You’re Inside the Book, I’m Outside the Book


Translation Status: Completed

Raw Title & Source: 你在书内,我在书外
Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 小清新的喵
Total Chapters: 1
Genres: Angst Oneshot Shounen Ai Transmigration Wuxia
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One day,
Somewhere out there,
Somewhere along the line,
I thought I was dreaming.

Later, I woke up from a dream.
However, I didn’t know if it was truly just a dream.


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  1. ClaudeCastle

    Interesting title, caught my eye at first glance. I need something to read to calm down after desperately trying to pull for Xiao and getting Yanfei, c4 barbs and qiqi instead🙄😭😭

      1. ClaudeCastle

        Dear self,
        Please remember to read the tags. DIDN’T SEE THE ANGST COMING DID YOU??? Now whose fault is it?? Huh? HUH???🤌