armed policemen and a team of soldiers with live ammunition working together to deal with something.

“Aren’t they afraid of bright lights? Turn on the lights! Turn on the headlights!” Someone shouted.

“The car lights all scratched up and destroyed by the monsters!”

“Why are these monsters so smart! Back up, where’s the back up?”

The person that answered just now yelled back: “These monsters have also been found elsewhere! The general military region has already been dispatched. They must first ensure the safety of people in the city, so let us hold on for a while longer!”


Through the moonlight, Xiao Mo found that the group of soldiers seemed familiar. Apparently, the people who were hiding behind the military police were the special commissioners from the National Science Research Centre they had seen in the city hospital.

Outside the defensive line that was formed by the soldiers and armed police, a black army vehicle had overturned in the middle of the road. There were also three other army vehicles parked on the side of the road with their doors open, and there were a few bodies lying on the floor.

But there were no signs of the Giant Wing Mosquito Beast.

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“No way! There are way too many, we can’t fight them!”


“Retreat to the woods at the roadside!” The captain of the soldier ordered.

Xia Mo and Xue Li Hong drove their motorcycle into the shadow of the roadside before the group found them.

“That is how they treat their own people? That person surnamed Bao is not even worried that he would break his people’s trust?” Xiao Mo recognized Bao Yue Zhi’s distinctive voice.

Xue Li Hong replied: “His approach was correct. In such a situation, it’s impossible to save that person. It’s better to take this opportunity to kill the Mosquito Beast.”

Hearing what the youth said, Xiao Mo’s heart felt a little chilly. He wanted to hold himself back, but he could not help himself and asked him angrily: “What if I am the one that was caught? Would you take the opportunity to shoot the Mosquito Beast?”

Xue Li Hong looked at him strangely: “Of course I would save you. Although it’s tough, but you are my employer. I will never let you die.”

Xiao Mo changed the subject wisely: “There are too many people here. Now’s not the good time to recycle the Mosquitoes Beast. Let’s find another way.”

Although he wanted to help the armed police and soldiers, but that was under the condition that he had the ability to attack and not make use of Xue Li Hong to fight for him. Most importantly, he did not want to expose Xue Li Hong’s ability, especially in front of those special commissioners.

“Let’s head there.”

Seeing that Xiao Mo did not propose to help these people or rush up to hunt the Mosquito Beast foolishly, Xue Li Hong patted his waist appreciatively and pointed at the way out.

To be precise, it was not a road, but a small grove interspersed with weeds and bushes. Cutting through the small forest would allow one to loop around a small village.

The village did not engage in any farming activities, but the old houses were still left intact. Some of the houses had even planted some vegetables and fruits at their backyards.


Cutting straight through the road in the village, you could head straight back to Ning Gu Avenue. It was also not far from Shan Nan Garden.

Xiao Mo was amused by Xue Li Hong’s praise. He was not a child; he was already thirty-two. In the eye of some secondary school students, he was already classified as an uncle.

Xiao Mo shook his head. He then increased the gas lightly and dived straight into the small grove with the youth.

Behind him, the soldier and armed police tightly guarded the remaining three special commissioners and slowly retreated to the grove.

At the end of the grove, the lights from the village can be seen.

As soon as he hit the cemented road in the village, Xiao Mo immediately increased the throttle.

“The Mosquito Beast is following us!” Xue Li Hong suddenly said.

“What? How could it keep up with us?” Xiao Mo didn’t wear his helmet this time, so he could hear Xue Li Hong loud and clear.

“There’s a smell of blood.  It’s just ahead of us, let’s get away from it!” Xue Li Hong pulled the front of the motorcycle vigorously from behind.

The motorcycle slanted, rushing to the small vegetable plot on the side of the road.

Whoosh. A huge Mosquito Beast with a fishy smell passed by them.

Xue Li Hong reached out to support the motorcycle.


Xiao Mo got up from the ground and rubbed his bruised knees and wrist. Xue Li Hong’s actions just now were too sudden. It caught Xiao Mo unprepared, so he suffered a little injury.

Xue Li Hong stopped the motorcycle and turned to look at him: “Injured? Can you heal yourself? You can heal others, so you should be able to do it. Let me see.”

Xiao Mo smiled bitterly: “Forget it. Before I absorb any energy crystal, I want to reserve some energy. Anyways, it’s not serious.”

However, before he even finished speaking, he saw his wound already starting to heal quickly.

Xiao Mo’s mind ran out of words. Could it be that he could not even control his own body and heal himself later instead of now?

There were fragmentary gunshots from not far away.

Xue Li Hong stretched his body slowly and walk near Xiao Mo and said:” There are two people in front, this is a good chance.”

“The people in the village…”

“They should have long been out if they wanted to come out. They should have been frightened by the gunshots.”

It was totally dark outside, even if someone was watching from the side.

Xiao Mo raised his head and saw that the bright moon in the sky just slipped into a layer of overcast cloud. Judging from the area of that overcast cloud, the moon wouldn’t be able to show its face for a while.

“Let’s go and kill the Giant Wing Mosquito Beast.”


Xue Li Hong handed the saw to Xiao Mo, claiming that the alloy can saw through the thick skin of the mosquito beast.

Xiao Mo took the saw blade and held it firmly in his hand.

“I will go over there and ambush, when the mosquito beast is eating… Oh no, the two people are running over, you go hide!”

Two figures, one white and one grey, rushed over from the other side of the road, and was tightly followed by the Mosquito Beast.

The man in grey clothes turned back and fired a few shots while running. The mosquito beast that was trying to pounce on them got interfered by the gun shot.

The white-clothed man who was held by the man in grey seemed to have injured his leg and had his eyes tightly closed.

