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  • The Scavengers

    Chapter 36: Recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle IV: Getting Stuck in an Elevator

    “You don’t have to worry so much, since I was the one that told you to post the information on the internet, I would definitely have the way to cover it up. Trust me, with the current technology, they will definitely not be able to locate us through the internet.”

    After taking the reassurance pills given by the youth, Xiao Mo felt much more relieved.

    The next mission target was located at a local television station. The next Gold Eating Mother Beetle was much easier to catch, as it was simply lying on the signal tower. Taking advantage of the chaos, the two swiftly headed upstairs and climbed directly to the signal tower and got hold of the beetle.

    There was no one on the rooftop, so Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong leisurely discussed the way to kill the beetle. The very first Gold Eating Mother Beetle was stuffed in the glass bottle for a long time, but it was still full of vitality.

    The system mentioned that the one of the requirements of recycling the mission target was that it must be a hundred percent dead and the body must be at least eighty percent intact. If the body had been badly destroyed in the process, the mission will not be considered completed.


    “Using fire might not be a good choice, since the body might burn to ashes.” Xue Li Hong reminded him.

    “How about using water to drown it?”

    The two combined the beetles into the glass bottle before filling it with water and sealing the cover.

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    “Ls.” Dwl Nk Tsdt oyp hlau pwal yde ywvbldvkn.

    Xiao Mo Felt relieved, “This bottle won’t fit anymore.”


    “Let’s kill it later, we have to think of a way to kill them all.”

    The sixth mission target was on a railway, and the seventh mission target was in a newly constructed building.

    By Seven O’clock in the evening, the two had caught seven Gold Eating Mother Beetles.

    During this period, Xiao Mo had to give dinner a miss, so he called Sister-in-Law Deng An Jie to explain and inform her that he could make it in time for dinner. The two packed some simple meal to-go as they pass by some snack shop and took turns to eat as they continued driving towards the next destination.

    Their eighth mission target was hiding at the city hospital. It was past Seven O’clock in the evening, but the City Hospital was still full of people.

    Xiao Mo found that according to the hospital map, there was a floor plan that indicated the locations of the various specialized departments.

    After squeezing into the crowd, Xiao Mo showed Xue Li Hong the location of the Gold Eating Mother Beetle as indicated in the direction map that was in his mind.

    “It’s on the nineteenth floor of the in-patient department. I don’t know the purpose of that room, it’s not indicated on the floor plan,” Xiao Mo lowered his voice so that only the young man can hear him.

    “There is a radiological sign, I think this is the radiology department. I think they should also have an X-Ray machine, CT scanner, and a magnetic resonance detector available in this department.”

    “Then should we go and do a registration to pretend that we are one of the patients?” Xiao Mo glanced at the youth. He felt that he looked just like any one of the patients, and no pretending was required.

    Xue Li Hong looked at the jam-packed registration hall, Xiao Mo also turned his head and looked. The corner of his lip pursed, “Forget it, just ignore my last statement, let’s go for the mission target and then radiological department.”

    The in-patient department was previously sealed off due to the disease, but with the current situation, it was meaningless to sanction it off, as it will be filled up soon. The main door was also wide opened, but the plastic covering on the beds and medical equipment had not been removed yet.


    The in-patient building had a concave shape. There were two elevators and two stairways on the left and right side of the building.

    As indicated in the map that appeared in Xiao Mo’s mind, the mission target appeared to be hiding on the nineteenth floor. It was in a room at the right side of the entry.

    Xiao Mo wanted to use the elevator but Xue Li Hong stopped him, asking him to go up via the staircase.

    “The mission target is on nineteenth floor!” Xiao Mo also thought of the earthquake that happened last night. Who knows if it was safe to ride the elevator? Taking the stairs was the safest way, but the problem was that they had to climb the full nineteen full floors.

    Xue Li Hong wordlessly glanced at the lift.

    “Is it safe to take the elevator? Are there any dangers? We don’t have much time, and if we put all of our energy into climbing the stairs…”

    Xiao Mo also had his own reasons; he was afraid that he might not be able to make it to the nineteenth floor. There was a limited time in which they had to complete the task too. By twelve o’clock tomorrow afternoon, he must catch and recycle twenty-four beetles, so it would be wiser if he reserved his energy till then; he was already very tired by now.

