The Scavengers

Chapter 38: Recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle VI: Capturing Someone

Xiao Mo asked, “It’s tummy looks so huge and bulging! Is it about to lay eggs? If it is, then where is the male beetle?”

“Perhaps the male beetle was eaten by it?” Xue Li Hong continued to illuminate the inside with a flashlight to see if there were any leftover beetles:” There are many species of insects in which the insect world behaves like this. One such insect is the spiders. In order to have enough nutrition for the next generation, the female insects will swallow the male insects after mating.”

Xiao Mo shook his head:” Are those breeders crazy? Did they not think of the consequences if these bugs had been successfully raised and flooded the city?”

Xue Li Hong replied:” Everyone has their own reasons. Perhaps they didn’t have a choice like you. Did you volunteer to be a recycler in the first place? You were forced by the system to become one, and the consequence of not completing the mission twice in a row is to be wiped out.”

“Ah, they might be wiped out if they didn’t complete the task. Like me.” Xiao Mo was stunned.


“Anyway, according to the content of the mission that were released by the system previously, judging from the details of the mission, if after twelve noon, you have not completed the mission of killing all twenty-four Gold Eating Mother Beetles, the beetle will start laying eggs. Just like what you said to the security officer previously; imagine that the whole city is filled with these gold eating bugs- the consequence is not what you can handle.”

The youth seemed to be unaware of the horrible things he had said. After checking that there was no sight of other bugs in the equipment, he began to reinstall the shell of the instrument to prevent people from discovering that the instrument had been manipulated.

Xiao Mo’s face became extremely ugly:” Is this a conspiracy by a certain country against our country? Or are there some racist lunatics who want to exterminate other races?” or is it an alien?

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Xiao Mo made a sad expression and took out the glass bottle to put the beetle in it, only to find that it couldn’t fit in.


“It’s full. Let’s just kill them here. Now that we know these beetles are not afraid of swords and axes, nor are they afraid of flooding, let’s try…”

Xue Li Hong suddenly raised his hand and looked in the direction of the door, Xiao Mo also fell silent. He heard the footsteps. There also seemed to be people shouting and cursing outside.

“Director Qian, this is the order from the state!” Outside the door, an angry shout full of authoritative order rang out.

Then there was a chaotic clutter of footsteps, as if a group of people surrounded someone.

“Order? The order you referring is to take my son and making him a guinea pig? I will not take such an order!” The sound of a middle-ag man’s voice shouted even more louder and angrier.

“Here I am! Qian Kai Rui, if you want to take my son away, you have to step over my death body!”

“Director Qian!” There was a woman’s voice.

“Director Qian, are you threatening me?” The young male voice was obviously suppressed and angry.

“Yes, I am threating you, what can you do?”

“Team leader Zhang! Bring me Qian Yun Kai!” The young male voice ordered.

“None of you are allowed to take any single patient out of this place!” the middle-aged man yelled frantically.

“Old Man, calm down!” The female raised her voice: “Are you really a commissioner sent by the National Institute of the Bio-engineering Technology? We are still verifying, until we clarified that, no matter who you are, you can’t take away any patient. Now, I am asking you to let go of Wang Cheng!”


Xue Li Hong walked to the door and gently turned the lock.

Xiao Mo forced the beetle into the bottle, and pressed the bottle cap down with his hand. He walked to the door with light steps.

“Dr. Brook, when did you become a researcher at Hua Xia’ National Institute of Bio-engineering Technology?” A that Xiao Mo found familiar came from the outside.

“Yun Kai!” several people’s voices shouted at the same time.

“Director Cai, Dad.” The man named Yun Kai seemed to be greeting the two.

The more Xiao Mo heard this voice, the more he felt that he had heard it before, but he just couldn’t remember who that was.

“Yun Kai, why are you here? Didn’t I tell the nurses not to let you come out?” The middle-aged man cried out in anger and surprise.

“Old Man, I let them inform him.”

“Cai Jin Hua!” The middle-aged man’s roar was full of betrayal sadness and anger.

“Old Qian, listen to me, this is not the way to keep Yun Kai from these people, if they are really getting orders from the country…”

“Enough! We clearly said that my son shall participate in the research on the disease only on the grounds that he will not leave this city and the research will only be conducted in the city’s disease center. He will only provide part of the chemical samples on a regular basis, and the research of this group will be headed by himself. So, why are you people here? What are you trying to do?” The old Qian yelled irritably.

“Old Qian, I didn’t say that I will give away your son as a guinea pig! You think of me as someone so low? Can you calm down?” Cai Jin Hua was also angry.


“Dad, Director Cai is right, you should calm down, avoidance is not the solution, let us clarify the situation first.”

“I think they might not end so soon, let’s try to deal with these beetles first.” Xiao Mo, who was a little disturbed, lowered his voice.

Xue Li Hong took out a rechargeable electric shock stick, “Try this.”

The power of the electric shock was indeed mighty. Xiao Mo carefully adjusted the energy valve to the maximum and inserted it directly into the glass bottle, a few rays of electric light flashed and the beetles in the bottle were so full that they had no room to struggle, and all of them were swiftly electrocuted to death.

