The Scavengers

Chapter 43: Recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle XI: Being Targeted

Xiao Mo was rushing to the next target, which was in a large automobile manufacturer. He had no clue at all that he had been approached by the military at this time.

Although Xiao Mo’s life experience was considered rich, how could he, an ordinary citizen, know how much power that this mechanism called country could exert at such a time of critical moment?

He thought everything was done silently, but he didn’t know that he had left a lot of marks behind.

It would have been fine if no one checked on him, but he just aroused Qiu Feng’s interest and even mentioned to Qiu Xin the characteristics and weaknesses of the Giant Wing Mosquito.

Qiu Feng and the others were feeling overwhelmed by what was happening in Zhong Shan City, Hua Xia and even the whole world. All of them could not find a single clue, so when they see someone who has more information than them, how could they easily let them slip out of their grasp?


Although Xiao Mo said that the news came from the internet, and the same information did indeed appear on the internet, General Qiu Feng instinctively know what the two of them still knew something else. He wanted to know who was the person behind the scenes that had hired the two. He also valued the abilities of Xiao Mo and the other young man. In such a chaotic period, talents are always not enough.

For the above reasons, after verifying that the information provided by Xiao Mo was abnormally accurate, the search for the two of them began.

When they first locate Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong appearing at the street center park, they started checking the nearby monitoring equipment at the time they appeared.

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Xue Li Hong wanted to grab the driver’s seat but Xiao Mo unceremoniously pushed him away.


Xiao Mo immediately got into the car and set in the driver’s seat, threw the miner’s hat and backpack into the back seat of the car and said while wearing a safety belt, “No matter which one is it, it’s a good thing. Hey, we are running out of fuel, I remember there’s a gas station near here, I don’t know if it can be filled there.”

“Let’s go over and take a look, if it doesn’t work, then use violence to refuel.” Xue Li Hong who failed to get on to the driver’s seat could only go around to the other side and continue to sit in the assistant seat.

“Huh? How are you going to refuel violently? If the gas station goes out of power, they don’t let you use their self-generating facilities, how are you going to refuel violently?”

“That’s right, and we better get more, otherwise they will have to work hard to get more gasoline after their self-generating equipment also run out of power.”

Xue Li Hong motioned to let him drive, but Xiao Mo insisted.

Before that he had tried letting Xue Li Hong drive, but who knew this guy who looked like a calm and composed man actually drove so crazily! He was going so fast and didn’t like to step on the brakes at all.

“I rather the world is still in a chaos.” Xiao Mo murmured.

“Why?” Xue Li Hong fell back in his chair, planning to close his eyes and rest for a while.

“So that I won’t have to receive a lot of traffic violation tickets!”

The phone rang suddenly, Xiao Mo took out his cell phone and saw that it was an unknown number.

Xue Li Hong sat up and turned to look at him.

Xiao Mo hesitated and pressed the answer button.


“Hello, I am Qiu Feng.”

Xiao Mo’s heartbeat suddenly beat faster, “General Qiu, hello, what’s the matter?”

“Where are you now? It is too dangerous outside; I’ll send someone to pick you up.”

Xiao Mo immediately refused subconsciously, “Thank you, it’s alright, I’m busy with something.”

“Catch bugs? What’s so special about those bugs?” Qiu Feng was hypocritical and went directly to the subject.

Xiao Mo glanced at Xue Li Hong, this person should be able to hear their conversation, right?

Xue Li Hong whispered, “Tell the truth.”

Now that they managed to get his phone number, at least he should make sure that the military would not view them as threats to the society. Useful people were always more popular than threatening ones.

Xiao Mo obviously thought of this too, so he told Qiu Feng directly, “These beetles are called the Gold Eating Mother Beetle. They like to eat metals, and according to our research and guessing, these Gold Eating Mother Beetle are likely to keep growing till twelve noon today. At that time, they will start laying eggs and many Gold Eating Beetles will be hatched, and once these metal eating insects spread in the city…”

Needless to say, anyone would easily imagine the terrible consequences.

Qiu Feng’s voice was heavy, “How many more? I can send people to help destroy them.”

“No, these Gold Eating Mother Beetle are more troublesome to clean up, and I have collected some and I can handle them.”


Qiu Feng paused and said in an absolutely irresistible tone, “I want to know, how did you come to know about the existence of Gold Eating Mother Beetle and the Giant Wing Mosquito? And how do you know their characteristics? Living habits and how to deal with them?”

Because of Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng’s joining, Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong also discussed various excuses when they had no choice but to explain on the matter and decided on a reason that sounded the most reliable.

Therefore, Xiao Mo could still answer calmly when Qiu Feng asked, “My friend is a mercenary, and he received two tasks. Namely, to catch Gold Eating Mother Beetle and Giant Wing Mosquito. The related habits of the two and their weaknesses are all information provided by the employer.

“Who is the employer?”

“He doesn’t know either, this is the truth, there is no point concealing the truth.”

“After the task is completed, who will the target be given to? When? Where?”

“No need to give the target.”

“What does it mean that you don’t need to give the target?”

