The Scavengers

Chapter 34: Recycling the Gold Eating Beetle II

In the park, there were quite a few people who started noticing the strange behaviour of Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong, but everyone was too busy with their own business, so no one came over to look at them. Anyways, the art was not a masterpiece, and was not worth much money.

“What are you two doing?” A young man in his early twenties sashayed over and glanced at them curiously.

“Catching beetles.” Xiao Mo said perfunctorily.

The young man froze for a moment, “Aren’t you just stealing the statue?”

Stealing the statue? Xiao Mo endured his nonsense and corrected his casually, “This is not a statue.”


The young man mumbled, “Actually, you should just go to the department store or pawn shops to steal gold, silver or diamonds. Those things are much lighter and easier to bring home. That said, many people are doing that, and the police won’t be able to catch them all.”

“Then why don’t you go?”

“I wanted to, but my dad won’t let me do so.”

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“Tlu!” Mbl uswdt xyd ulzzle.

The two police officers that were on patrol and had been watching them looked at each other and took out their pistols and walked over.


Xue Li Hong nodded to Xiao Mo. He squeezed his hand slightly, and a sound crack. The connection between the base and the statue broke off.

The young man had his mouth wide open. It looked like one could fit an egg in it.

As soon as Xiao Mo saw the fracture, he immediately covered it with the net.

The young man stared at Xue Li Hong excitedly. He took out his handphone and pressed a shortcut key before pressing the handphone on his ear. Without any hesitation, he shouted at the phone, “Ouch! Dad! Hurry up and pick up the phone! I saw a young man looking like he would pass out anytime and is like a skinny tuberculosis ghost, but he is able to break the metal statue with his own bare hands!”

The tow security officers also stopped short, before immediately speeding up and ran over.

Xiao Mo pressed the gauze net tightly, not daring to move. The Gold Eating Mother Beetle bulged in the gauze net, and started struggling inside the bag.

“What is that?” The young man pointed his finger at the bag in amazement.

Xue Li Hong picked up the statue and leaned it against the young man’s arm, “Hold on to it.”

“What? Wow! It’s so heavy!” The young man almost fell while holding the statue. “Hero, don’t bully me, I’m only a young man.”

“What are you doing here?” The two security officers walked over.

“Catching beetles.” Xue Li Hong punched the beetle in the gauze net.

“Wait!” Xiao Mo heard the system’s prompt in his mind and hurriedly stopped him, “I must be the one to kill it, if not, it won’t be counted if someone else kills it.’


“What’s that?” The security officer also saw the struggling Gold Eating Mother Beetle in the net.

Xiao Mo held down the Gold Eating Mother Beetle and pinched it with two fingers.

The gauze opened, revealing the bug in it. It was a translucent beetle with a pair of dark blue pincers on its head. The beetle had an upper body that looked like a longhorn at a glance. It had a sharp head and a sharp spine on its chest. Its abdomen was about the size of a chicken egg, and it looked extremely bloated compared to its upper body which was only the size of a thumb.

“Such a strange looking beetle.” The two security officers relaxed and leaned close together to take a better look.

The young man was also very curious. He put down the statue and came over, “What the hell is this?”

Xiao Mo ignored all the other people’s reactions and asked Xue Li Hong nervously, “Do you think this thing is dangerous?”

“It isn’t afraid of light, and it seems to have no fear for human beings too.” Xue Li Hong took out an electric pen and gently stabbed the bug.

“Hey!” Xiao Mo could not stop him in time. He was simply too fast and adventurous.

The big pincers on the bug’s head suddenly stood up and stretched out to try and clamp on the electric pen.

Xue Li Hong swiftly retracted the electric pen, not letting the bug catch it. “It should be safe. You see, when I disturbed and simulated it, it did not release any toxic liquid or gas, nor did it violently metamorphose. Just be careful with the pair of pincers. Those pincers should be the most powerful weapon it has.”

