The Scavengers

Chapter 37: Recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle V : Guessing the Source of the Beetle

Ultimately, Xiao Mo still chose to take the elevator, he did not have the strength to climb up the staircase anymore. Furthermore, he needed to climb from the second level two all the way to the nineteenth level.

He did not believe that out of the four elevators, two could break down at the same time. There were no passengers in the elevator this time, as people were too scared to take them.

“Those soldiers look like they’re prepared to go to war. They were all fully geared.” Xiao Mo muttered to himself.

Xue Li Hong didn’t answer him. Xiao Mo put aside the question and recalled something else, so he asked Xue Li Hong:” I find it strange though, how could both of the cable break at the same time?” Xiao Mo tried to think of the possibilities.

“Did you actually saw the broken cables?” Xue Li Hong asked softly.


“Yeah.” Xiao Mo replied.

“Then have you seen how the fractured incision looked like?”

“It’s didn’t seem like it broke naturally, but it also didn’t look to be deliberately damaged, the fracture part…” Xiao Mo was trying to recall how the cables looked like. the two cables seemed to have an uneven surface:” It’s like…”

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Xiao Mo stepped out of the elevator and suddenly felt relief. He let out a long sigh. Hearing it, Xue Li Hong chuckled lightly.


Xiao Mo slapped him:” Don’t laugh at your boss, ok.” An employer was also considered a kind of boss, and Xiao Mo considered himself Xue Li Hong’s boss.

Xue Li Hong said leisurely:” I suddenly feel that I’m on the disadvantageous side. Also, you have not satisfied the condition of paying me a salary.”

“Wage? I’m not even sure if I am able to live till your pay day. Who knows, after two failures in completing the mission, I will be wiped out by the system.”

“You have me.”


“It’s a good deal to hire me, so you should pay me.”

“Two hundred a month?”

“Two hundred taels of gold? Oh yes, I can accept this condition.”

“Go to hell.”

The two survived a catastrophe, relaxed, talking and laughing all the way until they reached the medical guidance desk.

The open space at the indentation on the nineteenth floor is equipment with a medical guidance desk which also served as a reception. If one wanted to enter the ward, you must register with the nurse there.

With a good mood, Xiao Mo approached with a smile and asked: “Hello nurse, we are here to visit a patient, I heard that he was staying at the ward on this level.”


The young nurse looked up at the two of them and replied with a dull expression:” I’m sorry, all ward on level nineteen and above are not open to the public, if you need to visit your friend or relative, you must make an appointment with the attending doctor.”

“We have already made an appointment.” Xiao Mo was hoping to get through this huddle with some white lies.

“What is the patient’s last name?” The nurse opened the reception book and there was a page with all the record of the name and ward number, it was on the front page.

Xiao Mo wanted to peek at the book but the youth next to him had already had a panoramic view of the page and saw the name on the record sheet, he casually reported a name to the nurse: “We are visiting Wang Cheng.”

The nurse found Wang Cheng’s name in roman alphabet order and she looked at the column at the appointment status next to the name:” Sorry, this patient does not have any appointment today, you are not allowed to visit this patient as this is the hospital rule.”

Xiao Mo was surprised and said: “Really? I did book an appointment through the phone yesterday afternoon. Miss, maybe your colleague answered my call, could you help us to check? Perhaps she had forgotten to record. You know what happened last night, his family was very worried about him, and we’re here to ensure that he is ok. I must report back to his family as soon as possible. Is it possible that you let us look at him? Only one look will do.”

“Sorry, you can call his doctor and re-book the appointment.” The nurse made it clear that they had very strict management here and no one was supposed to enter or leave the ward.

Xiao Mo turned his head and looked at Xue Li Hong, he was using his eye to ask him:” What should we do? Do you have a way to get rid of this nurse?”

Xue Li Hong pulled him to a side, so that Xiao Mo is not blocking the entrance. Xiao Mo was puzzled, as he was about to ask Xue Li Hong, he heard a series of footsteps behind him, the person leading the way was already walking toward them.

“I heard that Director Cai and Director Qian of the disease research center are here, aren’t they? We are from the special commissioner of the National Institute of Bio-engineering Science and Technology; we need to discuss some important matters with the two directors.” Said the little nurse.

Xiao Mo stepped back two steps so that he was nearer to Xue Li Hong. The two looked at the person who was speaking to the nurse.

The person speaking was in his twenties. He was a young man with a very heavy scent of a high-ranking officer. He was wearing an ultra-thin cool suit, had a clean and good look with clear skin that had no acne scars on his face. He looked really arrogant and as he spoke, he tilted his head highly and the people looking at him could only see the pair of nostrils, making them feel awkward and uncomfortable.


The special commissioner was accompanied by a foreigner and two entourage in uniform of that institute. Xiao Mo looks at them and saw that behind them, there are dozen or so soldiers with live ammunition,

Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong glanced at each other. The little nurse also saw the group of soldiers with live ammunition, and the expression on her face became tense as she became nervous:” Hello, I need to know your name so that I can check if you have an appointment with the two directors, do you have the credentials?”

 The special commissioner frowned and asked the person behind to show the little nurse his identification:” You just need to tell Director Cai that my surname is Bao, she knows who I am and why I am here, I had called her yesterday morning.”

The little nurse took the certificate and read it carefully several times before reaching out for the telephone on the desk and start dialling the inside line.

“Huh?” The little nurse hung up the phone and picked it up again.

“What’s wrong?” Commissioner Bao asked impatiently.

“I’m not able to call out. It looks like the phone line was broken.”

“If you cannot call, then can’t you go down to look for them personally? Don’t tell me that you do not know where they are.”

The little nurse was frightened by Commissioner Bao’s stern expression:” They are in the office, which is on the nineteenth floors, I will go down to look for them, please wait for a while here.”

