The Scavengers

Chapter 42: Recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle X: Exposed

“Gluttony Virus? You know something right?” Qian Yun Kai sat upright.

Xiao Mo wanted to explain, but Xue Li Hong interrupted him immediately, “We will tell you these things later. But before that, let’s make a deal.”

Qian Yun Kai felt that this tall and ill-looking young man was much more difficult to negotiate compared to Xiao Mo and even more difficult to speak to. However, Xiao Mo seemed to trust him wholeheartedly and even relies on him very much. He even tends to let him dominate everything.

“What deal?” Qian Yun Kai asked cautiously.

“Don’t you want to repay your kindness? You don’t need to use your body as repayment- just do a task for us and after you’ve done it, we will take it as you have repaid back that kindness. How about it?”


Xiao Mo understood what Xue Li Hong wanted a little, but he felt like a bad idea. It felt a little like a threat.

Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng looked at each other, except that Qian Yun Kai kept his eyes closed.

Qian Yun Kai speaks, “This is not the way to return kindness. First, please tell us what is the task that you will be asking us to do. If we are able to do it, we will definitely help.”

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“It’s very simple. According to the map I that I will give you, go and grab these bugs, and put them in this glass bottle. Then, bring them back to me or Xiao Mo. Remember, this task must be completed before eleven, and the target must not be killed.” Xue Li Hong explained as he took out a sealed glass bottle from his backpack.


Xiao Mo began to elaborate the important points that they needed to pay attention to when catching Gold Eating Mother Beetle.

Xue Li Hong drew five markings on the map and handed it and the glass bottles to Wang Cheng “We have already collected nine of them today. Xiao Mo and I will collect the remaining ten of them, so you have to catch the other five of them.”

“The bugs are so small. How can we find them quickly?” Qian Yun Kai asked the most critical question.

Xue Li Hong seemed to have expected that they would ask this question since the beginning and immediately took out a palm-sized instrument from his backpack.

“This is a miniature metal detector; except I made some modifications on it. Just press this button and it will automatically search for the Gold Eating Mother Beetle within fifty meters nearby. You only need to follow the red dots on this device to find them. The distance in meters from the target can be as accurate as five centimetres. Time is too tight, and I can only achieve such accuracy for the time being.”

This surprised the other three people, especially Xiao Mo. He could not even remember when Xue Li Hong fixed such an apparatus.

Xue Li Hong finally concluded, “I believe that with your abilities, you will be able to accomplish such a simple task very well.”

This sentence would soon become what Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng hated to hear the most in the future.

However, at this time, they are unaware of it yet, so they sat there honestly and seriously listened to Xiao Mo explaining the use of the energy crystals to them.

“You said you have a way to convert these energy crystals?” Qian Yun Kai was surprised and envious. It was such convenient ability to have.

“Yes, but it’s not very stable. I have only mastered this ability not too long ago. The last time Xue Li Hong killed a Giant Wing Mosquito Beast, I discovered that I could absorb the energy of the beast and then convert it into an energy crystal. However, I can only convert one at a time. Then, I accidentally discovered that the energy crystal could be absorbed while treating Xue Li Hong’s wound.”

“Do you think we will also need energy crystals?” Qian Yun Kai asked again.


Xiao Mo nodded. He took out the energy crystal that had three quarters of its energy left in it and handed it to him, “You have great luck in timing. I just converted two of them; this one is for you to use first. You can use it whenever you feel tired, until the energy inside is totally emptied out. Whenever you can, try to absorb it. But first, you must find out where your energy nest is.”

Qian Yun Kai felt that this favour was a little too big, but after thinking about it, he accepted it. He decided to pay Xiao Mo back when he could proficiently hunt the Mosquito beasts in the future.

Xiao Mo began to quickly explain the concept of energy nests and specifically mentioned that most people’s energy nest was located either in the pineal gland of the forehead, right in the middle of the chest, or three inches below the navel. This was what the Taoists referred to as the three ‘Dantian’. There were also rare few cases that would appear on the soles of their feet or palms.