    Xue Li Hong glanced at him. Ignoring his intuition, he pressed the up button, and the elevator soon arrived. The two stepped into the elevator together with the other waiting patients.

    Xue Li Hong’s height was more than one hundred and ninety centimeters. So, visually, his height was particularly conspicuous in the elevator, since his height was so outstanding. Hence, at such a height, Xue Li Hong should have been a special luminous body that attracts attention wherever he went, no matter it is from his appearance or his height. But strangely, there were  so many people in the elevator, yet no one was paying attention to Xue Li Hong- not even a glance.

    Xiao Mo was very impressed with this ability of Xue Li Hong, being able to hide himself and making himself camouflage such that no attention is attracted to him.

    The elevator was moving up one floor after another. When it reached the sixth floor, Xiao Mo couldn’t help but ask Xue Li Hong in a low voice” There won’t be any trouble with this elevator, right?”

    “You also have this feeling that something will happen to it, right?”


    Xiao Mo was dumbfounded, “What do you mean, that I also have the same feeling that something will happen to this elevator?”

    Xiao Mo spoke in a louder voice, causing the passengers in the elevator to look at him altogether. When the elevator stopped at the ninth floor, the door opened and Xiao Mo hesitated for a while. He was contemplating if they should alight, but the person standing at the lift button swiftly pressed the close button, so Xiao Mo was too late to step out. The elevator continued to move up, but Xiao Mo’s heart beat gradually accelerated. He was not sure if it is was an illusion or if the elevator was accelerating its speed.


    Xiao Mo jumped in shock, but it only turned out that the lift had reached the thirteenth floor. Wow, what an inauspicious number.

    “What is happening? Why is the door not opening?”  The person standing next to the door asked. He had wanted to alight at this level.

    Xiao Mo’s heart beat violently.

    Xue Li Hong looked up at the top of the elevator.

    The whole elevator came to a standstill.

    The nurse that wanted to alight at this floor walked to the door and pressed the open button repeatedly, but there was no response at all. It was like the elevator was dead.

    Except for Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong, the other passengers who were still in the elevator suddenly rushed towards the door together. An old lady was the most nervous, she kept chanting:” I want to go out! Let me out!”

    “Tsk.” The nurse who was standing nearest to the door pressing the open button realized that the elevator is faulty and started pressing the emergency button. After a while, the security department who received the emergency call spoke from the guard room through the intercom:” This is the security department, how can I help you?”

    “There is a problem with the number two elevator on the eastern wing of the in-patient building, can you send someone to look at it? We are now stuck at level thirteen…. AHH!!”


    Suddenly, the communication was cut off, the lights in the elevator flickered, the passengers screamed, and the elevator began to descend quickly!

    Xiao Mo hurriedly grabbed hold of the handrail beside him.

    Xue Li Hong leaned towards Xiao Mo and whisper in his ear:” Can you check and see what happened to the elevator? Hurry up!”

    “I have not repaired an elevator before. That’s not my expertise!” Xiao Mo also panicked and shouted back.

    “You are the only one who can fix it, if you don’t hurry, we will all be in great trouble.”

    Xiao Mo threw himself in front of the elevator button and pressed his palm on the elevator button panel, trying to access the electronic circuit board behind the button. In his heart, he kept chanting:” Hurry, hurry, what is wrong with the elevator, fix it! Fast!”

    As usual, the three-dimensional diagram of the elevator appeared in Xiao Mo’s mind, the fault was neither here nor there. So, he checked outside the elevator cabin, he started looking at the cable of the elevator cables.

    “Ahh!” The elevator suddenly stopped, all the passengers, including Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong, fell onto the cabin floor.

    “It’s the cable!” Xiao Mo yelled, with cold sweat on his forehead,” Two of them are broken!”

    “This is nonsense!” The nurse got up and cried incredulously” This is a brand-new elevator, and this brand is well known and famous worldwide. How can two of the cables be broken? The commissioning of the elevator was done under the watchful eye of the maintenance crew. And most importantly, how do you know that it is the cable fault and not something else giving problem?”

    “I’m from the elevator company.” Xiao Mo wanted to look professional.

