I Accidentally Connected My Bluetooth to Someone Else’s Phone in the Subway

The Nineteenth Song – 《Sweet Talk》

That evening, instead of going back to our respective homes, we got off at a station that was only halfway back; we strolled around to watch the night view, and went to have a late-night snack.

Though it was close to eleven o’clock, the roadside food stalls were still full of people.
Furthermore, most of them were couples.

What kind of elixir was love, and how could it give people unlimited energy? I was puzzled, and handed the menu to Lu Chengze.
He glanced at it and said, “Our food should be out soon, I just asked the lady boss for two cups of hot water.”

I rubbed my cheeks: “Oh my God, I’ve had way too much carbs today.” I would need to exercise for a few days to get rid of it and I started to worry.

Lu Chengze curved his lips and looked at me without saying a word.


He was definitely the culprit behind me eating too much sugar.

I said, “I’ll walk home after eating to give myself time to digest.”
He said, “Okay, it just so happens that my home is not far from here.”
I tilted my head: “I won’t go to your place today.”
He wore a puzzled look on his face.
I said, “My period hasn’t ended yet, so it’ll be in vain.”
He frowned and sighed: “My girlfriend just wants to sleep with me, should I be sad or proud?”

“No—” I explained anxiously: “You don’t have the things I need at home and I can’t go to work without makeup for two days in a row.”
Lu Chengze didn’t take it seriously: “Go to your place to get it first.”
I scratched my hair: “Do you know how troublesome it is for women to pack up when they go out?”
Lu Chengze: “I don’t know.”

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Is that how you see it? I guessed.


Lu Chengze also looked at me.

The wind seemed to have stopped, the surrounding noise faded away, and the night became heavier.

In the end, my profession in interpersonal communication lent me the upper hand that allowed me to win this staring contest.

Lu Chengze was the first to surrender, laughing and lowering his eyelids, his eyelashes and bangs making him look docile which made me want to pet him.

And so, I couldn’t wait for us to slowly walk back. Immediately after eating, I changed my mind and we took a taxi back to his community. After entering the door, I couldn’t wait to cling to him and demanded a kiss. Almost without a pause, he went from passive to aggressive and I was quickly and roughly pushed against the door. His breathing was rough, and I closed my eyes and ran my hands through his hair, as if to soothe a male lion that was out of control. I wanted to be eaten by him, immediately, with no room for error.

I really wanted to make love with Lu Chengze.

We both endured and made our way from his place to mine. While standing beside my bed at home and looking up at him standing on a high place, arms raised to hang the white bird that had previously belonged to him, there was a lingering emptiness from that night.

Sue, a word girls often used to describe a man, simple yet excellent.1[1] Originates from Mary Sue, an internet jargon commonly used to describe something or someone in a drama as near perfect (ex. overwhelmingly beautiful)

In an instant, I felt it on Lu Chengze.

This slender, clean, and reliable male who captured and was captured by me.

The desire to be close made me climb into the bed without hesitation and wrap him around from behind.

It was funny, but also natural, the two of us adults standing foolishly on the bed, but it was not strange as long as we thought of ourselves as carefree children who did as they wanted.


He laughed, maybe still a little overwhelmed, first lowered his hand, then took my arm, and rubbed it through the sleeve.

“Why,” he said bluntly and proudly, “Am I so handsome?”

I was speechless.
How did he guess?

I admitted: “Yes, what did you eat to grow up like this, it’s a shame to just look at such a handsome man and not hug him.”

My hand slid down.

Lu Chengze’s breathing froze above my head for a while, and then his body also tensed.

When I did this, my heart was beating very fast, as if it was my first time, Lu Chengze sat down, and I saw him become strained, impatient, flushed, left in my hands, left to my whims, and climbing to bliss.

I reaped double the satisfaction in this kind of control.

Before going to bed, I took a shower, and Lu Chengze went after me. While waiting for him to come out, I set the bluetooth speaker on low, listening to music while waiting for him. I also took out an old infrequently used pillow, put a pillow cover on it, and treated it as the temporary resting place of my boyfriend’s head.

When he came back, Lu Chengze stopped upon hearing the music being played, listened quietly, and dried his wet hair and ears with a towel.

He was parked in the door frame, like a scene from a movie, and the music only served to set up his arrival on stage the way for his arrival on set.


After turning off the lights, the new pillow, which was finally brought out after a long period of disuse, did not come into use as expected. Lu Chengze inched over to my pillow, leaving me with no choice but to scoot and make room for him.

We were trapped in the soft darkness, quietly looking at each other, as if we were photosynthesizing in each other’s sight.

When I smiled, he smiled; when I winked, he remained smiling; then I pouted and he kissed me.

I whispered, “Lu Chengze.”
He responded with, “Mm”.

I couldn’t contain my joy, I was so lucky, I liked him so much, so much that I even started to envy and feel jealous of myself.

I still felt that this was all too incredible: “How on earth did I connect to your phone the first time?”
He said: “I don’t know, I just took out my phone to check the time, and the notification suddenly popped up, and I approved it.”

I said, “You approved it?”

Lu Chengze said, “Well, it was the first time I had been on the subway after so many years. From the name of your earbuds, I guessed it was a girl. And since you came here, why not listen to my music?”

“And you weren’t scared away.”

“I was stunned at the time.” Looking back on that day, it was no longer just surprise and novelty, but also sweet feelings and honeyed sentiment: “But your song was also my song, it was very familiar and gave me a sense of belonging, so I continued to listen to it. .”
I asked: “What was the first song, do you remember?”

Lu Chengze replied: “I don’t remember.”
I sighed regretfully: “Well, okay.”

Because I still remember.


Because that moment was too wonderful for words. The song played, a feeling of being refreshed washed over me, the tired and numb faces before me disappeared one by one, the sea of ​​people disappeared, the crowd seemed to disappear, and the music was like a gold river of honey, surging into the subway car, and my soul seemed to be gracefully dancing with the people who played it.

Lu Chengze couldn’t hold back after seeing me sink into silence and disappointment. He hummed and put his arms around me: “Okay, okay, I remember, how could I not remember. I picked the song because your earbud’s name looked sweet.”

As expected, he was playing with me.

I feigned hurt and pretended to hold his face, then threatened him to tell me the correct answer immediately: “What?”

He smiled without hesitation and said, “《sweet talk》.”

The author has something to say:
This work is not very long, there should only be a few chapters left.
I won’t write about marriage, having children, or meeting each other’s parents as I just want to write about the love of “two people”, an adult fairy tale, an evenly matched love, a wonderful, beautiful story about a city man and woman in a sea of people whose souls resonate because of music.


[1] Originates from Mary Sue, an internet jargon commonly used to describe something or someone in a drama as near perfect (ex. overwhelmingly beautiful)

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