After speaking, the little nurse turned around and ran towards the office. There were several offices in the area of the indentation.

Commissioner Bao did not even want to wait on the spot, he raised his leg and followed the little nurse. From the time he arrived to the time he left to follow the nurse, he didn’t even take a single look at Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong who were waiting aside.

However, the foreigner behind the Commissioner Bao tilted his head to look at the two of them. Xiao Mo had nothing special for him to pay attention to, so he skipped past Xiao Mo and stared at Xue Li Hong, as he was terribly thin.


Both Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong didn’t speak, they pretended to be part of the background, Xiao Mo only nodded to him when he saw that soldier that pulled him out of the elevator.

The soldier glanced at him. The foreigners, the entourage and the army of soldiers all followed the nurse.

Xiao Mo waited for a while and when he saw them walking away, he winked at Xue Li Hong. The two pretended to be visiting the patients and walked openly into the first room on the right-hand side of the entrance.

The room was locked, but this did not stop Xiao Mo in the least. He saw that there was no one around, and the group of people near the head office also didn’t notice them, so he swiftly opened his backpack and started looking for a few handy tools. This kind of simple marble door lock could be unlocked with a few small tools, and Xiao Mo could open it easily with his eyes closed.

“There is a security camera.” Xue Li Hong whispered in Xiao Mo’s ear. He walked nearer to the door and stepped in front of the door, whipped out a master key out of nowhere, and calmly inserted it into the door and open the door.

Xiao Mo used the corner of his eye to look at the camera that was diagonally across the hallway. He silently closed the zipper of his backpack, put the backpack on his back and pushed the door and enter the room.

He didn’t ask Xue Li Hong where he get the master key from. He felt that even if he asked, the youth won’t answer him.

He suddenly had this feeling that there was a large communication gap between him and the youth. Even though the youth seemed more humane now, but when he decided not to tell him anything, no matter what, he was not able to dig out a single word or answer from his mouth.

Xue Li Hong didn’t know that Xiao Mo was thinking and analyzing him. Seeing Xiao Mo walking inside the door, he quickly scanned the surroundings of the area, focusing on the group of soldiers guarding outside the office. He concluded that there was nothing unusual, so he stepped into the room behind Xiao Mo, and locked the door behind him.

This was a room for storing spare instruments. There were several machines placed next to the wall in the room. As soon as Xiao Mo walked into the room, the system’s sound prompted in his mind: “The mission target is close. Recycler, please prepare to recycle the target.”

Xue Li Hong didn’t need Xiao Mo’s guidance this time. He walked directly to the largest instrument leaning against the root of the wall on the left:” Is the Gold Eating Mother Beetle here?”

Xiao Mo was surprised:” How do you know?”

“I can hear it.”

Xiao Mo listened, but after focusing and listening for a while, he heard nothing.

“How did you hear it? Is there any special sound?”

The youth didn’t answer. He merely squatted down and started to look at the instrument whose shell was almost entirely made of metal except for a small display screen.

Xiao Mo knew that time was running out for him, so he hurried forward to help Xue Li Hong to check the machine.

“According to the three-dimensional diagram that is projected in my mind by the system, the bug should be inside this part.” Xiao Mo clicked somewhere under the instrument with his finger, the recycling system was the most useful only during times like this.

“Approximately how deep is it?” The youth took off his backpack, extracted a tool from inside and began to dismantle the instrument’s outer casing.

Based on the three-dimensional diagram projected in his mind, Xiao Mo quickly judged the depth of the Gold Eating Mother Beetle and reported it casually. When he told Xue Li Hong the depth, he was surprised at himself. How did he know all the dimensions of the instrument just by purely glancing at the three-dimensional diagram in his mind? It was like intuition. Was this also related to his ability of being able to restore things?

“Careful!” Xiao Mo immediately whispered when he saw the instrument case being dropped.

The youth paused slightly. He then took out a bright flashlight from his backpack and pointed it at the inside if the instrument to illuminate it. Xiao Mo also half-kneeled on the ground, looking inward along the bright light probe. Just at the center of the instrument, a fist-sized hole appeared in a piece of metal that looked like a controller. The weird-looking Gold Eating Mother Beetle was in the hole, and it was wriggling further in. It seemed to be eating and munching on something.

Xiao Mo wore his labor protective gloves, took out the thongs, and carefully clipped out the beetle that started fighting back with its teeth and claws.

The beetle was pinched on its big belly, so it felt extremely uncomfortable, such that the two big dark blue pliers opened and closed desperately.

Xiao Mo held the beetle with the clip and looked carefully. Of course, he didn’t dare to put the beetle too close to his face.

“This one seems to be a round larger than the previous one. Where did this thing come from?”

Xue Li Hong continue to illuminate the other parts of the instrument with the strong flashlight:” Look here and there, this bug probably ate all the way in.”

Xue Li Hong moved the instrument, followed the path where the insects had eaten, and he slowly flip and trace it, and finally found a small hole as large as a grain of rice in the back shell of the instrument.

“You know exactly what I’m asking. Someone must have put this beetle on the casing of this instrument, the system did mention once, that there were other people that acted as the breeder.” Xiao Mo looked at the small hole and guessed.

“I’m ninety percent sure. I think the breeder should have put the beetle’s egg or the beetle at a very young age. Look at it eating the way into the machine, the trace in front was thin, but as it progresses, the hole became bigger and bigger. This shows that the appetite of the beetle kept getting bigger and bigger, and this also includes its body which grew bigger.” Xue Li Hong looked at the figure of the bug and then at the small hole at the beginning of the trace, frowning slightly.

He thought, how long did it take for this bug to become this big? If you let it continue to eat, how big can it grow?

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