The Scavengers

Chapter 31: Supernatural Powers and the Second Mission

“What’s the rush? Don’t you see that there are a lot of patients over there? Or is your relative the only important person?” Dr Qian Yun Kai that got dragged here while attending to a patient halfway was furious.

Due to a lack of manpower, even the forensics that had been warded in the hospital were forced to help.

“Doctor, I’m verry sorry, but could you help take a look at this severely burned patient? Everyone was awake except for him.” Xiao Mo smiled while he explained to the doctor.

“Burn? Let me take a look.” Since he was already here, he might as well help to take a look.

“Eh? Who did the first aid job?”

“It was me, I had no choice but to give some basic aid.”

Doctor Qian looked at Xiao Mo, and nodded his head, “Well done.”

He turned to Xiao Da, “Go, get me a nurse.”

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Qian Yun Kai then pointed at Zhang Qian’s shoulder, “Do you see? This part, its recovering already.”

Xiao Mo looked and saw that the skin was pinkish, like new skin was growing on it.

“This…” Xiao Mo felt puzzled, “Yesterday, I saw that it …”

Xue Li Hong used his elbow and sharply nudged Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo suddenly realized something.

“Maybe I really saw wrongly. So long as he is alright.” Xue Li Hong replied.

“Yeah, as long as he is alright.” Xiao Mo mumbled.

So, this was his ability. Not to heal, but to restore.

Xue Li Hong had also been repaired by him. Last night, he had seen him treating the people, that was why he said that his ability was very interesting. He had already realized it then.

If he could restore human bodies, then how about items?

Qian Yun Kai heard Xue Li Hong speak, and realized his presence. He looked at him and frowned, “Why are you so skinny? Did you just come back from Africa? You look extremely unhealthy; I would suggest you see a doctor. You might be suffering from malnutrition.”

Xue Li Hong did not expect himself to be noticed. He obediently nodded his head.

Qian Yun Kai glanced at Xiao Mo and then looked back at Xue Li Hong. As a forensic, he had sharp instincts, and his instincts were telling him that the two of them were hiding something from him. However, he was too occupied and busy to check on them.

Just in time, Xiao Da managed to pull a nurse over. Qian Yun Kai saw that he really managed to get a nurse and was delighted. He immediately dragged a nurse and ran away, “Quick, follow me. There are a mountain of patients waiting for us, we need a nurse.”

Xiao Da did not stop him. He was confused as he walked towards the bed and saw his brother carrying Zhang Qian.


“The doctor said that Zhang Qian was alright. He told us to bring him back and to not let him occupy the bed.”

Xiao Da started to talk back straightaway, “See! I told you that he was alright, but you didn’t listen and insisted to go to the hospital. The doctor scolded you, right? I was squeezing to fight for a nurse with the other people. Someone even punched me!”

Xiao Mo ignored him and carried Zhang Qian on his back to walk back to the shop. He was thinking, he wanted to start training according to the training schedule as soon as possible.

Qian Yun Kai was pulling the nurse along the hallway, but he suddenly paused.

The nurse nearly fell due to the impact, and stared at him angrily.

Qian Yun Kai hurriedly apologized, “Sorry, I suddenly remembered something.”

The little nurse mumbled under her breath. Today was supposed to be her off day, but she fell unconscious in the hospital. So, when she woke up this morning, she was not allowed to leave due to a shortage of manpower. She had no choice but to continue working overtime.

Qian Yun Kai ignored the ramblings of the nurse. He just remembered a sentence Xiao Mo mentioned, “The whole pot of oil was stuck to his body”. Previously, he had been so busy that his brain was muddled, but now that he thought back, the way the patient recovered, it wasn’t normal.

If they had brought in the patient with burnt injuries today, that meant that the incident had happened yesterday. But how can a person that had been burnt yesterday recover so fast? Also, if the oil was not hot, why was the patient unconscious then?

The person that sent the patient in, his behaviour had changed halfway through too. He felt that he had overlooked something really important.

Qian Yun Kai was tempted to go back and look for Xiao Mo, but he was crowded with people and was unable to locate him anywhere. He could only resign himself and go back to attend the injured people together with the nurse.

Xiao Mo came out of the hospital and purposely walked to the road that had the motorcycle that he had thrown to the ground previously. Fortunately, the motorcycle was still around when they arrived.

There was not much petrol left, so he turned into a petrol station wanting to refuel. However, he was told that he was not allowed to top-up as the government was controlling the petrol so as to prevent even more chaos. No automobile were allowed on the roads either.

The city government sure had quick reactions. Xiao Mo had always been respectful to the handicapped City Chancellor. The City Chancellor was a person that was very stern and always thought for the people under him.

