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  • The Scavengers

    Chapter 27: The Absorption of the Energy Crystal and Saving the Kid

    19 June, after 18:00

    Why did the kid faint?

    Was it related to the virus? Or was it because of the black rain? Or was it due to other reasons?

    Xiao Mo tried to wake the kid up to no avail. He then made sure that the kid was alive before hugging the kid and bolting back to the restaurant.

    There was a difference between strangers and family afterall. Compared to the other customers, he was much more worried for the kid. He feared that the kid might have a fever after getting caught in the rain. He swiftly brought the kid to the third level.


    He hastily turned on the heater and removed all of the kid’s clothes as well as his soaking wet socks and shoes. The backpack that was always on the kid had been tossed without care in the hallway.

    Once the hot water sprinkled over the kid’s body, his whole tensed body immediately felt a sense of relief and the fatigue that he had been suppressing immediately sprung forth.

    This house was an old house without any bathtubs in the bathroom. Only a big plastic bath bucket and a small plastic stool was available in replacement of a bathtub.

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    Two wounds, either one could easily take away one’s life. What exactly had the kid been through?


    Having grown up in the calm and peaceful China in all his life, Xiao Mo was unable to imagine the origins of the kids’ wounds.

    If the kid originated from a war-ridden or chaotic country like country F, then it was not unusual to have such wounds. There were tribal attacks, where everyone, even the old, young and females were unable to escape.

    But this kid looked like a Chinese origin.

    Xiao Mo subconsciously studied the kid’s face. The kid had been beside him for already quite some time, but he had not looked at him so carefully and could not remember his look clearly.

    A slightly high nose, lightly sunk eyes, hair that looked more brown. He looked more like a mixed blood. 

    Xiao Mo must have been imagining things. He flushed himself and wrapped the kid up with a big fluffy towel, before using a small towel to wrap himself up. He then brought the kid to his nephew’s room.

    He put the kid down and used a blanket to cover him. Xiao Mo thought that his brother’s room might have a set of clothes for the kid to use.

    Just when he was about to turn around, “Wuu” the kid moaned painfully.

    Xiao Mo turned around. Was the kid awake?!

    Xue Li Hong had not awakened. He seemed to be suffering from some immense pain. His small body was all curled up, and he was moaning painfully.

    Soon, the moaning escalated into screaming and shouting.

    The kid’s skin became redder and there were white lines that seemed like stretch marks that appeared on his skin.


    These stretch marks usually appeared on obese people, when the skin could not catch up with the expansion of fats, hence the surface was forced open and there would be marks on the surface.

    What is happening?!

    There were more stretch marks appearing everywhere, green blood vessels were bulging out, as if they were about to explode anytime.

    The poor kid was like a wild beast, he was twisting and turning, and there was a weird growling that constantly emitted from his throat.

    Looking at the kid suffering, Xiao Mo unintentionally ran out to check on the rest of his family. Luckily, all three of them were alright. They were still sitting on the sofa or computer chair unconscious, but not in pain.

    Xiao Mo went back in. He pounded his fists on the bed. He felt so helpless and did not know what to do other than worry. His head was dripping with perspiration. He had no other way but to grab the kid and held him tight to his chest. He kept rubbing the kid’s back and chest, hoping to make him even the slightest bit more comfortable, while mumbling constantly, “What happened to you? Why? How can I help you? Why did it suddenly turn like this? This damned virus!”

    The kid’s body was totally soaked in perspiration. All his effort in bathing him became wasted.

    Xiao Mo clung tightly to the kid, preventing him from flaying and struggling around. He found that the more the kid struggled and moved, the more the stretch marks appeared.

    Xue Li Hong must have been in extreme pain. The force of his struggle became stronger, and Xiao Mo felt that he was about to lose his grip on the kid.

    “It’s not painful, it’s not painful. It will be over soon. Good boy, all will be ok soon alright? D*mn it! Goodness, someone, please help me! Why torture a kid!”

    Looking at the kid suffer, Xiao Mo’s heart kept aching. Although he was not his own flesh and blood, he had took care of him for a few days. Even when feeding a dog, one would be attached to it. Not to forget, the kid was very sensible too. When he was sick, he had been solely taken care of by the kid.

    Rumble… His stomach started to make a very loud sound at the wrong timing. The gnawing feeling of hunger started to make known of its presence once again.


    Xiao Mo regretted not eating enough just now. He felt that he could faint from hunger right now, and the feeling of wanting to eat something was starting to overpower his concern for the kid.

