The Scavengers

Chapter 23: The Black Rain.

19 June, after 18:00

Either they were lucky or unlucky, but the truck that ferried the soldiers were at the end of the entire row of cars, and there were 3 of them.

As they were at the end of the queue, their speed weren’t fast. Hence, when the incident happened, the three trucks that were loaded with soldiers also crashed on the cars in front of them. But perhaps because the soldiers were extremely trained, before they fainted, they released their foot from the accelerator, hence causing less impact to the car in front of them and thereby reducing casualties compared to the first few trucks.

However, there were still about 10 soldiers that fell off from the truck bay. Xiao Mo was standing a good distance away from the trucks, so he was currently unsure if they were alright.

The people at the square were more seriously hurt, as no one could escape from the first truck that lost control. They had been completely crushed and flattened.


A strong smell of blood permeated the air.

Xiao Mo wondered if he should be thanking the quarantine for causing lesser vehicles to be on the road.

If there was a vehicle behind him just now…

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“This might be…” Xue Li Hong also came down from the car.


“Go back into the car! Don’t come down!” Xiao Mo yelled at the kid. Such a scene was unsuitable for a child to witness.

Xue Li Hong did not go back into the car. Instead, he walked towards Xiao Mo and held his finger.

Xiao Mo’s hands were trembling.

“Call… Call the police! Let them come and save the people!” He refused to believe that the other places were in the same state. In his heart, he kept praying, that such a thing only happened in this area only.

Xue Li Hong calmly dug out Xiao Mo’s hand phone from his jacket and handed it to him.

Xiao Mo tried calling all the emergency numbers, but not a single one was answered.

The firefighting department, the police call centre, emergency centre, he even dialed the mayor’s hotline, the complaint hotline for goods and services, etc. He called them all, but not a single one picked up.

“Just what is happening?” Are we totally blocked out? Are we being abandoned? I had already recycled the Mother of Gluttony!” Xiao Mo’s expression was a mix of crying and laughing.

“According to the analysis, this situation is not associated with the Mother of Gluttony and the Gluttonous virus.” The kid tightened his grip on his hand and lifted up his head, “It should be the previous virus’ second break out.”

“The second break out?” Xiao Mo blanked out. Deep down, he had actually known the answer in his heart, but he had refused to accept the truth.

“Yeah, did you notice? That those still conscious are all survivors of the first wave of virus attack? If it were the Gluttonous virus, then it would’ve been another scenario entirely, that of men eating men.”

Xiao Mo was at a lost. He peered at the hungry people wandering around the streets.


The hungry ghosts that were being tortured by hunger were more alert than shocked by the situation. Some were asking around, while some were checking on the people that had fainted. Overall, they had actually seemed more rational as compared to before they were shocked.

Xiao Mo pointed at these people, “But these people…”

The kid looked at the survivors’ actions, and analysed with a blank face, “They still need more food because their body is infected with the Carbo-Metallic virus. They need to supply energy and the necessary elements which their body currently lacks.”

“System, is that the case? That the carbo-metallic virus’ second break out happened?” Xiao Mo asked the system.

This time, the system was finally willing to open his mouth, “Yes, prior to that was the testing stage. After they had obtained the results, this was the main operation.”

“Testing? You mean this was an experimental zone? Who! Who is the one releasing the virus? And what do you mean by the main operation? Answer me, system!” Xiao Mo shouted.

The system replied with silence.

Xiao Mo was fuming. He sincerely wished that he could break the system into a thousand of pieces.

The triggering agent! The golden dusting and sweet scent in the air must have been the triggering agent the system had mentioned previously. If there was only the Gluttonous virus, it would not have been useful. It should have been the other mission that he did not complete- no, he did not even try to do it, which caused the carbo-metallic virus to have a second break out!

Was he a villain? Was he the person that created such a massacre?

If the cause of the massacre was due to the second break out of the virus, then what of his family!

Xiao Mo’s heart sank sharply. He quickly dug out his phone and dialled his family.


He had pre-set his family on fast dial beforehand.

His dad, elder brother, An Jia, younger brother, nephew, he tried calling them all, but it was as if he were calling the police- nobody answered.

The sky was getting darker, and Xiao Mo’s heart was also getting colder by the second.

He could not even imagine, what had they been doing?

Were they driving?

Were they on the road?

Was the oven turned on and they were cooking dinner?

Oh nonono!

His brother operated a restaurant! If he was cooking for a customer, the oven might have been on, and if everyone had fainted…

Xiao Mo’s face paled drastically.

He started sprinting.

“Where are you going!” The kid pulled on his arm.


“I need to go back to the city where my brother’s at. Xiao Hong, you go back home first, don’t go anywhere and wait for me at home, alright?” Xiao Mo was distressed. Oh how he wished he could teleport to the city instantly.

“I’ll go with you.” The kid replied.

“No!” Xiao Mo was too worried and anxious, that he could not be bothered with his tone, “The roads are not in drivable conditions and I’m not sure if there’s any danger. You go back and wait. Oh, here’s the key, keep it properly.”

Xiao Mo stuffed the key into the kid’s hand.

“Are you going to run there?” The kid kept the key and calmly asked him.

The question woke the man a little and managed to regain his calmness.

Xiao Mo rubbed his face hard, as if trying to make himself wake up.