“Finally, I killed them.” Xiao Mo poured out the dead insects from the bottle. As soon as they landed into his hands, the system reminder sounded in his head:” The mission goal is to recycle twenty-four of them. You have hit one third of the mission’s goal. there are sixteen more to go, please continue to work harder.”

All the corpses disappeared. Xue Li Hong looked at Xiao Mo, and Xiao Mo nodded, indicating that the recycling was a success.


“So, you are Qian Yun Kai. Hello, I am a special commissioner sent by the National Institute of Bio-engineering Science and Technology. My surname is Bao, Bao Yue Zhi, you may have not heard about me, but you would have definitely heard of my father, Bao Yi Yong. The disease mutation research project will be conducted by the disease center led by my father and the National Institute of Biological Science…”

“It turned out that you are Minister Bao’s son. So, why are you here?” Qian Yun Kai asked unceremoniously, interrupting Commissioner Bao.

Commissioner Bao was interrupted, so he was unhappy and stopped talking politely and said coldly:” We are very interested in the ability which you and Wang Chen posse, I hope that both of you can cooperate with us and come with me to the capital.”

 “Then why does this person appear here?”

“You mean Dr. Brook? He is…”


Qian Yun Kai interrupted Commissioner Bao again:” Brook, has your Keno Bio-engineering Company closed down?”

The foreigner named Brook chucked and replied in fluent Chinese: “Of course not, any company will fail but not my Keno company, I am cooperating with the disease center of your country to solve some issues. I just heard about the situation here, so I volunteered to come over.”

“Commissioner Bao, is your father crazy? Or have both of you become insane? You are going to cooperate with this infamous Keno company? Didn’t Minister Bao know that Keno’s company likes to use humans for cruel research purpose? Even his native country wants to chase Keno company out of their country, and you open the door to welcome this beast?”

Commissioner Bao just made a sound while Brook merely laughed and spoke:” Qian, your mouth is still as vicious as before. Perhaps there are some people who don’t welcome my Keno Institute, but you can’t deny that every country in the world like the drugs we research. There must be some form of sacrifices in the process of researching for better drug or life, as there is a saying, no pain, no gain.”

“Then you should go back to your country to sacrifice your people, Hua Xia don’t welcome you.”

“Qian! Welcoming him or not is not your decision.”

Qian Yun Kai sneered:” I will not go with you, I also believe that as long as those people at the National Institute of Biological Science are not crazy or insane, they will not cooperate with Keno company. As for Minister Bao of the Disease Center, I will appeal to the higher authorities and ask them, who gave him the authorities to bring army troops and go around arresting people? If you are not in the arm force, you are abusing power.”

“Qian Yun Kai, if we can bring the people here today, it means that we have the permission from higher ups. Letting you and Wang Cheng cooperate is also for the health of most of the people in the country. Don’t forget that you are a doctor too, you should know that your contribution will be of great help to mankind.”

“I am a forensic doctor, and my main responsibility is reserved for the deceased. If you happen to pass away, I will make sure to perform a subtle anatomy. Dad, contact the police inspector Gang, this matter should be under his jurisdiction.”

“Yes, why didn’t I think of Fang Zheng Gang? You hold on I will contact him now.”

Director Cai also spoke:” Commissioner Bao, we have not verified your identity, before that, please let Wang Cheng go.”

Inside the room, behind the door.

“Do you think Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng are people like me?” Xiao Mo had already packed up and was ready to set off to the next target. He was a little worried for them.

Xue Li Hong held his finger in front of his lip, signaling to Xiao Mo that his voice was too loud.

Xiao Mo immediately lower his voice:” Then why are the people from the institute of Bio-engineering capturing them for? Are they really going to undergo a vivisection?”

Xiao Mo thought of it and immediately felt scared, he wanted to proceed to find the other beetles, but this room have no other way out except for the door.

There were constant disputes outside, and the man named Wang Cheng had not spoken. Either he didn’t want to speak or was not able to speak.

“It’s useless for you to think so much now. You should focus on finishing the task assigned to you by the system first. Otherwise, you will be wiped out by the system before those people can come and get hold of you.” The youth was extremely calm.

Xiao Mo was silent for a while, then he looked up:” You are right.”

A deep light flashed in Xue Li Hong’s red eyes and he lowered his voice and said:” Things might turn bad outside; they might fight it out.”

“How do you know?”

“From experience.”

It was almost as soon as Xue Li Hong’s voice ended, suddenly there were a few slight “Puffs” sound outside.

“Bang.” There was a sound of heavy objects falling to the ground.

After a while, Commissioner Bao’s voice sounded:” Don’t worry about the others, just capture Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng.”

No one spoke, but someone apparently carried out the order.

“Bao, wait a minute, beside these two, there should be other that are deep mutants, let’s take them all, don’t miss out any.” A slight weird foreign accent sounded,” Search other rooms to avoid missing any one of them.”

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