The Scavengers

Chapter 45: Recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle XIII: Earthquake

Lei Bing stared at the Gian Wing Mosquito outside with a slightly nervous smile on his face.

They went back once in the middle of the way to refuel. The pilots have also been changed, and the nearly three hours of high-intensity flight and shooting have made them in urgent need of rest.

Actually, Lei Bing could have had a rest, but he took the initiative to follow him.

This time, they were ordered to rescue a provincial technical school attacked by more than ten Giant Wing Mosquitoes – there were more than 300 resident teachers and students in the school, and none of them had left the vicinity.

Unfortunately, they can’t fire rockets or missiles directly at the Giant Wing Mosquitoes; they were afraid of hurting teachers and students in the school.


The soldiers could only sit on the plane and shoot at the Giant Wing Mosquito with machine guns.

Down there, snipers and heavy shooters were working in tandem with them.

But the Giant Wing Mosquito beasts would drill into the school building. After fighting for more than an hour, they had barely managed to kill four.

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Xiao Mo moved a step slower, and could only go around to the other side, “you drive slowly.”


    “Oh.” Xue Li Hong slowly replied, but his hands were not slow at all. Ignition, clutch, shift, accelerator!

They turned around and returned to the vicinity of the Rui Xing automobile factory they left before. There was an old factory to be demolished but still in use nearby. The last target was there.

The car didn’t slow down for a minute, and the speed had even increased to 120 km.

“Slow down!” Xiao Mo grabbed the armrest at the top of the window and roared.

With a smile and a baring of his white teeth, his foot heavily pressed on the accelerator straight to the bottom.

“There’s a car ahead! There’s a car! Ah…!”

Xiao Mo screamed wildly. The madman raised the speed to 200! He did not even reduce the speed when there were obstacles! He just merely bent around them and the car drifted! The car was drifting! F**k! Should he be glad the car wasn’t his?

“Xue Li Hong–! You big jerk! Even if there are not as many obstacles on the road outside the city as there are in the city, you can’t do that! “


Twenty-five minutes later, the black car made a super tail flick and stopped directly outside the gate of the factory. The gate to the factory area was closed and they couldn’t drive in.

“Who?” Unexpectedly, there were still people on duty in the sentry box. An old man in his fifties pushed open the door of the sentry box and walked out.

The old man had no home, so he lived in a temporary house behind the factory. He usually guarded the gates of the factory to support himself.


Xue Li Hong jumped out of the car and didn’t talk to the old man. He hit the back of his neck with a hand knife and put the unconscious old man flat on the ground with his wrist half supporting his body.

Xiao Mo got out of the car dizzily, “If this were normal times, we’d be in jail several times and back!”

Speeding, running a red light, forcing a U-turn by pressing the double yellow line, stealing a car, stealing a satellite, damaging public facilities, trespassing into the restricted area, trespassing into residential area, causing a coma and so on; all of which were enough for them to get jailed.

“The last one.” Xue Li Hong saw that the door was using an electronic operation and it could not be opened, so he directly flipped and jumped in.

“Yes, the last one!” Xiao Mo turned back and grabbed the tool kit and miner’s lamp. He took a deep breath, and then flipped and jumped inside. It was only when he was jumping that he remembered that they could enter through the small door next to the sentry box.

Xiao Mo caught up to Xue Li Hong and poked him, “The side door is open.”

Xiao Mo swore that the Xue Li Hong’s footsteps paused for a moment.

“Oh. Where is the beetle? ” Asked Xue Li Hong. He was wearing an expression of ‘this kind of small matter needs no special explanation’.

Xiao Mo chuckled and pointed to the old factory building.

“My God! This is the most chaotic factory I’ve ever seen. “

According to the map in his mind, Xiao Mo pushed aside a pile of obstacles and pulled out the old lathe which was pressed right at the bottom.

The worm had gotten into a bearing inside the lathe. Xiao Mo knew this and dragged the original toolbox out of the workshop directly to dismantle the exposed connection part of the bearing.


“See?” Xue Li Hong stood by and asked if there was anything he could use nearby. There was so much rubbish here.

“I see it.” Xiao Mo turned on the miner’s lamp on his head, squats down and took out his long clip to catch the gold eating insects inside.

As soon as Xiao Mo caught the beetle, he felt a sudden shock coming from the earth, which made his feet unstable, making his body fall back involuntarily.

Xue Li Hong supported him from behind.

Xiao Mo quickly took back his hand and took down the golden worm from the clip.

“What’s the matter? Is it an earthquake? ” Xiao Mo grabbed the beetle and straightens up.

The earth was still shaking. Xue Li Hong swept his eyes through the inside of the factory, and found no place to hide.

“Go! Get out of here!” Xue Li Hong grabbed Xiao Mo and turned to run outside the factory.

This factory building was too old, the internal layout was very chaotic, and there were many illegal reconstructions. This caused many things to fall after the vibration just now.

If the earthquake continued, they must not stay here for any moment longer!

The second wave of quakes arrived. This time, the sense of earthquake was even stronger, and the whole factory building made a “clang” sound.

Xiao Mo was still leaning on the gate and had yet to stand firm holding the gate, but the third wave of earthquakes had already started surging stronger than ever!


“Be careful!” Xue Li Hong pushed him far way. Due to the force of his push, he ended up somersaulting a few rounds on the ground.