    If not for the little conscience that had been ingrained in him wince young, he would have already lost his sense and went to find food.

    “Your ability can help him, but normal food will not be able to replenish the loss of energy. Before you help can fully heal him, you will lose too much energy and collapse.” The system suddenly opened its mouth to speak.

    The system was actually not helping Xiao Mo. After much calculation and analysis, if Xiao Mo were to die, then the only person it could go to was Xue Li Hong, and it was 99% sure of this conclusion.

    This kid, according to his analysis, there was only one word to conclude him, which was ‘danger’. If it were to jump ship to this kid, it would end up in a very bad shape.

    With the reminder of the system, Xiao Mo suddenly remembered that he still had the level 1 energy crystal in his pocket. He did not hesitate at all, and said immediately, “For the reward selection I choose the energy crystal absorbing method and usage! Hurry!”

    The system did not have a habit of delaying. Once Xiao Mo had chosen the type of reward, he immediately executed it. In a very clear and straight forward manner, Xiao Mo’s mind appeared the energy crystal absorption method and usage instructions.

    Following the instructions, Xiao Mo placed the energy crystal on his forehead and held the kid with one hand. He then started to siphon the energy inside the crystal.

    The way in which to go about doing it was not difficult. One must merely place the energy crystal on the correct spot on your own energy core. The user can then absorb the energy through the energy core.

    The most critical part was to locate the energy core correctly. Another essential factor was to use the right way to absorb the energy. There were two ways: the high absorption method and the low absorption method.

    If one purely just placed the energy crystal on his energy core, it would still absorb the energy, but this method was inefficient. The system had analysed a way that Xiao Mo could fully maximize the energy crystal’s utility in the highest efficiency.

    This kind of absorption method was not as comfortable. One must use their will to control the absorption, so as to not over-absorb the energy. Instead, one had to do it slowly and absorb it bit by bit and slowly store it in their energy core.


    “This method of absorption is the most effective and efficient way. It will slowly expand the energy core and storage space simultaneously, avoiding any wastage.” The system explained.

    Xiao Mo felt that his pineal gland was very uncomfortable. It was as if a blunt edge was slowly penetrating his forehead. It was extremely uncomfortable, like when back when he was suffering from his outburst of illness.

    “After you absorb the energy into your energy core, every time when you use the energy, the energy core will automatically deploy the energy. Remember, no matter what, do not fully drain away your energy. Once your energy core collapses, not only will your energy vanish, you will also be in danger.”

    Xiao Mo immediately noticed that the energy that he just absorbed was draining off steadily.

    “Letting the energy core automatically deploy your energy is the most wasteful and foolish move. You have to learn how to manipulate your willpower to control the energy usage. For example, right now, you can focus the energy output to only your left hand and not your whole body.”

    Xiao Mo obediently followed the system’s instructions.

    “When the energy is focused at your left hand, you need to learn how to release the energy effectively. The most effective way is to release it at a speed and capacity at 60% of the absorption rate of your energy core.”

    Xiao Mo did not know what is the direction of his evolution. He was also unsure of his ability. He only knew that he could heal, but could his ability help the kid at all?

    But the system said that he could help the kid, so he should be able to do it.

    Even if the system was unpleasant to be around, at the very least, he did not lie to him thus far.

    Actually, the reward that he really wanted to choose was the supernatural power, but…

    Ten minutes later.

    The kid swung his head backwards and suddenly opened his eyes wide. He swiftly strangled the man’s neck.

    Xiao Mo saw that the kid was awake. He was happy, but now he was almost being strangled to death.

    Aiyo! This kid, where did all this strength come from?

    Xiao Mo hurriedly tried to remove the kid’s deathly grip, but his hands were like metal, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to break through the grip.

    Xiao Mo did not use all his strength for fear that he might break the kid’s finger.

    He felt sorry for the kid, but the kid held no ounce of pity for him. He was like looking at an enemy, glaring at him fiercely. His fingers also gripped his neck tightly.

    Xiao Mo was out of breath and his face was turning purple. He had no choice but to exert all of his strength to pry open the kid’s grip.

    Suddenly, the kid trembled before Xiao Mo could even remove a finger. The kid let go.

    The kid yelled painfully, both of his hands were holding on to the towel and Shaaa. The towel had torn into two pieces.

    Xiao Mo was shocked. He did not dare to hold on to the kid anymore. He jumped out of bed and stared at the kid.

    “System, what is happening to Little Hong? Is it the virus causing him pain?”

    “Non-mission related…”

    “Thank you, you can shut up now.”

    The kid’s body seemed to be transforming.

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