The Scavengers

Chapter 39: Recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle VII: Developing the System’s Functions

Hiding inside the room behind the door, Xiao Mo’s heart shrank suddenly.

Xue Li Hong gently pushed Xiao Mo away from the door, as he started looking for any possible hide out. He stuck himself on the wall, so even if the door was open, no one could see him briefly.

Xiao Mo obeyed Xue Li Hong’s arrangement and hid in the shadows of those large machines. He knew that Xue Li Hong’s combat experience was obviously richer than him and it was usually sensible to follow his arrangement. This was not the opportunity to pull off any hero act. He just hoped that he was not the weakest link.

Outside the door.

“Brook, don’t bother, from the information I received, out of the first batch of patients that had been infected by the virus, only this two didn’t produce the golden nugget. You see, the list of patients that have been admitted in this hospital are here. Their detail information are also in the record, and those that produced the golden nugget are all in this building.”


“How can it be, this was such a big city. With a population of more than ten million, how could it be possible that only these two people have undergone deep mutant?”

“Maybe there are others that had undergone deep mutation, but we have yet to discover them. Although there was an order for us to do an in-depth investigation and search, but last night… If you are not in a hurry, we can wait till the dust has settled, then conduct a detail investigation. If we rush too quickly, just like the last time you rushed to capture the Liu couple, all had become a mess. If it weren’t for my father’s intervention leave two of them alone, we won’t be able to get one.

“Bao, I have always been very grateful to your father for his support and understanding. We are also doing things for the sake of all humans in the world. At that time, this miraculous disease occurred in more than one city and the country affected was not only Hua Xia, I heard that country A and U have already started researching and they have already taken a step ahead of us, I don’t think you want your country to be slower than other countries, right? Especially when the worldwide coma broke out last night.”

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“Jwv uswa nswdvau…”

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Mbl hsknlp qyele yoyu. Dkys Ys vktbvldle bkp qkpv. Tl oyzjle swv sq vbl pbyeso, zssjkdt ryzl yde ale okvb ydtla yv vbl essa. Dwl Nk Tsdt zkpvldle iwklvzu qsa y obkzl cu vbl essa clqsal srldkdt y tyr vs rllj swv sq vbl essa. Ebld bl pyo vbyv vblal oyp ds xsal eydtla, bl vwadle yaswde vs tallv Dkys Ys.

Xiao Mo walked quietly next to him:” Should I say that there will never a shortage of ambitious people and those who don’t treat other humans as human being.”


The youth replied:” This is inevitable. Under any changes and progress, there will definitely be conflict. If most of the people in power have also been deeply mutated, then this change will become the true evolution to all mankind. However, when the people of power are not the selected few that have been deeply mutated, then, in fear of losing their power, position or plainly due to jealousy, the deeply mutated people will be classified as the one that caused the social instability and hence there will be a need to eradicate them.”

Xiao Mo also understood this. That was why he was having a headache: “What should I do? I am not interested in being a hero, and I also don’t want to be the few special people. I admit that my ability is very attractive, but if there is a need to sacrifice my own freedom, then I would rather not have the abilities and lead a normal life.”

Xue Li Hong smiled: “How many mutated people do you think there are after the second outbreak of the carbon metallic virus, coupling with the black rain?”

“You mean the black rain was not part of the virus? Was it the cause of this supernatural powers?” Xiao Mo’s eye lit up.

“I am not sure if it’s totally the credit of the black rain. The main purpose of the carbon metallic virus should be to make your body produce the golden nugget, but there are also very few human genes that doesn’t produce this golden nugget, but instead, their genes are affected, and they attain supernatural power. As for the black rain, its ingredients contain a lot of components that can improve physical fitness and develop a person’s physical potential. People who have been exposed to the black rain that day will only improve their physical fitness. There is also a possibility that it ignited the gene and mutated the person, as it was equivalent to the super nutrient solution I injected into you.”

“So that’s it.” Xiao Mo felt much clearer.

Xue Li Hong pointedly said: “If there are one- sided situations right at the start of the game, what suspense is there to expect?”

Xiao Mo was horrified. The youth was insinuating that the earth was like a playground for some people, and they have all been forced to play this game.

When they walked towards the hall of the nineteenth floor, there were quite a few people lying all over the place unconscious on the floor, and most of them were dressed as doctors and nurses.

Xiao Mo didn’t know who Director Qian or Director Cai was, he just randomly found a man who was closest to him and stretched out his hand to check his breath.