    The other passenger also groaned and got up, hearing that Xiao Mo was working in the elevator company, they all immediately asked him:” Can it be repaired?”

    A big boy who looked like a high school student took out his cell phone and called the police.

    Xue Li Hong looked at Xiao Mo. He wiped the sweat on his forehead, and shook his head. The cables outside and the breakage was too far from him, he had to work very hard just to “see” the breakages, let alone repairing it.

    “What is the situation now? Will it fall down?” The old woman sobbed and yelled, pressing the door open button desperately.

    There was also a child who was about nine-years-old. There were no parents by his side and he started to cry and yell.

     Xiao Mo sighed and replied,” The elevator safety gear is holding us right now. I hope that it is working well, if this elevator is new then we should be ok.”

    “Of course, it is new!” The nurse behaved like she was afraid of being blamed by others and insisted that the quality of the elevator was excellent and was reliable.

    Xiao Mo knew that it was a stress response, especially since she looked very nervous. He was not really bothered by it, “If it is a new elevator, and there are not many people here, the safety gear should be able to hold our weight till the rescue team come over to rescue us.”

    “Then can we pull the door open and climb out of the elevator?” The male passenger with a good physique asked hurriedly.

    “I suggest that we better wait for the rescue team to help us.” Xiao Mo who has never repaired the elevator but knows a little about the principle of how the elevator works said politely.

    “Why though? In movies, when people get trapped in the elevator, they would usually escape by opening the elevator door and climbing out. The other option is to climb out from the roof of the elevator cabin and escape.” The high school student that called the police said.

    “Then you should have also seen some people who got stuck at the elevator exit and being cut into half by a suddenly moving elevator. So, the two scenarios should be the last resort. It’s better to wait for the rescue team to come and not force the elevator door open.” Xiao Mo said seriously.

    The nurse who was holding a crying child also agreed.

    Seeing that the door could not be opened, the old lady began to slap the elevator door desperately, crying and shouting loudly:” Help! Anyone outside?”

    Xiao Mo glanced at Xue Li Hong. Xue Li Hong looked relaxed. He pointed to the top of the elevator and said:” There is no safety window, it is a fully enclosed elevator cabin.”

    Xiao Mo smiled bitterly:” It’s just like most elevators, they don’t come with a safety window.” The high school student asked:” Then we should just sit and wait for death? I tried calling the police just now and the fire department, but no one picked up for both of the lines, both departments were busy handling the chaos outside.”

    “It’s a mess outside, who will remember us?” The male passenger who looked muscular started to become anxious.

    Xiao Mo reminded them:” The nurse have already contacted the security department of the hospital; they must have heard our call and is aware that there is a problem here. I believe that they will be here soon.”

    The rescue team came here fast, when it was Xiao Mo’s turn to climb out of the elevator, he saw a group of armed military soldiers. When Xiao Mo said thanks to the soldier who pulled him out, he replied coldly:” Don’t mention.”

    The security guards of the hospital’s security department also thanked the soldiers. There was a man who dressed like a manager and was standing behind the soldier. His face was hidden, and he was talking to the people.

    Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong escaped when all was a mess.

    Xiao Mo suddenly staggered and nearly fell. Xue Li Hong supported him and said:” Hold on for a little while longer. After we settle this Gold Eating Mother Beetle we will head back to your house.”

    Xiao Mo touched his stomach, he wanted to say that he was starving, but he could still endure for a little while longer, unlike yesterday where he was showing signs of being desperate. It seemed that every time he used his ability, he needed to eat a lot of food to supplement the amount of energy lost. Today, he had only used his abilities once. If only he was able to use the energy crystal, it would be perfect, he kept thinking:” Where can I find another energy crystal” He swallowed his saliva as he thought about the deliciousness of the energy crystal.

    Behind the two, once the soldiers saw that the passengers had been rescued, they immediately turned and walked toward the elevator at the other end, in front of them there was a person wearing a summer ultra-thin casual suit, he was complaining impatiently, the soldier who led the team tries to calm him down:” It only take minutes to pull them up.”

    The man in suit hesitated when they were waiting at the other elevator:” Don’t take the elevator, let’s go up via the staircase.”

    The soldier glanced at them:” We are fine, but you…” The man in suit frowned.

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