Half of the old factory building collapsed behind him.

After Xiao Mo was pushed out of the gate, he couldn’t stand up, so he crawled forward on the ground. He didn’t care that the skin of his palms was broken, and his knees were burning. At this time, the ground was shaking like waves, and all the things standing nearby fell.

Xue Li Hong was not far away from him. He was moving quickly on the ground with his elbows to approach him.

“Beetle! We must find the beetle!” Xiao Mo screamed. Just now, when Xue Li Hong suddenly pushed him, he had not been on guard. When he fell, he let the beetle escape from his palm.

Xue Li Hong stopped climbing and half propped up to look around.

Xiao Mo also tried to support his upper body. He remembers the direction of the lost beetle.

“There it is!” Xiao Mo saw that the beetle was crawling towards a crack in the ground.

Xiao Mo was in a hurry, he immediately stood up and run.

“Don’t stand up!” Xue Li Hong shouted.

Too late, Xiao Mo barely ran out two steps, and fell to the ground again.

Xue Li Hong quickly took out a bundle of strings from the backpack. He then tied a wrench on one end of the string, then propped up the upper part of the body, waved the end of the string, looked at the target and swung it.

The wrench was in the way of the beetle.

The beetle wanted to make a detour, but before she moved much, she was dragged back by the wrench.

The beetle flew in the air.

Xue Li Hong pressed his hands on the ground and violently leaped, grabing the female insect in the air, and rolled to Xiao Mo’s side.

“What the fxxk!” Xiao Mo suddenly roared, hugged Xue Li Hong and rolled to the right.

A foot wide crack gradually tore up from the depth of the earth quickly from the front to the place where Xiao Mo had just left.

“When did Zhongshan become an earthquake zone? It’s a flat area here!” Xiao Mo was so shocked that he cried out angrily.

“Don’t move. It’s not safe for us to go anywhere now. Let’s wait for the earthquake wave to pass.” Xue Li Hong calmly pulled open Xiao Mo’s knapsack and stuffed the beetle into the special glass bottle.

Xiao Mo’s heartbeat was too fast, he wiped his face and scolded: “Son of a xx! I wonder how many people will die in this earthquake. “

He was extremely worried about his family, Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng, but he also knew that he couldn’t do anything but wait.

After waiting for five minutes, the earth’s anger gradually subsided, as if it had finally calmed down.

They helped each other and stood up from the ground. Xiao Mo’s heart rate hasn’t fallen below one hundred.

Xiao Mo knew that the phone may not get through, but he still let Xue Li Hong take out the satellite phone to call home.

The phone didn’t work.

Xiao did not give up dialling the phone, one by one.

“It’s no use. The magnitude of this earthquake is quite strong. It has likely reached a magnitude of 8 or even higher. Can those base stations be stronger than the buildings ahead? ” In front of Xue Li Hong’s finger was a new building.

But now that building was cut off from the waist, the top down, directly from the twentieth floor. What was now left was only the second floor, and it looked like a dangerous building.

And the old factory buildings behind them have all collapsed.

All the buildings and facilities nearby had suffered damages. The only difference was that some of them were too serious and one could not even identify their original shape, while some of them were still standing firmly in place.

Many of the vehicles forced to park on the road yesterday were overturned like toy cars.

Many roadside lamp posts and trees collapsed.

The small hills collapsed, and a lot of soil fell onto the road.

On the road not far ahead, a deep black crack ran through the East and West.

Further on, the disaster could not be seen, but the black smoke rising in the distance was enough to explain the more tragic situation in the city.

Anxious, worried, stress, scared, Xiao Mo was unable to see what was ahead. Resentful of his powerlessness, and the pressure of his life at threat, Xiao Mo finally roared wildly.

“Ah! Ahh!”

“Why! Why is all this happening? “

Xiao Mo’s shouting sounded like crying.

Xue Li Hong stood still and let him vent.

This man had encountered a series of events in recent days, and unfortunately most of them are tragic. With such a series of unfortunate events, his mental quality was already considered fairly strong for him to survive and persevere until now.

“Is this a curse? Or is the Earth really going to die, that we can encounter so many disasters in just a span of a few days? “

Xiao Mo murmured to himself. He held his head in his hands and grasped it hard. He took a deep breath. He stood up straight and said to Xue Lihong, “let’s go.”

Xue Li Hong was a little surprised. He recovered so fast? The man seemed to be a little bit more resistant to stress than he thought.

The electric iron fence door of the factory fell to the ground in a strange shape. They crossed the gap and went to the gate of the factory.

Dozens of two finger wide cracks appeared on the concrete floor outside the gate, but they were not very long, and there were bulges of large and small.

When the sentry box collapsed, the doorman who had been lying in the open space was also awakened. When he saw the two people coming out, he was still numbly sitting on the ground. It seemed that he was scared.

“Earthquake…” the gatekeeper murmured.

“I know. You must be careful.” Xiao Mo bypassed him and got on the car with Xue Li Hong. This time, he didn’t compete with Xue Li Hong for the driver’s seat. He didn’t feel like he could still drive in this situation – his legs and hands were still shaking, but the wounds he suffered were healing automatically.

“The earthquake! God is angry!” The gatekeeper started yelling at the top of his throat, and no one could hear what else he was shouting.

Three minutes later, the sirens of police cars, ambulances and fire engines suddenly rang all over the city in an instant.

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