The mosquito beast that had been interrupted for several times began to turn frantic. His whole body pulled up as it avoided the gunshot of the grey-clothed man and instead swiftly pounced towards them from the side.

The main in white suddenly opened his eye and two rays of red laser shot out from his eye.

The mosquito beast choked out a scream. Black blood dripped from its lower limbs and it retreated far away.

Xiao Mo opened his eye wide, “Is that…?”

Xiao Mo’s reaction was faster than his brain, he was only just thinking of saving them, but his body had already rushed over and took the other arm of the injured person.

Xiao Mo yelled at the shocked, gray-clothed man: “What are you doing? Stop shooting and run for your life!”

Xiao Mo recognized who the white-clothed man was. There was a Chinese saying, that when the rabbits died, the foxes mourned for them. * Since they were of the same kind as him, he wanted to try and save them. *From the Three Kingdoms: if someone of the same kind had failed or died, one would feel sorrowful. *

The gray-clothed man was ecstatic after his astonishment: “Thank you very much!” Immediately, together with Xiao Mo, he ran towards the grove with his injured companion.

Xue Li Hong had long erased his presence and was standing in the dark, smiling.

With his extremely thin body that surprisingly contained huge explosive power, he lightly kicked the tip of his toe on the ground. Like a cannonball, his body rushed towards the mosquito beast that was hovering mid-air.

“Die.” After one kill, he had already figured out the weaknesses of this monster. This was one of the talents he possessed as a mixed blood. Very nifty, isn’t it?

The feeling of his limbs filled with power excited him. He loved the feeling of being in control of everything.

In the small woods, Xiao Mo and the other two were temporarily safe.

The dense woods made it difficult for the mosquito beast with a pair of giant wings to display them or rush in easily. Not to mention, Xue Li Hong was outside, not letting it any chance to rush in.

“Hello, thank you for saving us.” Wang Cheng gasped and thanked Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo shook his hand and calmed his breath too.

“Those people in the village refuse open the door, even when I say that I am a policeman. It is useless.”

Wang Cheng swore, if it were not for his strong professional ethics, he would have used his guns to force those people to open the door. But he also knew that even if he could escape from those monsters, Bao Yue Zhi and the others would send people to search the nearest village, and they would not be able to hide here for long.

“What’s wrong with him? Xiao Mo gasped and asked.

“I was shot in my left knee and my eyes… the situation is temporarily unknown.” Qian Yun Kai spoke with his eyes closed as he sat leaning against the tree trunk.

“Yun Kai, how are you? Do your eyes still hurt?” Wang Cheng wiped his sweat and asked hurriedly.

Qian Yun Kai didn’t answer, but instead asked Xiao Mo, “Did you see that?”

Xiao Mo didn’t know how to answer, so he evasively said: “I recognize you, you are the doctor from the city hospital.”

“Oh, I know who you are.” Qian Yun Kai smiled, “You were one of the three strange brothers who sent the scalded patient to the hospital this morning.”

“Ha ha!” Xiao Mo laughed.

“If my guess is correct, you are also one of the first few people who got a certain special ability after recovering from the infection?” No wonder the burnt patient can heal so fast, what was this person’s ability? Treatment?

Qian Yun Kai’s heart moved. Touching his knee with his hand, the injury on his knee was difficult to treat, not to mention, he was still on the run, if…

Xiao Mo did not admit or deny it.

“I’m not malicious.” Qian Yun spoke with soft tone.

“I know, I just don’t know what to say.” Xiao Mo said embarrassingly.

“Everyone, this is not the time to chat.” Xue Li Hong suddenly appeared in front of them like a ghost.

Wang Cheng raised his hand and held the trigger with his index finger.

Qian Yun Kai also turned his face to the direction of the sound.

Xue Li Hong acted like he hadn’t seen Wang Cheng and Qian Yun Kai’s action, and walked towards Xiao Mo. He gave him a hand and pulled him up, and said:” You can’t stay here for long; Bao Yue Zhi and his group have also entered the woods. They are not far from here.”

Immediately, Xue Li Hong looked at Wang Cheng and Qian Yun Kai again, “You should have escaped when the situation was in a chaos. The mosquito beast outside has been slaughtered by me. You can leave now; it is best to leave immediately.”

“Ok, don’t worry, we will not get you into trouble. Wang Cheng, let’s go.” Qian Yun Kai motioned to Wang Cheng to help him up.

Wang Cheng looked at Xiao Mo with hopeful eyes, they needed help urgently. With only him and Yun Kai, they would not be able to escape the pursuit of Bao Yue Zhi. He also could not leave Yun Kai here and escape himself alone.

Xiao Mo was in an extremely complicated mood. He wanted to help these two people, but he was afraid that they might drag them into trouble. Even though he wasn’t sure of the two of them, if only…

Seeing Xiao Mo kept looking at the ground, Wang Cheng concealed his disappointed look and nodded politely to Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong. He took hold of Qian Yun Kai’s arm and said:” You two, I want to thank you for the great kindness. In the future, this kindness will surely be rewarded.”

Xiao Mo raised his head, just in time to see Qian Yun Kai’s limping and painful appearance, enduring. He still couldn’t help but look at Xue Li Hong.

If he was alone, he would definitely take the two on the road together. But now, he and Xue Li Hong were tied together, and he must take into account Xue Li Hong’s thoughts.

Xue Li Hong raised his eyebrows, “What is the pay like?”

“…It shall be good.”

“A meal of braised beef every day?”


Xue Li Hong stared at Xiao Mo for three seconds and finally, slowly said: “Deal.”

Xiao Mo immediately jumped up and chased after Wang Cheng and Qian Yun Kai who had not gone far.

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