Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 6

Li Xiang just secretly did it as usual, casually strolling around. But he didn’t expect that the rich little black fan, who had a deep impression, began to complain about the male lead he had written.

For the sake of this person who blew up landmines on him, Li Xiang replied with a few words in passing.

Yu Nian was even amazed that she had been chasing the novel until now. This aloof author had actually paid attention to her.

She pursued the retreating enemy1To follow up a victory and press home the attack. and chased after him and continued her tirade in the comments section.

I’m The Only Lover Of Dog Blood Romance: Can the male lead not be resurrected after he died?


This was probably the most outrageous request made by Yu Nian since chasing romance so far.

Xiao Xiangli replied to you: Are you thinking about eating fart?

Yu Nian: …

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Of course, it was impossible to be fearful of that. Yu Nian slept all this matter behind her mind all the way to her destination.


The car was parked in a small European-style manor. Yu Nian opened the door, got out, and walked in with her luggage with familiarity.

Zhao Ye followed closely behind.

There was a winding path paved with pebbles in front of the small manor’s courtyard. The tulips planted on both sides exuded a faint fragrance.

There was a small round fountain in the center of the flower bed, and a few pigeons flew from nowhere and boldly landed on it to look for food.

Yu Nian pushed her suitcase and the wheel ran over the pebbles, making a “rumbling” sound which was particularly loud in this quiet manor.

She pushed open the door of the manor and saw that her gray-haired grandfather was meticulously reading today’s newspaper with his old-fashioned reading glasses.

When he saw someone coming, he looked up with his sunken eyes and showed a kind smile. “Nian Nian is here, come inside.”

“Grandpa.” Yu Nian smiled and stepped forward. She swept her eyes around the house and asked suspiciously, “Where’s Grandma?”

“Your Grandma is looking after Happy2Written in English in the raws. in the backyard.”

Happy was a large shepherd dog. When Yu Nian came to play during her first summer vacation, it was just adopted and now it has been here for some years.

“Then I’ll go and talk to Grandma.” Yu Nian said. She called out and went towards the backyard.

When Yu Nian’s grandmother saw Yu Nian come, her mouth smiled and couldn’t close.


Yu Nian could actually feel that her Grandma and Grandpa are really quite fond of her now and sincerely cared about her. But the knot in her heart never knew how to open from the start.

She can wholeheartedly stay by the two old people’s side, but if she left, she won’t have too many regrets.

This contradiction made Yu Nian feel more and more guilty.

Grandma had always treated her as a little princess. When she came every year, the room looked completely new with pink princesses, filled with dreamy colors.

The princess bed was soft, the bed curtains were pink, and the lights were dim yellow. The first dream in a foreign country was sweet and incredible.

The exhaustion from the travel made Yu Nian fall into dreamland earlier than ever before. In the dream, she seemed to hear the voice of her long-lost mother…

“Nian Nian, get up quickly, or you’ll be late for school.” A gentle voice sounded outside the door of the room.

Yu Nian shrank into the blanket, her mind turned before her brain woke up: Isn’t it still summer vacation? What school ah.

“Knock, knock, knock.” The door was knocked three times. “I’m coming in,” The woman said softly.

The curtains were pulled open and a blinding glare of light shone on the bed. Yu Nian finally woke up, her eyes were slightly dry. She blinked at the ceiling, still dazed.

“Nian Nian, get up quickly. Yao Yao had been waiting for you down there for a long time.” The woman said.



“What Yao Yao?” Yu Nian subconsciously asked.

“You child, are you sick? How can you forget even Yao Yao?” A woman faintly walked from the window sill to the side of her bed. She covered Yu Nian’s forehead with her warm palm and murmured softly, “Huh? There’s no fever ah.”

The temperature on her forehead was true, and Yu Nian woke up all of a sudden. She turned her head towards the woman beside her. Her clear and bright amber eyes widened abruptly and her head completely went blank.

She foolishly stared at the person in front of her, her throat seemed to be blocked by something, and lost her words.