This was what the system just told him.

Xiao Mo rarely saw the system take the initiative to speak and wanted to ask it a little more, but the system stopped talking.

Xiao Mo was so helpless that he could only ask Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng to find their energy nest positions in these five places first and teach them how to feel the energy nest.

With the guidance from Xiao Mo, they learned fast. Qian Yun Kai was still looking for his energy nest, but Wang Cheng had found it.

“Mine is in the lower abdomen, it turns out that this is the energy nest. This is so amazing!” Wang Cheng was feeling something and couldn’t help asking, “How did you know about this?”

“Fumbling, coincidence and speculation.” Xue Li Hong who took a quick bath just heard the question and answered, “We had experienced the battle earlier than you, so we could discover and study our own abilities before you, but that’s the only case. Xiao Mo and I are still exploring our own abilities.”

“Thank you!” Qian Yun Kai also found his energy nest position; he was very sincere when saying this thank you.

Because he and Wang Cheng both knew how important this knowledge about unknown powers and energy crystals were to them, especially when the other people in the world did not know what was going on. This precious information had already put them ahead.

Xiao Mo rubbed his forehead. It seemed that he had persisted too much to a certain extreme, and his brain felt abnormally heavy.


Xue Li Hong patted him, “Go take a bath and rest. From now, we shall all have a one-and-a-half-hour break, and will leave after that.”

Wang Cheng and Qian Yun Kai also realized that Xiao Mo was unwell and quickly asked him to rest first. Wang Cheng also offered to let him rest for a while, so he and Qian Yun Kai could find two more Gold Eating Mother Beetle.

Xue Li Hong shook his head, “You guys have only just started to getting familiar with your abilities. Catching five of them is already good enough for you.”

Xiao Mo got up, but he fell to the ground immediately without knowing that his legs had turned soft.

Wang Cheng and Qian Yun Kai were taken aback, but Xue Li Hong’s reaction was swift. He picked Xiao Mo up instantly.

“What’s wrong with him?” Qian Yun Kai asked hurriedly.

“Energy overdrawn.” Xue Li Hong hugged Xiao Mo and walked quickly to the bathroom.

Wang Cheng and Qian Yun Kai looked at each other.

Qian Yun Kai was a little uneasy, he didn’t understand Xiao Mo’s abilities, but it was obvious that Xiao Mo had healed his knee in such a short period of time.

“He first absorbed the energy crystal before he treated you, but he didn’t absorb much. He was probably in a hurry before he started to treat you.” Wang Cheng said in a low voice.

Qian Yun Kai opened his head and nodded. Although his eyelids were closed back there, he saw it clearly.

“Xiao Mo is a good person.” Wang Cheng said, “He didn’t need to help us, but he not only did he treat our injuries, he also took the risk of exposing his abilities. He didn’t have to tell us about energy nest and the energy crystal, yet he even went as far as to teach us how to use them. He even took us to his house knowing that he might be arrested.”


Qian Yun Kai went silent.

“That Xue Li Hong doesn’t look like a good person at first glance. If Xiao Mo wasn’t there, he would not have cared about us.”

“What is on your mind?” Qian Yun Kai asked.

Wang Cheng scratched his head and said, “I don’t know, I just feel that we owe them a lot of favours.”

In the bathroom, Xue Li Hong pressed the receiver hidden in his ears and showed a faint smile; it seemed that the two people Xiao Mo saved this time was not too bad. If there were anything wrong with the two people, he will make sure that they would not be possible to get out of this house. He was not like Xiao Mo that fool, who thought they were all mutants and would not betray each other.

After that, despite Xiao Mo’s weak resistance, the young man stripped him down in two to three strokes, leaving him in only a pair of underwear, and stuffed him into the bathtub filled with hot water.

Soaked in hot water, Xiao Mo instantly let out a comfortable sigh. He closed his eyes and no longer minded Xue Li Hong’s domineering behaviour.