Xue Li Hong quickly passed by those people.

“They are all alive, the army used an anesthesia bomb on these people.”


“Come on, we have been delayed long enough.”

Seeing that everyone was still alive, Xiao Mo didn’t dare to delay longer, he was afraid that if any of them woke up, he would be misunderstood, and it would be more difficult for them to shake off these people.

Naturally, Xue Li Hong’s original plan to use the full body scanner in the hospital was temporarily shelved.

Coming out of the hospital, Xiao Mo was tempted to go home to rest, but there were still sixteen beetles outstanding, and he had no confidence to compete the task within the time frame.

“We have already recycled all the mission targets within the second ring road. What is left is the ones at the third ring road and beyond. A motor vehicle can be used on the road in the third ring road. We should go back to the restaurant to pick up the motorcycle. Then on the way, we could catch another one on the road, then we can pick up the car and tools at home, before we continue our hunt. What do you think of this plan?”

 Xiao Mo looked at Xue Li Hong and said:” In fact, it will be better if we move separately, so that we can speed up the collection process.”

Xue Li Hong looked at his face: “Can you handle this alone?”

“No problem.” He had no choice but to force himself to complete the task.

“I thought you are hungry?”

“Not hungry, I just feel that I need the energy crystal.” Xiao Mo wiped the respiration from his forehead. The hot summer was hot and humid even at night, besides energy crystals, he also desperately needed a bath.

 Xue Li Hong: “After we kill the beetle, don’t remove it from the bottle, let me see if they have any energy crystals or not.”

“Let him don’t bother with that:” Xiao Mo’s mind sounded a cold voice:” Even if he cuts open the whole Gold Eating Mother Beetle, he will not find any energy crystals, but will cause the energy in the target’s body to lose three to five percent.”


Xiao Mo told Xue Li Hong what the system said.

Xue Li Hong thought for a while: “It mentioned energy loss. It seems that it should be able to extract energy from those corpses. This is probably why it requires the target corpse to be complete You ask it if it can condense what you need, the energy crystal.”

Xiao Mo looked at the system and did not answer directly, se he had to asked again:” What about it, can you?”

“Yes.” The system delayed five seconds before giving the answer.

Xiao Mo reply Xue Li Hong:” It says it can.”

“Let it help you to condense a first-class energy crystal first, this should be within its capability.”

“Non-mission related…”

“Shut up, your majesty system.” Xiao Mo weakly rubbed his forehead:” I need the energy crystal to complete the mission better and faster, or do you want to wipe me out and change a recycler?”

The system responded with a longer delay this time:” You can choose to exchange.”

“In addition to the mission target, you can also recycle some garbage, such as the Giant Wing Mosquito Beast that you encountered last night, or that b*stard standing next to you.”

Xiao Mo laughed and tell Xue Li Hong:” I don’t think the system likes you very much, it even wants me to recycle you.” He called you a garbage.

Xue Li Hong sneered:” It’s only afraid of me because it knows that as long as I find it, I can…”


Xue Li Hong didn’t go into details of what he could do.

The system didn’t even refute, it stayed silent.

The two returned to the restaurant. Xiao Mo told his family that he must settle something and told them to stock up more food. He pushed the motorcycle with low fuel and came out.

“Let’s go, there should be enough fuel for us to go home.”

Xue Li Hong was worried that Xiao Mo would be in danger doing the tasks at night as he was currently fatigued, added with the existence of Giant Wing Mosquito Beast.”

But now that Xiao Mo needed the Beast to exchange for energy crystals, Xue Li Hong no longer wanted stop him from doing the mission at night, because if they wanted to kill the Mosquito Beast, they must do the task together.

Having a motorcycle was way faster, after successfully recycling two mission targets, they approached Zhong Gang Station at eight thirty.

“Wait! Listen!”

Xiao Mo squeezed the brakes: “What’s the matter?” He didn’t hear clearly as he was wearing a helmet.

Xue Li Hong smoothly opened his helmet visor from behind.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!” There was a series of explosion in the distance, like someone lighting firecrackers in an iron bucket.

“Gunshots?” Xiao Mo took off his helmet.

This time not only gunshots, he also heard screams of people.

“Ahh!” The screams of people spread far away in the empty suburban night sky.

“There are Giant Wing Mosquito Beasts right in front.” Xue Li Hong seemed to see something.

Xiao Mo was stunned. Really? Or is it coincidence? Or are there so many of them that they can encounter it almost everywhere?

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