21:00 that night, the television and radio finally started to function once again.

Once the television broadcasting stations began resuming work, the country’s President, Zhou Fang, appeared on the news.

The Xiao Family closed the restaurant and sat at the hall of the restaurant, watching the president’s speech. When such an incident had happened, all the workers did not have the heart to continue working anymore. All but Zhang Qian, who was still unconscious, had left the restaurant and went back to their respective homes.

Deng An Jie had contacted Zhang Qian’s family just now, but his family was not local, so they were unable to rush over. She still reassured the family that all the medical expenses and treatment would be covered under work compensation.

Xiao Mo saw that Deng An Jie had walked over, so he re-focused on the television again.

Xue Li Hong felt that the Elder Xiao Brother did not notice a single thing.

“Yesterday, at around 18:20, an incredible incident occurred simultaneously around the world. Including our Hua Xia, most of the people around the world had slipped into unconsciousness, and had only awaken this morning 08:00.

The whole world had suffered from colossal damage during this period.

Scientists are still researching for the cause of this phenomenon, hoping to get an answer. According to them, there were several reasons that lead to this phenomenon, of which some were the magnetic field changes, the plant pollination variation, etc…

No matter what is the reason, our Mother Earth is reminding us to take care of the environment. If we continue to destroy the earth, then we would be unable to bear the punishment from her.”

The president, who was around forty years old, threw away the script and sat straight up like a pine tree. He looked at the camera and announced with a stern and serious tone, “I know that several people are spreading rumours that the end of the world is coming. I would like to tell everybody today, that this is purely a rumour!

Please remember to keep your cool and stay calm. Discipline, orderliness and law; when you have lost them, then you will truly know how important it is.

In such hard times, I will not tolerate any acts of sabotage or robbery. Any criminal that violates the law and order, spread rumours, or cause harm, will all be severely punished.

Lastly, I hope that all the citizens of Hua Xia will stay united as one, and help each other in such times of need, so that we can all get through this difficult time together.”

Xue Li Hong gave the television a weird look.

Xiao Mo nudged him, “What are you thinking?”

“He mentioned this was an environmental problem.” The youth touched his chin.

“Oh, isn’t that normal? Anything that we are unable to answer, we would blame it on the environment. It’s not like he could say that this was caused by some god or evil spirit or perhaps even alien invasion.” Xiao Da answered. He was very interested in the youth that Xiao Mo had brought home. He rarely saw Xiao Mo being close to anyone, especially after their mum had passed away.

“No, he is trying to send us some message.” Xue Li Hong was sure about this.

Xiao Da did not take his words seriously at all.

Xiao Mo knew that the youth was strange. Perhaps he really heard some hidden message between the lines from the speech on the television?

Following the President’s speech, the local news also released some new information as well.

Two news scrolled on the television.

First news: In order to facilitate faster rescue and road cleansing, all motor vehicle within the second ring road of the urban area is prohibited today and tomorrow, except for rescue vehicle and authorized vehicle. Petrol stations are also completely blocked until the municipal alarm is lifted.

Second news: The public is requested to carry out self-help and mutual rescue activities, and those who have nothing to do, please stay at home and refrain from going out until the municipal alarm is lifted. During this period, anyone who take advantage of the situation and rob will be punished severely.

“The world is changing. We better be prepared for this messy situation.”

The Xiao family glanced at each other after hearing the youth’s conclusion and turned their head simultaneously to look at him.

Xiao Da and Xiao Le Dou’s eyes were beaming with excitement, while the oldest brother Xiao creased his eyebrows. Deng An Jie was full of worries, while Father Xiao merely laughed and said, “You all have enjoyed too many good days. It is now time to suffer.”

Xiao Mo quietly looked down.

The youth was right, chaos and times of change had already showed its signs this afternoon. The whole world was in turmoil because of this mess. There were signs and symptoms from much earlier on, but only after today did no one ignore it.

Xiao Mo had already experienced it. He had seen the Giant Winged Mosquito with his own eyes, but he did not expect the situation to deteriorate so fast. He had thought that everything would be under control once everyone woke up!

After lunch, he posted a message on the internet, describing the Giant Winged Mosquito’s feature, in hopes that it would attract some attention.

Until now, the electricity, telephone, internet, gas and water supplies were still available.

“Ding, mission activation. Recycler Xiao Mo to accept the Level 1, 3rd mission. After this mission, the system will upgrade. Details of the mission: Before 21 June, Hua Xia Time afternoon 12:00, recycle 24 Gold Eating Mother Beetles. There will be punishment for failure of mission, and reward for success.”

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