Xue Li Hong took out the energy crystal and handed it to Xiao Mo, “I don’t think your ability should be used in this way.”

“I know, the system warned me just now.” Xiao Mo held the energy crystal.

“What did it say?”

“It said that the use of abilities should be gradual and not overdrawn. Energy crystals can indeed quickly replenish energy and expand the energy nest, but I cannot completely be dependent on it. It also said that for people with energy nests, everyone’s body have the function of absorbing those floating energy in the universe and use it as their own.”

“That means that the energy crystal is an auxiliary, if you want to fully develop your own capabilities, you need to conduct a reasonable and systematic training.”


“Will there be any hidden danger to your body as you had overdrawn your energy for few times recently?” Xue Li Hong’s tone was a little gloomy.

Xiao Mo shook his head, “The system says that I was lucky to replenish my energy in time and it hasn’t harmed the fundamentals, but it will definitely not work if this continues.”

“In the future, when it is not a last resort, try not to use your abilities.”

“No, it’s not to not use it, but to use it with reservations.” Xiao Mo opened his eyes and smiled at Xue Li Hong. “I will soak for another ten minutes, by the way, I will absorb this energy crystal, then use the remaining one hour later to study the training schedule given to me by the system, I think that stuff should be very useful to me.”

An hour and a half later, Wang Cheng and Qian Yun Kai also tried to share the energy crystal that Xiao Mo gave them.

The effect that energy crystal brought them was so remarkable that Wang Cheng and Qian Yun Kai almost immediately felt the difference.

When seeing Xiao Mo appearing, both happily stepped forward to talk about their feelings of using the energy crystals and expressed their gratitude again.

Xiao Mo shook his head and said that it was nothing, and then based on his own experience, he told the two of them not to use their abilities indiscriminately. It was best to try a little bit in a planned way where the limit and range are within their capabilities and then train it.

After that, Xiao Mo, who had regained his spirit, looked at Xue Li Hong with a little worry.

Although Xue Li Hong slept, his energy was obviously not very good, and his extremely thin body look like he is seriously ill.

“Let’s go!” Xue Li Hong pushed Xiao Mo.

The four of them worked separately without saying much. Wang Cheng and Qian Yun Kai were still riding the “borrowed” motorcycle. As for Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong, they used his Sedan car. This time Xiao Mo brought along all the tools he could think of. He also distributed a set of spare common tools to Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng.

Because Qian Yun Kai’s mobile phone was confiscated, in order to keep in touch, Xiao Mo took out one of the mobile phone cards from his dual-card mobile phone, and installed it in an old mobile phone and gave it to Wang Cheng.

It was around eleven o’clock at night, and the phone could still get through.

Soon after Xiao Mo and others left home, two military jeeps with military license plates and headlights installed on the roofs rushed to Shan Nan Jia Wan and soon found the building of Xiao Mo’s house.

A team of heavily armed soldiers jumped out of the jeep. A soldier wearing a lieutenant’s epaulettes rang the doorbell of Xiao Mo’s house. Seeing that no one responded for a while, the lieutenant directly drew a gun and broke the electronic lock of the building’s door and opened the door, leading the team to rush upstairs.

After knocking at the door to no avail, the lieutenant turned on the internal communicator and said loudly, “Reporting to the commander: no one opened the door when we ringed the doorbell, The target may not be at home, can we break the door?”

The other side was silent for a second, “Zheng He, be polite. We are asking for help, not arresting and torturing, don’t break the door of others.”

“Yes! But no one opened the door, do you need to call him on his cell phone?”

“No, don’t startle him, it is not worth if he is scared off by you.”

“Then we just wait here? What if they went out to catch bugs and haven’t come back, or have they gotten the news and ran away?”

“The roads out of the city have been blocked, unless they swim across the river by themselves and can avoid the patrol boat, they will definitely be stopped. You wait another half an hour, after half an hour later, if you still didn’t see him, then you go back to Xiao Mo’s family and invite the whole family to the military area, remember to invite them, not arrest or capture!”

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