The Scavengers

Chapter 28: The Kid, Turning into a Young Man

19 June, after 18:00

Xiao Mo rubbed his eyes and made sure he was not seeing things wrongly. It seemed like the kid’s legs had gotten longer.

Not only the legs, but his body was also becoming larger!

Xiao Mo took a step back unintentionally. The towel wrapping around his waist fell onto the floor.

Craack. The sound of bones cracking resonated within the room.


The kid was in so much pain that he had no more voice left. His mouth was gaping wide open and his body kept stretching and pulling.

Xiao Mo gaped at the kid, not believing his own eyes.

What is happening??

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Xiao Mo stepped back awkwardly.


Who knew, that stepping back was a really bad move?

The youth suddenly became aggressive. A hoarse growl bubbled from his throat. Suddenly, he flipped and hugged onto Xiao Mo, forcefully dragging him onto the bed.

Bang!Xiao Mo was harshly pressed down onto the bed.

The youth rode was sitting on his waist and kept sniffing around his body.

“Hey, hey! What are you doing!” Xiao Mo pushed him.

The youth held onto his hand. Like a kid pouting his lips, he abruptly lowered his head and started nibbling.

… … Just what exactly is this situation?

His head was filled with endless question marks. He then realized that both of them were not wearing anything. The both of them were naked!

If anyone popped by, they would most likely have mistaken what kind of funny business they were doing!

The youth kept nibbling and biting Xiao Mo’s body. He slowly started rubbing against Xiao Mo, and a solid rod seemed to be pressing on the man too. His throat was also producing a strange noise.

“Hey, hey, this is too much, alright!” Xiaio Mo became speechless as he kept being rubbed.

He did not feel offended. Even though he had transformed into a youth somehow, he was still a little kid in his heart. It was like the kid who had mysteriously grown up was playing a prank on him.


But the kid did not seem to be kidding him. The more he grinded, the bolder and more presumptuous he became.

Xiao Mo was a little annoyed. He lifted his leg and kicked the youth.

F**k, this brat! Don’t tell me, as the boy’s body grows, this kind of desire also appears along? This is completely illogical!

The youth seemed even more excited after Xiao Mo kicked him. He clung onto him and refused to let go.

Xiao Mo saw that the situation was going in a very wrong direction. The pity in his heart lessened, and he started struggling for real, his strength of kicking getting harder and harder.

The youth’s eyes were beaming with excitement. His strength was colossal, and he managed to press Xiao Mo back down onto the bed.

Smooch. He started kissing and biting on Xiao Mo’s face and chest.

Just in time, the ground suddenly shook. Clashes and bangs resonated throughout the house. Xiao Mo was so shocked that due to the boost in adrenaline, he managed to kick the youth away and escape from his grasp. Xiao Mo hurriedly climbed out of bed and rushed outside.

The youth pounced on him.

Xiao Mo swore and shouted, “Stop it! There’s an earthquake!”

Right after he shouted, the whole place shook again.

The youth that was clinging onto Xiao Mo’s back seemed to be way too excited. Perhaps it was due to the vibrations from the earthquake that made his body shake, but he soon dirtied Xiao Mo’s waist.


Xiao Mo did not have the time to scold him; he still had to drag his whole family into the bathroom.

During an earthquake, if one was unable to run out of the house, the next best alternative was to hide in a smaller space, as they are less likely to collapse. And one of the option was the bathroom.

The youth slid down from Xiao Mo’s waist and laid on the floor without any response.

Xiao Mo turned and glanced at him before looking at the hall. He rebuked angrily, “Really, why is he becoming so big suddenly! How nice if he were still a little kid, it would’ve been way easier to carry him in my arm!”

As Xiao Mo was about to bring his nephew to the bathroom, the vibrations stopped.

Xiao Mo stood next to his father and waited for a while. Half an hour later, he felt that the earthquake had finally stopped for real. He heaved a sigh of relief and proceeded to the bathroom to bring his nephew back out.

“Oh goddess, what are you doing?”

After all the movement, Xiao Mo was physically exhausted, but he felt even more mentally drained. He could not care anymore that he wasn’t wearing any clothes. He simply went back to his nephew’s room, shot a glance at the youth that was still laying on the floor. Regardless if he was asleep or unconscious, the heat went up Xiao Mo’s head and he recklessly gave the youth a kick to his butt. After kicking, he sighed and resigned himself. He pulled him up from the floor and threw him on the bed. Seeing that the air condition was on, he even covered him with a blanket.

“I must have owed you a lot.” Xiao Mo picked up the towel and dragged his legs to the bathroom.

He wore his brother’s clothes after bathing, and by the time he headed back to his nephews room, he had already cooled down his head.

 The youth’s actions just now was akin to the pet dog you had raised had gone into heat and was rubbing frantically at your feet. Once Xiao Mo thought through it, he felt that it was not a big deal anymore, other than the fact that the both of them weren’t clothed, which made it a little more awkward.

It was obvious that the youth wasn’t conscious of his actions and they were unintentional. The fact that the youth fainted once he got released solidified his point.