“It means that the other party will get it themselves.”

“Tell me where you are now.”

Xue Li Hong hooked his finger.

Xiao Mo thought that he was going to speak, so he gave him the phone.


Xue Li Hong leaned forward, directly pressed the hang up button, and them unplugged the battery.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Mo was clueless of what he is doing.

“He already knows where we are, he can find us very quickly using the base station location method, calling you is just to confirm the location and delay the time.”

Xiao Mo immediately threw down the phone, started the vehicle and ran off after stepping on the accelerator.

If commander Qiu blocked them and asked them to surrender the beetles, what would he do? Wait to die? Or tell the truth?

In the case where neither of them can be chosen, it was natural to ran away.

Qiu Feng smiled angrily at the phone that was suddenly hung up and could no longer be reached.

“Oh shit, I haven’t told him that his family was invited to the army. Hey, are you sure of the location?”

“Report to commander, the first target is near the Rui Xing Automobile Manufacturing Plant! The other target is near the He Xi Garden on the fourth ring!”

Qiu Feng picked up another phone and press the call button, “Zheng He, did you hear that? Go catch it! Both goals are required. Remember, there is no need, and you are not allowed to hurt people! Also, after you complete this task, go back and rest. In addition, let your team leader cooperate with Wu Zhi team and do the task for me! Tell him, if he goes crazy again, I will kill him!”

“I don’t dare to tell him that! How about you kill me first?”

Many people in the room lowered their head and smirked.

Qiu Feng cursed an extremely nasty swear word, and shouted at the telephone, “Don’t let me clean up the mess after you, can you hear me?”

“Yes, we will make sure to wash with soap and water after doing big business!” Another loud voice suddenly sounded in the channel.

The smirk turned into loud guffaws.

“Lei Bing!” Qiu Feng shouted.

“Yes, Sir!”

Qiu Feng waved his hand weakly:” In addition to the original mission, you will provide Zheng He with air assistance. By the way, I will allow the use of anaesthetic guns on the target, get it done now!”

“Guaranteed to complete the task! Over!” An energetic voice response came from the phone.

Qiu Feng held on his forehead. The gang of boys directly under him were considered capable, but they also constantly caused him headaches, especially the captain, he was still considered normal when he was not doing any tasks, but once he took orders and started carrying out task, he would change and transform and his killing power would be increased by ten times, if he did not have any self-control, he would have been kicked out of the army long ago.

He simply wondered how he had chosen this boy as his confidant and promoted him all the way to the position of captain.

However, even though Lei Bing was crazy, there was nothing to say about the mission completion rate.

“Chief!” a guard approached Qiu Feng and said in a low voice, “A group of researchers who call themselves the National Institute of Bioengineering Science and Technology visited Commander Yang.”

Qiu Feng looked at the time, it was twenty June, middle of the night 00:15 am, his eye brown slight frown, “Bao Yi Yong’s son?”


“Do you know of their purpose?”

As soon as these people entered Zhong Shan City, Qiu Feng knew that they had brought along with them a group of regular army team with unknown code names, but commander Yang hinted for them to close an eye; they had to.

The guard shook his head, “They had a meeting in private, the conversation hasn’t leak out yet.”

Qiu Feng patted the guard on the shoulder quietly, raised his voice and said, “Thank you so much, help me to watch Xiao Xin closely, this boy must be fooling around!”

“Yes.” The guard understood and left with a salute.

At this side of the city, Xiao Mo was driving very fast, he didn’t care whether he would be exposed and photographed, he just wanted to stay away from the place just now and when he found that most of the traffic lights were no longer working, he drove faster.

“Avoid them, we will reach the port before they get in the way.” Xue Li Hong glanced at the map, Xiao Mo immediately changed the direction and drove the car to another road.

“We have to contact Qian Yun Kai, if Qiu Feng knows one of my number, he can also know the other.”

Xue Li Hong didn’t speak, he merely took out a telephone with a hat from his bag and asked,” What is the number of your other mobile phone?”

“What is that?”

“Satellite Phone.”

After reporting the number, Xiao Mo asked casually, “Do you have the money to pay the monthly rental of satellite phone?”

Xue Li Hong calmly input the number. He didn’t even lift up his head and replied, “I use it illegally.”

Xiao Mo,” …”

It took a long time for the phone to pick up. As soon as the phone was connected, Wang Cheng’s voice was heard with a smile:” We have successfully caught two Gold Eating Mother Beetle. Don’t worry, we will be able to complete the task before the specified time.”

“That’s good, by the way, congratulations, but us and the two of you have been targeted and the other party will arrive to you through the mobile phone positioning soon.”

There was a curse on the phone. Xue Li Hong purposely didn’t say who was staring at them, but said:” The assembly place has changed, meet at your last mission target location. The mobile phone has been locked, and other party is likely to set up checkpoints at various intersections, this is the last communication. Goodbye.”

Xue Li Hong didn’t specify the meeting place and time, so even if the phone was monitored, they were not afraid of leakage. Wang Cheng was a criminal police officer, so naturally, he knew how to deal with that mobile phone and deal with the possible barriers.

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