The woman in front of her looked so similar to her deceased mother, almost like a person. Yu Nian couldn’t tell whether it was a dream or a memory confusion.

The woman exuded a faint orange fragrance. Her waist-length curly hair spread out, her eyes and brows were bent into a small crescent moon, and the years have left no trace on her face, except from the faint wrinkles on her forehead.

Because that was what she worried about when she was pregnant with Yu Nian.

The tip of Yu Nian’s nose was sour. For the first time in so many years, she dreamed of her mother so realistically.

When she dreamed of her before, she was tortured by chemotherapy in the ward and looked emaciated. But now, it completely coincided with the beautiful and gentle mother in her memory.

“How old are you? You even get a red nose in school.” Ling Ya poked the tip of her daughter’s nose amusedly. She was happy.

“Mom, I…” Yu Nian wanted to use her actions to express her excitement. She was about to give her mother a bear hug, but her exposed arms and thighs seemed to be wrong.



Are these thighs as thick as ivory legs really mine?

And this fleshy hand that looked like a chicken’s claw was really mine?

Yu Nian fiercely pinched it secretly in disbelief. The pain caused tears in the corner of her eyes.

F*ck! How could it hurt this much in a dream?!

“Okay, get up quickly. Yao Yao is waiting for you downstairs to go to school together.” Ling Ya handed the school uniform to Yu Nian and urged.

At Ling Ya’s urging, Yu Nian, although confused, quickly put on her ugly blue and white school uniform and rushed to the bathroom.

When she saw another face in the mirror, she was so scared that the cup in her hand fell to the ground.

The girl in the mirror must be about 150 jin or more3More than 90 kg. with a thick and strong figure. Her whole face was so fleshy that she could hardly see her neck. Her chin was low with three layers of meat stacked. Only a pair of quick-witted dark eyes are similar to herself in reality.

Yu Nian reached out and pinched her face, the girl in the mirror also raised her hand and pinched her face.

Okay, this was really her!

Before Yu Nian had time to lament how she was so fat like this, she was urged to go downstairs by Ling Ya.

She saw a boy in school uniform on the sofa in the living room with a slender figure and a straight back. He sat upright and there was a sense of déjà vu.

When he saw her coming, the boy coldly dropped a sentence, “Hurry up and eat, we’re going to be late.”

When Yu Nian saw the person’s face, she instantly calmed down.

Wasn’t… Wasn’t this the killer back view that they met at Star Dad’s?!

“Chi Yao ah, it’s also been hard for you to take our Nian Nian to school.” The man at the dining table said with a smile as he looked up at the boy on the sofa.

“Old man?” Yu Nian looked over at the sound of his voice and exclaimed.

The old man actually ran into my dream, too? Sure enough, he cried after I left, so much so that he entrusted the dream to me?

“What old man, impudent. Call Dad.” The man seemed to be dissatisfied with this name. He had just passed 40 which was the prime of his life. How was he an old man?

Yu Nian: …

Although you were right, how could your words be like this?

Before Yu Nian could change her words, the man at the dining table spoke again. “Shi Nian Nian, listen to Chi Yao’s words more in school in the future, do you hear me? Don’t be so foolishly good to everyone, then secretly hide under the covers and cry. Believe it or not, I’ll beat you up, useless.”

Yu Nian: …

She, Shu Nian, had always stood by her words in school. Who dared to bully her?

No, what did the old man just call me?

With a thump, Yu Nian seemed to think that this name was a bit familiar.

“Dad, what did you just call me?” Yu Nian asked with uncertainty.

When the man heard this, he gave Yu Nian a cold look, “Shi Nian Nian, did you get up early in the morning without a brain?”

Yu Nian: …

“Chi… Yao?” Yu Nian turned around and hesitantly asked the boy on the couch.

“Let’s go, go to school.” Chi Yao didn’t refute. He fished up his school bag and carried it on his left arm, striding towards the door.


Wasn’t this the f*cking blind male lead in that novel?

Did I transmigrate into the book?!

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