Frankly speaking, he was a good looking fellow when he grew up, only that he was on the thinner side. If he was able to hold up so much skin and bones and coat it with a reasonable layer of muscles, he would instantly transform into a seductive man that many women would fall for.

Xiao Mo decided to get out and look after the customers who were still unconscious. Since the youth was still sound asleep, he would help anyone he could that was within his capabilities.

He first carried his unconscious brother and sister-in-law to the third level and placed them on the bed, before placing his father on the sofa bed in the living room. As for his younger brother and his nephew, he temporarily laid them on the floor. Fearing that they would be uncomfortable, he laid them down on some thick mattresses.

After settling all of his family, he finally went down to the restaurant. He dragged and lifted the chef and restaurant helper to a room on the first floor, before walking out again. As he walked back, he tried to call the police, but to no avail. He tried his best to rescue as many people as possible, and took special care with the kids.

He was still terrified of the creature he saw in the dark alleyway, so he did not dare to walk too far away from the building. He only went around his house and rescued the people near there. It was plenty enough.

He did not know since when did the dark rain stop.

It was extremely peaceful and the background music from the shops nearby became loud and clear.

Even though Xiao Mo was dead tired, he tried to make himself busy. Even if he knew he would be exhausted to the point of fainting, he still did not dare to close his eyes. He was afraid, that once he closed his eyes, he would be like the rest of the them, unable to wake up again.

But if all of the people were unable to awaken once more, Xiao Mo thought, he would not know if he would ever have the will to continue surviving on. Even if there were other survivors elsewhere, all of his close friends and relatives, everyone that he knew was gone. No matter how tough of a heart one has, loneliness and guilt would still eventually creep into their heart, right?

All these times, he continued to call the police, hoping that someone would pick up the phone. But every single time, he was answered by the electronic recording.

Everywhere he saw, there were injured and dead people. The silence, together with the deep darkness of the night, made Xiao Mo felt that he was the only one left in the world, and this thought unnerved him badly.

No matter what, animal or even insect, please, come to me. Let me know that in this world, I am not the only one!


Xiao Mo lifted his head.

A huge object had landed on top of a van that was parked just opposite of the restaurant. It had a pair of huge boney wings wrapped in taut black skin that was slowly flipping in the air.

Unhurriedly, it stood up, exposing its full view to Xiao Mo.

Swarthy black strong four limbs, hand and legs end with pairs of sharp craws, with abdomen bulging up like a pregnant woman, very small head, only half the size of a normal person, its head bone is high like a sharp triangle, two eyes are widely spread on the side of the ears.

It had four limbs that were swathed in black. Its hands and legs ended with pairs of sharp claws, and its abdomen was bulging up high like a pregnant woman. It had a very small head despite its large stature though, it was only halve the size of a normal human. The front of its skull was quite lifted like a sharp triangle, and its two eyes were widely spread next to each ear.

The most horrendous part was its mouth. Long, just like a mosquitoes’, except that it was being magnified at least a thousand times.

I wanted to see some living thing, yes, but that doesn’t mean I want to see this creature!!!

Xiao Mo’s mouth twitched. He immediately stopped whatever he was doing and slowed down his breathing. Was this the same thing he saw in the alley?

“System, what is that?” Xiao Mo pretended to be very calm and asked.

The system surprisingly answered him, “A Giant Winged Mosquito beast, one of the Level Two Recycling Targets.”

Xiao Mo unconsciously sucked in a deep breath. Level Two! He already had so much difficulty in handling a Level One mission target!

The Giant Winged Mosquito lifted its head. Coincidentally, he was facing right at Xiao Mo, looking at him from opposite the road.

Xiao Mo stopped his breathing. His muscles tightened, his fight-or-flight mode had been triggered.

“The Giant Winged Mosquitoes have lack vision. They prey and fly depending on their uniquely shaped brain. That brain has insect tentacles, a keen animal sense of smell and a radar ability. It is also very sensitive to blood, loves darkness and hates bright lights, so it will usually come out during the night.”

That means it didn’t see me! Xiao Mo was feeling very fortunate, but he still continued browsing around for any handy weapons.

The Giant Winged Mosquito’s head tilted slightly.

Xiao Mo stared at the beast’s actions. He asked the system, “What is it doing? When did the Earth have this kind of scary creatures? Where is it from?”

“It is currently searching for food.” The system only replied the first question of his.

Looking for food… Xiao Mo remembered the three bodies that were totally dried up; all their brain juice and blood were sucked dry.

It is killing people! And it killed them when they were unconscious!

Xiao Mo clenched his fist.

“Recycler, my advice to you is to not act rashly. Your improvement was not on fighting skills.” They system warned him coldly.

But my family is all there.

Xiao Mo slowly moved towards the side. Over there, there was a shovel that had been used to remove rubbish.

The creature had finalized its target. It flapped its wings and flew speedily towards the grocery store, which was about six to seven meters away from the restaurant.

There was an awning in front of the store, and Xiao Mo had dragged several of the injured there beforehand.

Xiao Mo gritted his teeth. He had thought that he was helping those injured people, but he had ended up only helping the beast to feast!

A hand tapped lightly on his shoulder.

Xiao Mo nearly jumped up from shock.

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