Yes, he needs a motorbike. Then, he will have to plan properly. First, he would have to grab Ding Qiao and the kid to safety. As for the others, they have nothing to do with him, but Ding Qiao and the kid were his responsibility.

He looked around, and felt that letting Ding Qiao stay in the car was safer and hence left him alone.

He had left a small gap so that there were still some ventilation in the car and locked the door. After telling the kid to not run around, he rant to the roadside to look for a motorbike available. When time was tight and road conditions were poor, a motorbike was the best option.

There were motorbikes everywhere. Most of them were lying on the road and their owner next to it, mostly hurt, some gravely injured, and the rest living status unknown.

Xiao Mo hardened his heart, ignored all the injured and strove on forward. At such a time, family too priority above all in his heart.

“Hey brother, do you know what is going on? Is this the end of the world?” A young man shouted at Xiao Mo.

“Help! Some, please help me! My father, why can’t he wake up no matter how much a shout? Daddy, please, wake up! Waaaa!” A young girl was sobbing hysterically while shaking his father, desperately trying to wake him up.

“Dead! All of them dead! It must have been a chemical weapon! The world is coming to an end! Hahahahahah!” one of them looked as if he had lost his mind. He was holding some food while shouting and running in front of Xiao Mo.

There were three types of people who were still awake: A part of them were the hungry ghosts; they only had one concern, which was food, despite them being rational.

Another part of them were saner. These people were divided into two groups: the majority grabbed food before running into their house, while only a small portion of them were helping or trying to help the injured.

The last part of them were midway between unconsciousness and cognizant; they were thoughtlessly stuffing food while looking on with a blank face at the miserable scene simultaneously.

Xue Li Hong did not listen to Xiao Mo’s words to go upstairs. Instead, he ran to the square and looked at the cats and dogs that had fainted all over the place.

When Xiao Mo saw that and instantly became furious. He shouted and bolted towards the kid before picking up the kid by the back of his neck like an animal.

Any sane human would not come near this corner at all, yet this brat just had to go there and treat it like a playground!

“I told you to go home! Is this a place for you to play around?”

Xue Li Hong was like a young kitten hanging from the man’s hand, and in his arms, there was still a fainted pup. Even when he was being scolded, he did not look angry, and just proceeded to peel open the pup’s eyes and mouth to observe carefully. He even touched the pup’s tummy.

Xiao Mo carried the kid to a safe place before placing him down. He noticed the puppy’s stomach was still moving, so he did not forcefully make him abandon it, and only shooed him home.

But the kid ignored him.

Xiao Mo was felt so anxious that sweat was pouring all over his face. He wanted to lock this stubborn kid up in the car so badly.

He exhorted the kid again and ensured that he would not go anywhere before he continued to search for a motorbike while avoiding the mad hungry ghosts. He also steeled his heart and ignored those shouting for help, before finally finding a motorcycle that wasn’t too badly damaged and still had the keys slotted in the engine.

The owner of the motorcycle had collapsed at the roadside. Xiao Mo hurriedly peeped at him and saw that he did not have any serious injuries, before muttering a “sorry” to the owner and riding on the bike.

Just as he was about to set off, he felt his pant leg being grabbed. Xiao Mo turned around.

Only to see the brat that was previously teasing the pup was holding his pant leg with one hand while the other was climbing onto the passenger seat of the bike.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay and wait for me at home?” What about that dog? Did he abandon it that fast? Xiao Mo frowned. Children are just children, one moment the pup was being hugged like a treasure, the next moment it was being abandoned and unwanted.

“I’ll help you.”

“You’ll help me?” Xiao Mo did not know whether to laugh or cry. What could a four- or five-year-old brat help him in? But… this kid sure was abnormal. His origins were unknown, he was so incredibly smart, and he did not act like a child too. He also had the weird tools and gadgets that kept coming out of his backpack. Also, with such a brutal virus spreading, how was it that he looked totally unaffected by it?

The kid changed his tone, “Alright, I’m scared.”

Are you sure you’re scared? Your face doesn’t show it. Instead, you seem to be more calm than anyone else…

Drip! The sky dripped something and landed on the man’s face.

Black, murky water flowed down from the man’s face.

Xiao Mo wiped his face using his hands and looked upwards. It’s raining?

The kid glanced at Xiao Mo before lifting his hand up to catch a drop. He stared intently at the rain droplet for a moment, before suddenly lifting it to his mouth to lick it.

“You can’t drink rainwater!” Time waited for no one. Xiao Mo, who was worried about his family’s safety, could not be bothered anymore to care for such a brat. He commanded, “Go grab two helmets, quick!”

The kid ignored the rain and obediently got down and speedily grabbed two helmets. Once he wore one of the helmet, he gave the other one to Xiao Mo and swiftly climbed back up the bike, hugging onto Xiao Mo’s waist tightly.

Xiao Mo wore his helmet and touched the kid’s hand, “Sit tight.” He immediately grabbed the handlebars and on the engine, before skilfully twisting his way through the various obstacles on the road.

Once they hit the main road, Xiao Mo increased the speed. After passing by the accidents on the road, Xiao Mo sped up even further to a 100km/h. Luckily, Ning Gu avenue had been quarantined, so the road had been generally smooth and clear.

Drip, drip, drop! The rain steadily got heavier and faster.

The rain that splattered onto the buildings, the trees, the animals and the humans, they all left a black mark on them.

Were they pollutants? Or is this the original colour of the rain?

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