As he spoke, Xue Li Hong touched the lower limbs of the insect again with the electric pen, “Moreover, it has no wings ad its legs look a little underdeveloped. Even if you let it go, you don’t have to worry that it would run away. Try throwing it on the ground. Anyways, with me around, you don’t have to worry about it escaping. It won’t be able to escape even if it has powerful wings.”

Even so, Xiao Mo was very cautious and careful while handling the bug.


He did not throw the bug on the floor as what Xue Li Hong told him to, but instead carefully put the bug on the floor. When the gauze net opened, he stepped on it with his leg.

This was the normal reaction of most people, to step on a bug to kill it.

As a result, when he lifted his foot, he found that the beetle was still alive. It was even trying to use its pincers to drill a hole into the sole of Xiao Mo’s shoes.

“Oh, this insect’s vitality sure is tenacious! It’s more powerful than a c*ckroach.” The young man yelled.

The two security officers also realized that something was wrong with the bug, “What kind of bug is this?”

Xiao Mo also didn’t even believe in evil, so he stomped on the bug once again, trying to crush it with his shoe. He even twisted his foot on it for quite a while.

“Hiss!” Xiao Mo felt a sharp pain on his foot and raised it to check. To his surprise, not only was the beetle alive, but the pair of pincers had penetrated into the sole of his shoe, and its head was about to get stuck into the sole of his shoe.

The corners of Xue Li Hong’s lips pulled up. He smirked, “Ah, that is the Gold Eating Beetle indeed. Although a beetle that eats only metal, when it felt threatened, it didn’t mind biting at the sole of your shoe, even if it was made of rubber.”

“…” Xiao Mo could not help but want to curse and swear. After he paused for a while, he asked the system in his mind, “System, how do I recycle this beetle? Must I kill it?”

The system replied, “All mission target’s objectives must have a life status of null and be at least 80% intact in the process of recycling. Otherwise, the system will not count it as being recycled, and the mission will be considered a fail.”

“Can I interpret it as that I must kill the mission target, and that during the process, I have to ensure that the body of the mission target must be intact?”

System, “You can interpret it as this way.”


Xiao Mo took off his shoe, before bringing out a pair of thickened protection gloves from his backpack and putting them on. He used a pair of thongs to catch the bug, then asked Xue Li Hong to lend him the saw blade that he had been using.

Xiao Mo squatted down, pressed on the bug’s back with one hand and started sawing its head using the saw blade.

The youth whispered on the side, “Aren’t you being too cruel? This bug is indeed different from the rest and it might be a new breed, but why are you trying to kill it like this? At least let me take a picture of it and post on the internet, perhaps one of my fans might like it.”

The security officer also asked, “What the hell are you doing? What kind of bug is this? Why is it in the metal statue? Is it called the Gold Eating Beetle? It feasts on metal?”

The security officer spotted a fist-sized hole at the base of the statue.

The beetle seemed to feel the pain and felt threatened. It waved the pair of large pincers fiercely in the air. Xiao Mo pressed down on the beetle’s back and saw the head of the beetle fiercely. However, even after a minute, the head of the beetle was still intact and there were instead some white marks on the saw.

Both the young man and the security officers could not believe their eyes. The young man shouted eagerly, “Let me try, let me try!”

Xiao Mo sawed for a while before he raised his head to look at Xue Li Hong, “Did you bring a lighter?” He did not smoke, so he had totally forgotten something so important when he packed his tools.

“I have a lighter, but you have to tell me, what exactly is this bug? And what are you guys doing? Why do you have the kill it?” The police officer started interrogating while he took out a lighter from his pocket.

Xiao Mo did not want to attract attention, but there were so many people around. It was basically impossible for them to hide the bug from the wandering human eyes. He felt lucky that there were only three of them gathering around here so far.

“I won’t go into details, but this beetle is dangerous. As you can see, it feasts on metallic object, if this beetle were to spread in the city…” Xiao Mo only spoke a little about the beetle.

“How did you come to know about this beetle?” This was the voice of someone new to the group.

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